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Documentation et langues de l'Assemblée de la Santé et du Conseil exécutif
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 31 ( 1978 )
Documentation et langues de l'Assemblée de la Santé et du Conseil exécutif
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 31 ( 1978 )
Documentation et langues de l'Assemblée de la Santé et du Conseil exécutif
Conseil exécutif, 59 ( 1977 )
Documentation et langues de l'Assemblée de la Santé et du Conseil exécutif: projet de résolution proposé par les délégations suivantes: Argentine, Belgique, Brésil, Bulgarie, Canada, Chili, Colombie, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, El Salvador, Equateur, Espagne, France, Gabon, Honduras, Luxembourg, Mexique, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Pérou, Sénéral, Union des Républiques socialistes soviétiques, Uruguay, Venezuela et Viet Nam
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 31 ( 1978 )
Documentation for change / Chandra Kannapiran
Kannapiran, Chandra ( 1990 )
Documentation médico-sanitaire et gestion bibliographique au Nigéria [lettre] / Funmi Akhigbe
Akhigbe, Funmi ( 1992 )
Documentation of ethical conduct of human subject research published in Saudi medical journals
Al Gaai, E.A.; Hammami, M.M.; Al Eidan, M. ( 2012 )

We evaluated the documentation of ethical conduct [obtaining institutional review board approval and consent and following ethical guidelines] of human subject research studies published in Saudi Arabian medical journals between 1979 and 2007. Studies were classified as retrospective, prospective noninterventional, interventional or survey/interview. Of 1838 studies published in 286 journal issues of 11 Saudi Arabian medical journals, only 0.9% documented the ethical guidelines followed, with a significantly higher rate for studies published after year 2000 [1.7%]. Of 821 studies requiring institutional review board approval, 8.6% documented obtaining the approval and informed consent, with a significantly higher rate for interventional studies [19.4%], post-year 2000 studies [19.7%] and studies performed outside Saudi Arabia [15.9%]. The low documentation rate suggests editor's lack of rigor and/or investigators' ignorance of guidelines. The higher documentation rate after year 2000 suggests an ongoing improvement

Documentation of integrated disease surveillance and response implementation in the African and Eastern Mediterranean Regions : report of a WHO meeting, Harare, Zimbabwe 4₁15 November 2002
World Health Organization. Dept. of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response ( 2003 )
Documentation of the Health Assembly and of the Executive Board: draft resolution presented by the rapporteurs
Executive Board, 41 ( 1968 )
Documentation of the Health Assembly and the Executive Board
Executive Board, 41 ( 1968 )
Documentation on the prevention of blindness
WHO Programme for the Prevention of Blindness and Deafness ( 1997 )
Documentation relative au sous-comite
World Health Organization ( 1975 )
La documentation sanitaire un moyen trop souvent négligé / Rolf Weitzel
Weitzel, Rolf ( 1988 )
Documenting good practices: scaling up the youth friendly health service model in Colombia
Moreno Lopez, Diva Jeaneth; Chandra-Mouli, Venkatraman C; Svanemyr, Joar; Huaynoca, Silvia ( 2015-09-18 )

Young people make up for 24.5 % of Latin America's population. Inadequate supply of specific and timely sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and sexuality education for young people increases their risk of sexual and reproductive ill health. Colombia is one of the few countries in Latin America that has implemented and scaled up specific and differentiated health and SRH services-termed as its Youth Friendly Health Services (YFHS) Model.To provide a systematic description of the crucial factors that facilitated and hindered the scale up process of the YFHS Model in Colombia.A comprehensive literature search on SRH services for young people and national efforts to improve their quality of care in Colombia and neighbouring countries was carried out along with interviews with a selection of key stakeholders. The information gathered was analysed using the World Health Organization-ExpandNet framework (WHO-ExpandNet).In 7 years (2007-2013) of the implementation of the YFHS Model in Colombia more than 800 clinics nationally have been made youth friendly. By 2013, 536 municipalities in 32 departments had YFHS, resulting in coverage of 52 % of municipalities offering YHFS. The analysis using the WHO-ExpandNet framework identified five elements that enabled the scale up process: Clear policies and implementation guidelines on YFHS, clear attributes of the user organization and resource team, establishment and implementation of an inter-sectoral and interagency strategy, identification of and support to stakeholders and advocates of YFHS, and solid monitoring and evaluation. The elements that limited or slowed down the scale up effort were: Insufficient number of health personnel trained in youth health and SRH, a high turnover of health personnel, a decentralized health security system, inadequate supply of financial and human resources, and negative perceptions among community members about providing SRH information and services to young people.Colombia's experience shows that for large-scale implementation of youth health programmes, clear policies and implementation guidelines, support from institutional leaders and authorities who become champions of YFHS, continuous training of health personnel, and inclusion of users in the design and monitoring of these services are key.

Documenting the evidence : the case of scurvy : public health classics / Iain Milne and Iain Chalmers
Milne, Iain; Chalmers, Iain ( 2004 )
Documenting the impact of Hepatitis B immunization : best practices for conducting a serosurvey
World Health Organization. Dept. of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals ( 2011 )
Documenting the Results of a Successful Partnership: A New Meningococcal Vaccine for Africa
Borrow, Ray; Preziosi, Marie-Pierre; LaForce, F Marc; Okwo-Bele, Jean-Marie ( 2015-11-01 )
Documento de información sobre políticas : directrices de política para la prestación conjunta de servicios de control de la tuberculosis y el VIH destinados a los consumidores de drogas inyectables y otros estupefacientes : un enfoque integrado
World Health Organization ( 2008 )
Documento de información: contribución de los nuevos miembros y miembros asociados correspondientes al ejercicio de 1975
Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, 27 ( 1974 )
Documento de la OMS para la conferencia mundial contra el racismo, la discriminación racial, la xenofobia y las formas conexas intolerancia : salud y ausencia de discriminación
World Health Organization. Dept. of Health and Development; Pan American Health Organization. Public Policy and Health Program; World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (2001 : Durban, South Africa) ( 2003 )
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