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Lettre du président du Conseil exécutif au président de l'Assemblée concernant l'élection du Bureau du Conseil
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 1 ( 1948 )
Lettre en date du 6 janvier 1955 du gouvernement de la République libanaise (rapport sur la mise en œuvre de la résolution WHA7.33 y compris le rapport sur la réunion du sous-comité "A")
Conseil exécutif, 15 ( 1955 )
Lettre ouverte du Directeur général aux chefs de délégation
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 54; Brundtland, Gro Harlem ( 2001 )
Lettre reçue du gouvernement de l’Inde
Conseil exécutif, 4 ( 1949 )
Level of expenditure for 1950
World Health Assembly, 3 ( 1950 )
Level of expenditure for 1951
World Health Assembly, 3 ( 1950 )
Level of expenditure for 1951: funds transferred from the Office international d'Hygiène publique
Executive Board, 7 ( 1951 )
Level of physical activity among teaching and support staff in the education sector in Dohuk, Iraq
Agha, S.Y.; Al Dobbagh, S.A. ( 2010 )

Sedentary lifestyle is a major underlying cause of death, disease, and disability worldwide. This survey in 2006 aimed to estimate the current level of physical activity among 293 school and university teaching staff and 246 support staff working in the education sector in Dohuk city, Iraq. The short form of the international physical activity questionnaire [IRAQ] was used to estimate physical activity. Using the higher IPAQ cutoff point [i.e. high, not moderate, level of activity] the prevalence of physical activity beneficial to health among all participants was 39.5%. Small but non significant differences in physical activity were found among sex, age and BMI categories. Teachers reported significantly higher physical activity levels than support staff, and individuals with longer average sitting times per day reported significantly lower levels of physical activity

Level of serum antibodies to mycobacterial antigens in healthy Czechs / T. Jarosikov'a & M. Kubin
Jarosikov'a, T; Kubin, M ( 1992 )
Levelling up (part 1) : a discussion paper on concepts and principles for tackling social inequities in health / by Margaret Whitehead and Göran Dahlgren
Whitehead, Margaret; Dahlgren, Göran; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2006 )
Levelling up (part 2) : a discussion paper on European strategies for tackling social inequities in health / by Göran Dahlgren and Margaret WHitehead
Dahlgren, Göran; Whitehead, Margaret; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2006 )
Levels and risk factors for perinatal mortality in Ahmedabad, India / D. V. Mavalankar, C. R. Trivedi, & R. H. Gray
Mavalankar, D. V; Trivedi, C. R; Gray, R. H ( 1991 )
Levels and trends of mortality since 1950 : a joint study / by the United Nations and the World Health Organization
United Nations. Population Division; United Nations. Dept. of International Economic and Social Affairs; World Health Organization ( 1982 )
Levels of cardiovascular disease risk factors in Singapore following a national intervention programme / Jeffery Cutter, Bee Yian Tan and Suok Kai Chew
Cutter, Jeffery; Tan, Bee Yian; Chew, Suok Kai ( 2001 )
Levels of cover for alcohol and drug problems : a sequential model
World Health Organization. Programme on Substance Abuse ( 1991 )
Levels of DDT and metabolites in breast milk from Kwa-Zulu mothers after DDT application for malaria control / H. Bouwman ... [et al.]
Bouwman, H; Cooppan, R. M; Reinecke, A. J; Becker, P. J ( 1990 )
Levels of disability among the elderly in institutionalized and home-based care in Bahrain
Al Nasir, F.; Al Haddad, M.K. ( 1999 )

We compared the levels of disability between the elderly admitted to an institution and those cared for at home. Of the 74 elderly people in this study, 56 were institutionalized and 18 were living at home. The Clifton Assessment Procedure for the Elderly [CAPE] was used to assess and compare the behavioural disabilities between the two groups. In addition to their younger age, the home-cared elderly were less incontinent, more social, better communicators and less confused than the institutionalized group, despite the fact that they had more physical disabilities with regard to bathing and walking

Levels of some trace metals and related enzymes in workers at storage-battery factories in Iraq
Mehdi, J.K.; Al Imarah, F.J.M.; Al Suhail, A.A. ( 2000 )

Levels of some trace metals [copper, iron, lead and zinc], aminolevulinate dehydratase [ALAD], caeruloplasmin and haemoglobin were measured in the blood of 37 male workers from private-sector storage-battery factories. The men were divided into three groups depending on their jobs: 11 chargers [group I], 8 repair workers [group II] and 18 casting workers [group III]; 60 men were selected as controls. Mean levels were 14.63, 36.35, 58.00 and 71.70 mg/100 mL for lead, 192.54, 133.90, 96.75 and 45.37 U/mL for ALAD, and 14.02, 12.72, 12.20 and 11.40 g/100 mL for haemoglobin for control and groups I, II and III respectively. Significant negative correlations were found between lead and both ALAD and haemoglobin. The only significant positive correlation was between lead levels and duration of exposure

Levodopa/carbidopa/entacapone : withdrawal of application for extension of indication
( 2009 )
Levofloxacin : dysglycemia and liver disorder
( 2007 )
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