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bulletin_1994_72(2)_227-231.pdf.jpg1994Measles control in Maputo, Mozambique, using a single dose of Schwarz vaccine at age 9 months / F. T. Cutts ... [et al.]Cutts, Felicity T; Monteiro, O; Tabard, P; Cliff, Julie-
WHO_EPI_GEN_90.3.pdf.jpg1990Measles control in the 1990s : immunization before 9 months of age / Lauri MarkowitzMarkowitz, Lauri; WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/90.3
WHO_EPI_GEN_90.7.pdf.jpg1990Measles control in the 1990s : introduction of high titre measles vaccines / a joint WHO/UNICEF statementWHO Expanded Programme on Immunization; UNICEFWHO/EPI/GEN/90.7. Unpublished
WHO_EPI_GEN.90.4.pdf.jpg1990Measles control in the 1990s : measles serology / Philip A. BrunellBrunell, Philip A; WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/90.4. Unpublished
WHO_EPI_GEN_94.6.pdf.jpg1994Measles control in the 1990s: minimizing nosocomial transmissionWHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/94.6. Unpublished
WHO_EPI_GEN_92.3.pdf.jpg1992Measles control in the 1990s : plan of action for global measles controlWHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/92.3. Unpublished
WHO_EPI_GEN_90.2.pdf.jpg1990Measles control in the 1990s : principles for the next decade / Felicity CuttsCutts, Felicity T; WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/90.2. Unpublished
WHO_EPI_GEN_94.7.pdf.jpg1994Measles control in the 1990s : protocol for analysing the age distribution and age-specific incidence of measles cases in a given population or regionWHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/94.7. Unpublished
1999Measles control : WHO South-East Asia Region, 1990-1997--
bu5770.pdf.jpg1999Measles : effect of a two-dose vaccination programme in Catalonia, Spain / P. Godoy, A. Dominguez, and L. SallerasGodoy, P; Domínguez, A; Salleras, L-
WPR_RC056_11_Measles_2005_en.pdf.jpg2005Measles eliminationRegional Committee for the Western Pacific, 056WPR/RC56/11
WPR_RC062_07_Measles_Corr1_2012_en.pdf.jpg2012Measles eliminationRegional Committee for the Western Pacific, 063WPR/RC63/7; WPR/RC63/7 Corr.1
WPR_RC055_Res08_2005_en.pdf.jpg2005Measles elimination, hepatitis B control and poliomyelitis eradication (Resolution)Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, 056WPR/RC56.R8
bulletin_1991_69(2)_213-219.pdf.jpg1991Measles epidemic in Harare, Zimbabwe, despite high measles immunization coverage rates / R. A. Kambarami ... [et al.]Kambarami, R. A; Nathoo, K. J; Nkrumah, F. K; Pirie, D. J-
14_3_2008_0579_0589.pdf.jpg2008Measles epidemiology and its implications for a vaccination programme in OmanPatel, P.K.; Al Awaidy, S.T.; Bawikar, S.; Al Busaidy, S.; Al Mahrooqi, S.-
bu0016.pdf.jpg1999Measles epidemiology and outbreak response immunization in a rural community in Peru / D. H. Sniadack ... [et al]Sniadack, D. H; Moscoso, B; Aguilar, R; Heath, J; Bellini, W; Chuy Chiu, M-
EMHJ_2001_7_4-5_829_834.pdf.jpg2001Measles immunization in Saudi Arabia: the need for changeKhalil, M.K.; Al Mazrou, Y.Y.; Al Jeffri, M.; Al Ghamdy, Y.S.-
bulletin_1989_67(4)_443-448.pdf.jpg1989Measles immunization research : a review / P. Aaby & C. J. ClementsAaby, P; Clements, C. John-
2000Measles immunization with killed virus vaccine : serum antibody titers and experience with exposure to measles epidemic / Louise W. Rauh and Rosemary SchmidtRauh, Louise W; Schmidt, Rosemary-
1991Measles in 1990 : United States of America--
Showing results 52239 to 52258 of 117776