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The effects of 4,4' -Diaminodiphenylsulfone against chloroquine-Resistant Plasmodium falciparum / by Richard L. DeGowin ... [et al.]
DeGowin, Richard L; Eppes, R. Bennett; Carson, Paul E; Powell, Robin D; World Health Organization ( 1966 )
Effects of a continuous care model on perceived quality of life of spouses of haemodialysis patients
Rahim, A.; Alhani, F.; Ahmadi, F.; Gholyaf, M.; Akhoond,, M.R. ( 2009 )

We carried out a semi-experimental study with simple randomized sampling to study the effects of applying a continuous care model on the quality of life of 36 spouses of haemodialysis patients in Hamedan, Islamic Republic of Iran. Participants took part in group discussions and training on the continuous care approach and completed the Perceived Quality Of Life [PQOL] questionnaire before and after the intervention. Mean scores on the physical, social and cognitive dimensions, as well as happiness and total scores significantly increased after the intervention. Applying a continuous care model has positive effects on the caregivers of chronic patients

Effects of air pollution on children's health and development : a review of the evidence
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; European Centre for Environment and Health ( 2005 )

Concerns about the adverse effects of air pollution on children's health and development are important determinants of environmental and public health policies. To be effective, they must be based on the best available evidence and research. This book presents an assessment of research data gathered over the last decade, and provides conclusions concerning the risks posed by ambient air pollutants to various aspects of children's health. The authors of this evaluation, constituting a WHO Working Group, comprise leading scientists active in epidemiology, toxicology and public health. They summarize research into the effects of air pollution common in contemporary European cities on infant health, the development of lung fuction, childhood infections, the development and severity of allergic diseases (including asthma), childhood cancer and neurobehavioural development. On all of these health issues, the Working Group formulates conclusions regarding the likelihood of a causal link with air pollution

Effects of an awareness symposium on perception of Libyan physicians regarding telemedicine
El Gatit, A.M.; Tabet, A.S.; Sherief, M.; Warieth, G.; Abougharsa, M.; Abouzgaia, H. ( 2008 )

The awareness of health care providers, particularly physicians, towards telemedicine is pivotal to its development. In this study we distributed questionnaires among Libyan physicians attending a medical symposium on telemedicine, held in the period 28 February-1 March, 2005. The sample comprised 28 males and 13 females from different specialties and from different parts of the country. Most reported being confused [53.7%] or unaware [14.6%] regarding telemedicine before the symposium. Afterwards, 12.2% were confused, 39.0% showed excellent understanding and 48.8% reported fair understanding; 97.6% supported the implementation of telemedicine in the country and appreciated the importance of establishing remote health services

Effects of antenatal steroids on the incidence and severity of respiratory distress syndrome in an Iranian hospital
Nayeri, F.; Movaghar Nezhad, K.; Assar Zadegan, F. ( 2005 )

Antenatal corticosteroids are still not routinely used in the Islamic Republic of Iran to promote lung maturity in premature neonates. In a retrospective review of records at Imam Hospital, Tehran, we compared 140 premature neonates born in 2000 whose mothers received dexamethasone antenatally with 142 born in 1995 whose mothers did not receive treatment. There were no significant differences between the groups in mothers' age; neonates' birth weight, gestational age or sex; route of delivery and multiple gestation; underlying maternal disease; or adverse events in labour. The incidence of respiratory distress syndrome was significantly lower in the dexamethasone-treated group [18.6% versus 35.9%]. Mortality [5.7% versus 14.8%] and use of the neonatal intensive care unit [12.9% versus 21.1%] were also significantly lower among those who had received treatment

Effects of atomic radiation
World Health Assembly, 19 ( 1966 )
The effects of contraception on obstetric outcomes / Cicely Marston and John Cleland
Marston, Cicely; Cleland, John G; World Health Organization. Dept. of Reproductive Health and Research ( 2004 )
Effects of diaphenylsulfone against plasmodium vivax of South-West Pacific origin / by Karl H. Rieckmann, George J. Brewer, Robin D. Powell
Rieckmann, Karl H; Brewer, George J; Powell, Robin D; World Health Organization ( 1967 )
Effects of drought and desertification on health and social life in Sudan [letter] / Haider Abu Ahmed
Abu Ahmed, Haider ( 1990 )
The effects of economic and policy incentives on provider practice
Hicks, Vern; Adams, Orvill; World Health Organization. Dept. of Organization of Health Services Delivery ( 2000 )
Effects of environmental tobacco smoke on the health of children in the Syrian Arab Republic
Maziak, W.; Mzayek, F.; Al Musherref, M. ( 1999 )

