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Advances in the control of zoonoses : bovine tuberculosis, brucellosis, leptospirosis, Q fever, rabies / WHO/FAO Seminar on Zoonoses, Vienna, November 1952
WHO/FAO Seminar on Zoonoses (1952: Vienna); World Health Organization; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( 1953 )
Advances in the drug therapy of mental illness : based on the proceedings of a symposium, Geneva, 21-23 November 1973 / jointly sponsored by the World Health Organization and the International Task Force on World Health Manpower
World Health Organization; International Task Force on World Health Manpower; Symposium on Advances in the Drug Therapy of Mental Illness (1973 : Geneva) ( 1976 )
Advances in viral hepatitis : report of the WHO Expert Committee on Viral Hepatitis [meeting held in Geneva from 11 to 16 October 1976]
WHO Expert Committee on Viral Hepatitis; World Health Organization ( 1977 )
Advancing food safety initiatives
Executive Board, 126 ( 2010 )
Advancing food safety initiatives
World Health Assembly, 63 ( 2010 )
Advancing food safety initiatives: strategic plan for food safety including foodborne zoonoses 2013-2022
World Health Organization ( 2013 )
Advancing health through attention to gender, equity and human rights : stories from the Western Pacific Region
World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific ( 2017 )
Advancing health through attention to gender, equity and human rights : summary of stories
World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific ( 2017 )
Advancing knowledge on regulating tobacco products : monograph:
WHO Tobacco Free Initiative; Advancing Knowledge on Tobacco Products (2000 : Oslo, Norway) ( 2001 )
Advancing MDGs 4, 5 and 6: impact of congenital syphilis elimination: partner brief
World Health Organization. Dept. of Reproductive Health and Research ( 2010 )
Advancing safe motherhood through human rights
World Health Organization. Dept. of Reproductive Health and Research ( 2001 )
Advancing the right to health: the vital role of law
World Health Organization ( 2016 )
Advancing the state of the world's newborns / Gary L. Darmstadt, Joy E. Lawn and Anthony Costello
Darmstadt, Gary L; Lawn, Joy E; Costello, Anthony ( 2003 )
Adverse childhood experiences survey among university students in Turkey (Eng).pdf.jpg
Adverse childhood experiences survey among university students in Turkey
Ulukol, Betül; Kahiloğulları, Akfer K.; Sethi, Dinesh ( 2014 )

Today, violence is a social problem affecting all age groups. It is very difficult to estimate the magnitude of violence including maltreatment of children. Official figures are considered to be merely the tip of the iceberg. This study on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) was conducted in 2 257 university students in order to provide evidence-based data about the magnitude of this problem in Turkey. Another aim of the study was to examine relationship between exposure to ACE and health risk behaviours and selected health consequences. The results show a high prevalence of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse beside emotional and physical neglect. The prevalence of household dysfunction was also assessed. Overall, 49.7% of respondent reported exposure to at least one type of ACE. ACE score was positively associated with health risk behaviours of respondents. The risk of smoking, harmful alcohol using and drug using increases dependently on the ACE score. Some health problems, and in particular emotional problems, were associated with ACE score of the participants. Respondents with a history of ACEs were more likely to have family, school, or financial problems. The results of this study will contribute to identify priority areas in need of interventions in Turkey.

Adverse drug reaction monitoring : new issues : general policy issues
( 1997 )
Adverse drug reaction monitoring system
World Health Assembly, 18 ( 1965 )
Adverse drug reactions in an Iranian department of adult infectious diseases
Kourorian, Z.; Fattahi, F.; Pourpak, Z.; Rasoolinejad, M.; Gholami, K. ( 2009 )

This study aimed to assess the frequency and severity of adverse drug reactions [ADRs] [WHO definition] in hospitalized adult patients in an infectious diseases referral ward in Tehran. Of 281 patients evaluated over 6 months, a total of 170 suspected ADRs were reported among 101 patients [35.9%]. The most commonly affected organ system was gastrointestinal [47.5%], and the most common class of drugs responsible was anti-infectives [93.1%]. ADRs were high among HIV-positive patients [82.9%], mainly due to anti-tuberculosis drugs. Attention to appropriate prescription of drugs is required with more careful clinical and laboratory monitoring of patients

Adverse drug-related events : need for increased efficiency in international transfer of information
( 1994 )
Adverse effects of dracunculiasis (guinea-worm disease) on health, agriculture, education and the quality of life in affected areas of the Region
Regional Committee for Africa, 38 ( 1988 )
Adverse events associated with nevirapine and efavirenz-based first-line antiretroviral therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
World Health Organization; Shubber, Zara; Calmy, Alexandra; Andrieux-Meyer, Isabelle; Vitoria, Marco; Renaud-Thery, Francoise; Hargreaves, Sally; Mills, Edward J; Ford, Nathan ( 2013 )
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