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Insecticide resistance in Anopheles sacharovi Favre in southern Turkey / H. Kasap ... [et al.]
Kasap, H; Kasap, M; Luleyap, U; Alptekin, D; Herath, P. R. J ( 2000 )
Insecticide resistance in Anopheles stephensi in Iraq : at the end of 1967 / by J. de Zulueta ... [et al.]
World Health Organization ( 1968 )
Insecticide resistance in arthropods / A. W. A. Brown, R. Pal
Brown, Anthony William Aldridge; Pal, Rajindar; World Health Organization ( 1971 )
Insecticide resistance in Indonesia / by C. T. O'Connor, Arwati
O'Connor, C. T; Arwati,; World Health Organization ( 1974 )
Insecticide resistance in major vectors of malaria and its operational importance in malaria eradication programmes / ed. by E. M. Ungureanu, J. Haworth
Ungureanu, E. M; Haworth, J; World Health Organization ( 1965 )
Insecticide resistance in populations of Anopheles Gambiae in West Africa / by R. Elliott
Elliott, R; World Health Organization ( 1958 )
Insecticide resistance in some anopheles larvae / by R. Elliott
Elliott, R; World Health Organization ( 1958 )
Insecticide resistance in Western Sokoto / by R. Elliott and V. Ramakrishna
Elliott, R; Ramakrishna, V; WHO Conference on Malaria in Africa (1955 : Lagos, Nigeria) ( 1956 )
Insecticide sprayer lance with flexible end / by R. Fonseca Luque, H. Rafatjah
Fonseca Luque, R; Rafatjah, H; World Health Organization ( 1967 )
Insecticide Susceptibility of Aedes aegypti in Tsunami-affected Areas in Thailand.
Paeporn, Pungasem; Supaphathom, Kasin; Sathantriphop, Sunaiyana; Mukkhun, Pongsakorn; Sangkitporn, Somchai ( 2005-12 )
Insecticide susceptibility status of the malaria vector Anopheles arabiensis in Khartoum city, Sudan: differences between urban and periurban areas
Seidahmed, O.M.E.; Abdelmajed, M.A.; Mustafa, M.S.; Mnzava, A.P. ( 2012 )

Vector resistance to insecticides is becoming a major obstacle to malaria prevention measures. A baseline survey was carried out in Khartoum city, Sudan, during September-November 2007, to map the insecticide susceptibility status of Anopheles arabiensis and to examine the correlation with insecticide usage in urban agriculture. Susceptibility tests were conducted in 6 sentinel sites representing urban and periurban strata of the city. Mortality rates and knockdown times were calculated for 8 insecticides on a total of 9820 specimens. An. arabiensis was susceptible to bendiocarb [98.1%], propoxur [100%], fenitrothion [100%], deltamethrin [99.8%] and lambda-cyhalothrin [99.2%]. Susceptibility rates were significantly different between urban and periurban sites for malathion [80.8% vs 56.0%], DDT [99.0% vs 95.0%] and permethrin [98.5% vs 96.3%]. The 50% knockdown times were significantly higher in periurban than urban populations of An. arabiensis for deltamethrin, lambda-cyhalothrin and malathion

Insecticide susceptibility, status of field, populations of sandfly Phlebotomus papatasi in the Sinai peninsula, Egypt / by Adel R. Fahmy... [et al.]
Fahmy, Adel R; Khater, Ermad I. M; El Sawaf, Bahira; Shehata, Magdi; World Health Organization. Division of Control of Tropical Diseases ( 1996 )
Insecticide-impregnated bed nets for malaria control : a review of the field trials / A. Bermejo & H. Veeken
Bermejo, A; Veeken, H ( 1992 )
Insecticide-resistance in major vectors of malaria, and its operational importance / by J. Hamon and C. Garrett-Jones
Hamon, J; Garrett-Jones, C; World Health Organization ( 1962 )
Insecticide-resistant strains / by J. R. Busvine
Busvine, J. R; World Health Organization. Malaria Section; Conference on Malaria in Africa (1955 : Lagos, Nigeria) ( 1955 )
Insecticide-treated mosquito net interventions : a manual for national control programme managers / edited by Roll Back Malaria
Global Partnership to Roll Back Malaria ( 2003 )
Insecticide-treated nets and treatment service : a trial using public and private sector channels in rural United Republic of Tanzania / N. Fraser-Hurt and E. O. K. Lyimo
Fraser-Hurt, N; Lyimo, E. O. K ( 1998 )
Insecticide-treated nets for malaria control: real gains : Editorials Christian Lengeler
Lengeler, Christian ( 2004 )
Insecticides (prepared for the information of the Board)
Executive Board, 5 ( 1949 )
Insecticides (préparé pour l'information du Conseil)
Conseil exécutif, 5 ( 1949 )
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