In the Syrian Arab Republic, studies on the effects of environmental tobacco smoke on children are lacking. We conducted a cross-sectional study on the effect of household environmental tobacco smoke on 1859 children under 12 years from both urban and rural areas. Parental and household smoking were associated with respiratory morbidity in the children. Parental smoking was associated with an increased likelihood of having sudden infant death syndrome in the family and was also associated with the presence of other smokers within households, which adds to children's exposure. To our knowledge this is the first study in the Syrian Arab Republic to report a clear association between environmental tobacco smoke and childhood respiratory morbidity

Effects of extra immunization efforts on routine immunization at district level in Pakistan
Hong, R.; Banta, J.E. ( 2005 )

A study was made of the effects of extra immunization activities on routine immunization coverage at district level in Pakistan in a secondary analysis of data from UNICEF and the Pakistan national census. Linear regression analysis was made on data from 107 districts to estimate the effects of extra immunization efforts in the national neonatal tetanus programme on the coverage rate of the third dose of diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus [DPT3] after controlling for other potential confounding factors. The districts that implemented extra national neonatal tetanus immunization were at risk of having lower routine DPT3 coverage than those that did not. Additional immunization efforts, without additional resources, may reduce the effect of the routine Exp and ed Programme on Immunization

The effects of family formation patterns on perinatal health / José L. Bobadilla
Bobadilla, José Luis; World Health Organization. Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Unit; International Conference on Better Health for Women and Children through Family Planning (1987 : Nairobi) ( 1987 )
The effects of family planning on improving efficiency and effectiveness of health services / W. Henry Mosley and Ismail Sirageldin
Mosley, W. Henry; Sirageldin, Ismail Abdel-Hamid; World Health Organization. Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Unit; International Conference on Better Health for Women and Children through Family Planning (1987 : Nairobi, Kenya) ( 1987 )
Effects of hatha yoga on well-being in healthy adults in Shiraz, Islamic Republic of Iran
Hadi, Ne.; Hadi, Na. ( 2007 )

There have been many studies on yoga and its effects on physical function, but less attention has been paid to self assessment of improvement in physical and mental health and well-being by yoga practitioners. This study was designed with that purpose using the SF-36 questionnaire in 107 volunteers [44 males and 63 females, mean age 34 [standard deviation 7] years] who attended yoga classes for 6 months. They completed the questionnaire before and after the yoga practice. There was significant improvement in scores for all health items. The differences according to age, sex and education level were not significant. It is concluded that yoga can improve physical and mental health, and promotes well-being

The effects of improved child survival on family planning practice and fertility / Cynthia B. Lloyd and Serguey Ivanov
Lloyd, Cynthia B; Ivanov, Serguey; World Health Organization. Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Unit; International Conference on Better Health for Women and Children through Family Planning (1987 : Nairobi) ( 1987 )
Effects of improved water supply and sanitation on ascariasis, diarrhoea, dracunculiasis, hookworm infection schistosomiasis, and trachoma / S. A. Esrey ... [et al.]
Esrey, Steven A; Potash, J. B; Roberts, L; Shiff, C ( 1991 )
Effects of insecticide-treated bednets during early infancy in an African area of intense malaria transmission : a randomized controlled trial / Olaf Müller ... [et al.]
Müller, Olaf; Traoré, Corneille; Kouyaté, Bocar; Yé, Yazoumé; Frey, Claudia; Coulibaly, Boubacar; Becher, Heiko ( 2006 )
The Effects of international trade liberalization on the health of the poorest population groups : annotated bibliography
WHO Task Force on Health Economics ( 1998 )
Effects of interventions on community awareness and treatment of hypertension : results of a WHO study / G. B. Ambrosio ... [et al.]
Ambrosio, Giovanni B; Strasser, Toma; Dowd, John E; Tuomilehto, Jaakko; Nissinen, A; Froment, Alain; Milon, H; Miguel, J. M. P; Macias-Castro, I; Dondog, N; Zamboni, S; Dal Pal`u, Cesare ( 1988 )
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