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Adolescent friendly health services : an agenda for change
World Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development ( 2003 )
Adolescent health
( 1988 )
Adolescent health (Resolution)
Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, 039 ( 1988 )
Adolescent health (Resolution)
( 1988 )
ADOLESCENT HEALTH : Adolescent reproductive behaviour = SANTÉ DES ADOLESCENTS : Comportement des adolescents en matière de reproduction
World Health Organization ( 1990 )
Adolescent health and development : the key to the future
World Health Organization. Adolescent Health Unit ( 1994 )
Adolescent health and development in nursing and midwifery education / authors, Gwen Brumbough Keeney, Linda Cassata, Beverly J. McElmurry
Keeney, Gwen Brumbough; Cassata, Linda; McElmurry, Beverly J; World Health Organization. Nursing Unit; World Health Organization. Dept. of Human Resources for Health; World Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development ( 2004 )
Adolescent Health and Development Programme : interim financial report for the biennium 1996-1997
World Health Organization. Adolescent Health and Development Unit; World Health Organization. Family and Reproductive Health ( 1997 )
Adolescent Health and Development Programme : progress report June 1997
World Health Organization. Adolescent Health and Development Unit; World Health Organization. Family and Reproductive Health ( 1997 )
Adolescent Health and Development Programme : proposed programme budget for the financial period 1998-1999
World Health Organization. Adolescent Health and Development Unit; World Health Organization. Family and Reproductive Health ( 1997 )
Adolescent health at a glance in South-East Asia Region, 2007 : fact sheet
World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia ( 2007 )

The WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia has produced factsheets on adolescent health in all 11 Member countries of the Region. These factsheets have been prepared by undertaking a review of available published national data obtained from national demographic health surveys, reproductive health surveys, behavioural surveys and large studies, wherever available. The factsheets focus on demographic information, adolescent sexual and reproductive health issues, nutritional status, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, violence, injuries and accidents. The information in the factsheets will be useful for programme managers, policy-makers and researchers, and help in advocating for investing in adolescent health as part of public health programme for national development. In addition to adolescents (10-19 years), important information on young people (10-24 years) is also included. There are gaps related to availability of age-and -ex disaggregated data. In view of the importance of adolescent health, the national surveys should focus on desegregations of data by age, sex and marital status and include key indicators on coverage of health services for adolescents.

Adolescent health experience after abortion or delivery (AHEAD) trial: formative protocol for intervention development to prevent rapid, repeat pregnancy
Gonsalves, Lianne; Say, Lale; Rodriguez, Maria I; Hindin, Michelle J ( 2015-12-01 )

There is a high unmet need for modern contraception among adolescents, and adolescent girls who have already been pregnant are especially vulnerable to a rapid, repeat pregnancy (defined as a subsequent pregnancy within two years). The Adolescent Health Experience after Abortion or Delivery (AHEAD) trial will design, pilot, finalize, and ultimately evaluate an intervention targeted at reducing rapid repeat pregnancy. This protocol presents the methods for the first phase--formative research to identify key determinants of contraceptive use and rapid, repeat unintended pregnancy among adolescents.The determinants of adolescent pregnancy are known to vary by context; therefore, a dissimilar set of three countries will be selected to enable evaluation of the intervention in diverse cultural, political and economic environment, and to allow the intervention to be tested with a fuller range of ever-pregnant adolescents, including those who have chosen to terminate their pregnancy as well as those who are mothers. We will also consider marital status in settings where it is common for adolescents to marry. Focus group discussions (FGDs) will be conducted to examine barriers and facilitators to using contraception; preferred methods of overcoming these barriers; and perceptions of the services and information received. Key informant (KI) interviews will take place with various cadres of healthcare providers, health and education officials, and members of key youth and health organizations that work with adolescents. These interviews will focus on perceptions of pregnant adolescents; perceived information, skills, and motivations required for adolescent uptake of contraception; and experiences, challenges, and attitudes encountered during interactions.The findings from this first formative phase will be used to develop an intervention for preventing rapid, repeat unintended pregnancy among adolescents. This intervention will be piloted in a second phase of the AHEAD trial.

Adolescent Health Programme : publications and documents
World Health Organization. Adolescent Health Programme ( 1994 )
Adolescent health research priorities: report of a technical consultation, 13th and 14th October 2015, Geneva, Switzerland
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
Adolescent health: a strategy for the African Region
Regional Committe for Africa, 51 ( 2001 )
AFR.RC51.10 Rev.1.pdf.jpg
Adolescent health: a Strategy for the African Region: Report of the Regional Director
Regional Committee for Africa, 51 ( 2011-07-06 )

1. The health of adolescents is a component of public health which is of major concern globally and in the African Region in particular. 2. Adolescence is characterized by physiologic, psychosocial, especially emotional, intellectual and spiritual development and maturation processes. Adolescent health is in part determined by the family environment that provides for basic needs for shelter, food, education, health care, and moral and spiritual values necessary for character building. Behaviour acquired in adolescence impacts health outcomes and lasts a lifetime. 3. The heterogeneous nature of adolescents, their difficulty to access and fully utilize available health services and their vulnerability to morbidity and mortality are recognized. Their health and development problems include those related to reproductive health, risk-taking behaviour and accidents, mental illness and communicable diseases such as STI and HIV/AIDS. These are often interrelated and linked to behaviour. 4. Global concern for the health and well-being of young people has been expressed in various instruments, including the 1985 International Year of the Youth (UN General Assembly), the 1990 Convention on the Rights of the Child, the OAU African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and the Reproductive Health Strategy for the African Region. 5. The strategy aims at providing guidance to Member States and partners in the formulation of policies, programmes and interventions that address adolescent health and development. It draws attention to the health sector response, the role of parents, families, communities and other sectors and the active involvement of young people.

Adolescent health: report by the Secretariat
Executive Board, 136 ( 2015 )
Adolescent health: report by the Secretariat
World Health Assembly, 68 ( 2015 )
Adolescent immunization : Expanded Programme on Immunization and the WHO : Department of Child and Adolescent Health and Development = Vaccination des adolescents : Programme élargi de vaccination et département OMS : Santé et développement de l’enfant et de l’adolescent
World Health Organization ( 2000 )
Adolescent job aid: a handy desk reference tool for primary level health workers
World Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development ( 2010 )
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