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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
AFR_RC43_D4_fra.pdf.jpg1993PouvoirsComité régional de l'Afrique, 43AFR/RC43/D4
AFR_RC41_D4_fra.pdf.jpg1991PouvoirsComité régional de l'Afrique, 41AFR/RC41/D4
AFR_RC39_D3_fra.pdf.jpg1989PouvoirsComité régional de l'Afrique, 39AFR/RC39/D3
AFR_RC40_D4_fra.pdf.jpg1990PouvoirsComité régional de l'Afrique, 40AFR/RC40/D4
1996Les pouvoirs publics face aux organisations non gouvernementales / Andrew Green & Ann MatthiasGreen, Andrew; Matthias, Ann-
bulletin_2003_81(8)_609-615.pdf.jpg2003Poverty and common mental disorders in developing countries / Vikram Patel and Arthur KleinmanPatel, Vikram; Kleinman, Arthur-
9241562366.pdf.jpg2003Poverty and healthOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development . Development Assistance Committee; World Health Organization-
WHO_ICO_MESD.29.pdf.jpg1998Poverty and health : aligning sectoral programmes with national health policies / Debra J. LipsonLipson, Debra J; World Health Organization. Division of Intensified Cooperation with Countries and peoples in Greatest NeedWHO/ICO/MESD.29
WHO_TFHE_TBN_97.1.pdf.jpg1997Poverty and health : an overview of the basic linkages and public policy measures / by Guy Carrin and Claudio PolitiCarrin, Guy; Politi, Claudio; WHO Task Force on Health EconomicsWHO/TFHE/TBN/97.1
AFR-RC52-R4.pdf.jpg6-Jul-2011Poverty and health: a strategy for the African regionRegional Committee for Africa, 52AFR/RC52/R4
AFR_RC52_11.pdf.jpg2002Poverty and health: a Strategy for the African Region: report of the Regional DirectorRegional Committe for Africa, 52AFR/RC52/11
WHO_ICO_MESD.16.pdf.jpg1995Poverty and health in developing countries and the potential role of technical cooperation among developing countries (TCDC for the poverty alleviation and health development / by Godfrey GunatillekeGunatilleke, Godfrey D; World Health Organization. Division of Intensified Cooperation with Countries; Meeting of Ministers of Health of Non-Aligned and other Developing Countries. (19th : 1995 : Geneva, Switzerland)WHO/ICO/MESD.16. Unpublished
ee5.pdf.jpg2000Poverty and health: report by the Director-GeneralExecutive Board, 105EB105/5
80(2)97-105.pdf.jpg2002Poverty and health sector inequalities / Adam WagstaffWagstaff, Adam-
WHO_ICO_MESD.28.pdf.jpg1997Poverty and health : who lives, who dies, who cares? / Margareta SköldSköld, Margareta; World Health Organization. Division of Intensified Cooperation with Countries in Greatest NeedWHO/ICO/MESD.28
1992Poverty and ill-health go hand-in-hand / Dorothy MunyakhoMunyakho, Dorothy-
Editorial.pdf.jpg2000Poverty and inequity : a proper focus for the new century : editorial / Richard G. A. FeachemFeachem, Richard G. A-
9241592311.pdf.jpg2004Poverty : assessing the distribution of health risks by socioeconomic position at national and local levels / Tony Blakely, Simon Hales, Alistair WoodwardBlakely, Tony; Hales, Simon; Prüss-Üstün, Annette; Campbell-Lendrum, Diarmid H; Corvalán, Carlos F; Woodward, Alistair; World Health Organization. Occupational and Environmental Health Team-
bulletin_2005_83(3)_210-216.pdf.jpg2005Poverty, child undernutrition and morbidity : new evidence from India / Shailen Nandy .... [et al.]Nandy, Shailen; Irving, Michelle; Gordon, David; Subramanian, S. V; Smith, George, Davey-
WHO_PHP_69.pdf.jpg1978Poverty, development, and health policy / Brian Abel-Smith, with Alcira LeisersonAbel-Smith, Brian; Leiserson, Alcira; World Health Organization-
Showing results 57861 to 57880 of 108625