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Futuros protocolos: nota de la Secretaría
Convenio Marco de la OMS para el Control del Tabaco, Órgano de Negociación Intergubernamental sobre el Convenio Marco de la OMS para el Control del Tabaco, sexta reunión ( 2003 )
G8 follow-up international symposium: Hashimoto initiative - global parasite control for the 21st century: meeting report, 27 March 2000
WHO Centre for Health Development (Kobe, Japan) ( 2000 )
Gadolinium-based contrast agents: kidney dysfunction
( 2010 )
Gadolinium-containing contrast agents
( 2009 )
Gadolinium-containing contrast agents : nephrogenic systemic fibrosis
( 2007 )
Gadolinium-containing contrast agents and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis
( 2006 )
Gadolinium: nephrogenic systemic fibrosis
( 2011 )
Gaining health : the European strategy for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2006 )
Galantamine and vascular events
( 2005 )
Gall bladder contractility in children with beta-thalassaemia
Nasr, M.R.; Shaker, M.; Mahdy, H.; Hafez, A. ( 2009 )

We studied gall bladder contractility in 61 children with beta-thalassaemia who were asymptomatic for gall bladder disease and 51 sex- and age-matched controls in Cairo, Egypt, using real-time ultrasonography. Multiple gall bladder stones were present in 18.0% of thalassaemia patients and sludge in 6.6%. There were statistically significant differences between thalassaemia patients and controls in gall bladder fasting volume, residual volume, emptying time and contraction index. There was significant positive correlation between fasting and residual volumes and age, weight and height, and between fasting volume and body mass index and serum ferritin level. Contraction index was negatively correlated with serum total bilirubin. Impaired gall bladder motility was evident in patients with betathalassaemia and it may be related to disease duration, serum ferritin and total serum bilirubin level

Gall bladder sludge and stones in multitransfused Egyptian thalassaemic patients
El Nawawy, A.; Kassem, A.S.; Eissa, M.; Abdel Fattah, M.; Safwat, M. ( 2001 )

One hundred Egyptian beta-thalassaemic patients on a long-term transfusion/chelation programme were evaluated for the prevalence of all bladder sludge and stones and the associated risk factors. Fifty healthy individuals served as controls. Abdominal ultrasonography revealed that 14% of the thalassaemic patients had gall bladder sludge or stones [6% stones and 8% sludge]. The thalassaemic patients with this complication were older, had a higher prevalence of gall bladder symptoms, higher levels of pretransfusion haemoglobin, larger amounts of transfused red cells, and more were regularly transfused. Multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that the presence that gall bladder symptoms and the amount of transfused red cells were the only significant predictors of the occurrence of gall bladder sludge or stones

"Les Gallois ont du coeur" / John C. Catford
Catford, John C ( 1991 )
Gallstone ileus in the Jordanian Royal Medical Services in a 10-year period
Jarbou, S.M.; Al Hammouri, F.A. ( 2000 )

Six patients [5 women and 1 man, with a median age of 71 years] were operated on for gallstone ileus in the 10-year period 1988-98. The diagnosis was made before operation in 2 patients. The obstructing stones were located in the terminal ileum in 3 patients and in the proximal ileum or jejunum in 3 patients. Choledochoduodenal fistula was present in all patients. A single-stage procedure [removal of the impacted stone, fistula repair and cholecystectomy] was performed in 1 patient, enterolithotomy alone in 4 patients and resection of part of the intestine where the stone was impacted with primary anastomosis performed in 1 patient. In the postoperative period, 2 patients developed infection of the wound and 2 patients developed deep vein thrombosis; 1 of these died of pulmonary embolism

Galvanizing mental health research in low- and middle-income countries : role of scientific journals : perspectives :a joint statement / by editors of scientific journals and Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, WHO
World Health Organization. Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse ( 2004 )
Gambia / medical officer at present responsible for smallpox eradication, P.J. N'Dow
N'Dow, P. J; World Health Organization ( 1975 )
The Gambia : cost and effectiveness of a mobile maternal health care service, West Kiang / Julia A. Fox-Rushby
Fox-Rushby, Julia A ( 1995 )
Gambia : evaluation of the mobile health care service in West Kiang district / Frances Foord
Foord, Frances ( 1995 )
The Gambia hepatitis intervention study : follow-up of a cohort of children vaccinated against hepatitis B / J. Chotard ... [et al.]
Chotard, J; Inskip, Hazel M; Hall, Andrew James; Loik, F; Mendy, M; Whittle, Hilton C; George, M. O; Lowe, Y ( 1992 )
Gambian Primary Health Care Resource Group : first meeting, Banjul, 7-9 June 1982
World Health Organization. Office of International Cooperation ( 1982 )
Gambie / médecin actuellement responsable de l' éradication de la variole, P.J. N'Dow
N'Dow, P. J; World Health Organization ( 1975 )
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