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Economic aspects of the use of impregnated mosquito nets for malaria control / U. Brinkmann & A. Brinkmann
Brinkmann, U; Brinkmann, A ( 1995 )
Economic assessment of transport infrastructure and policies : methodological guidance on the economic appraisal of health effects related to walking and cycling / by Nick Cavill ... [et al.]
Cavill, Nick; Kahlmeier, Sonja; Rutter, Harry; Racioppi, Francesca; Oja, Pekka; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2007 )
Economic consequences of noncommunicable diseases and injuries in the Russian Federation / Marc Suhrcke ... [et al.]
Suhrcke, Marc; Rocco, Lorenzo; McKee, Martin; Mazzuco, Stefano; Urban, Dieter; Steinherr, Alfred; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies ( 2007 )
Economic cost of dengue public prevention activities in Puerto Rico.
Pérez-Guerra, Carmen L; Halasa, Yara A; Rivera, Reinaldo; Peña, Marisol; Ramírez, Viani; Cano, Martha Patricia; Shepard, Donald S; Puerto Rico ( 2010-12 )

Dengue fever has become a major global public health problem in Puerto Rico. Approximately 5000 suspected cases were reported annually between 2002 and 2007. Vector control is currently the only approach to control the disease and includes prevention education, fumigation, inspections and clean-up campaigns. The annual cost to the public sector of dengue prevention, which includes surveillance and vector control activities, was estimated as part of a study of the economic burden of dengue in Puerto Rico. A telephonic survey was implemented to identify municipalities with vector control programmes and public agencies with dengue surveillance systems. Onsite interviews were conducted using a structured questionnaire. The economic cost of dengue was summarized by line item, function and year from 2002 through 2007. The Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDH) and 12 municipalities out of 78 conducted vector control activities in different magnitudes during the study years. The cumulative cost of dengue vector control in the public sector was US$ 46.22 million for the years 2002–2007. PRDH spent an average of US$ 1.29 million ($0.33 per capita) per year, while the municipalities spent an average of US$ 6.41 million (US$ 1.64 per capita) per year. Clean-up campaigns had the highest share of average expenditure, followed by fumigation, surveillance and inspection. Puerto Rico’s per capita expenditure on dengue prevention activities is similar to that of other countries in the region. On average, Puerto Rico’s per capita spending on dengue illness is US$ 5.48 compared with US$ 1.97 spent on vector control.

Economic cost of malaria on households during a transmission season in Khartoum State, Sudan
Mustafa, M.H.; Babiker, M.A. ( 2007 )

This study was conducted in 2004 among 1200 households in Khartoum to estimate the direct and indirect economic costs of malaria for households. Information on the household and the malaria episodes was collected [care-seeking behaviour, working days lost and expenditure on malaria treatment]. There were 327 episodes of malaria; 25.2% of the households reported at least 1 malaria episode during the month preceding the survey. In only 18.0% of malaria episodes was the individual economically active. The average treatment expenditure per fully cured case was US$ 6.3 [SD 5.9]. The average indirect cost per fully cured case was US$ 3.2 [SD 9.2]; it was higher for individuals working in the informal sector than those employed in the formal sector

Economic costs and trade impacts of microbial foodborne ilness / Jean C. Buzby & Tanya Roberts
Buzby, Jean C; Roberts, Tanya ( 1997 )
Economic crisis and its impact on health: report of the regional meeting of parliamentarians on economic crisis and its impact on health, Jakarta, Indonesia, 7-9 December 1998
World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia ( 1998 )
Economic crisis country experiences.pdf.jpg
Economic crisis, health systems and health in Europe. Country experiences
Maresso, Anna; Mladovsky, Philipa; Thomson, Sarah; Sagan, Anna; Karanikolos, Marina; Richardson, Erica; Cylus, Jonathan; Evetovits, Tamás; Jowett, Matthew; Figueras, Josep; Kluge, Hans ( 2015 )
Economic crisis, health systems and health in Europe impact and implications for policy.pdf.jpg
Economic crisis, health systems and health in Europe: impact and implications for policy
Thomson, Sarah; Figueras, Josep; Evetovits, Tamás; Jowett, Matthew; Mladovsky, Philipa; Maresso, Anna; Cylus, Jonathan; Karanikolos, Marina; Kluge, Hans ( 2014 )
Economic development and malaria / by Bernhard H. Liese
Liese, Bernhard H ( 1991 )
Economic dimension (draft resolution proposed by Dr Alicia García Bates and Dr J. Larivière)
Executive Board, 77 ( 1986 )
Economic dimensions of health care
World Health Organization ( 1999 )
Economic dimensions of health care-with special reference to health insurance
World Health Organization ( 1999 )
The economic dimensions of interpersonal violence / editorial committee: Hugh Waters ... [et al.]
Waters, Hugh; Hyder, Adnan A; Rajkotia, Yogesh; Basu, Suprotik; Rehwinkel, Julia Ann; Butchart, Alexander; World Health Organization. Dept. of Injuries and Violence Prevention ( 2004 )
[Economic evaluation in the health field] : introduction / Herbert F. K. Zöllner
Zöllner, Herbert F. K ( 1985 )
Economic evaluation of health programmes : application of the principles in developing countries / Anne Mills
Mills, Anne ( 1985 )
Economic evaluation of health programmes : glossary of terms / Anne Mills & M. F. Drummond
Mills, Anne; Drummond, Michael F ( 1985 )
Economic evaluation of tuberculosis control in Armenia : a cost-effectiveness analysis of the WHO strategy / prepared by W.J. Meerding
Meerding, W.J; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 1998 )

An economic evaluation was made of the WHO tuberculosis control strategy in Armenia. The evaluation concentrated on newly detected smear-positive patients. This strategy, characterized by rapid case detection, mandatory hospitalization during the intensive phase of treatment and shortened treatment duration, was compared with the strategy formerly employed, characterized by extensive hospitalization and lengthy treatment. Data on diagnostic and treatment procedures regarding TB patients, as well as costs of diagnostic procedures, drug regimens, hospital days and outpatient visits, were gathered and compared with official guidelines for TB treatment. The strategy implemented according to WHO guidelines (referred to hereafter as 'the WHO strategy') turned out to be more cost-effective than the strategy formerly employed for TB control in Armenia (referred to hereafter as 'the old strategy'), with medical costs amounting to $176 and $280 respectively per cured patient. This is mainly due to the shortened treatment period and shorter length of hospitalization, although hospitalization rates are much higher in the WHO strategy, combined with higher cure rates (72% on average compared with 65% in the old strategy). Even when relatively favourable figures were assumed for the old strategy, the WHO strategy was slightly more cost-effective. The use of diagnostic procedures and related costs in patient follow-up were difficult to measure empirically in both strategies. Data from several TB dispensaries and the main TB hospital indicate a decreasing use of smears and X-rays per patient since the introduction of the WHO strategy. A more efficient use of diagnostic procedures in the WHO strategy is likely, but could not be proven by empirical data. The main outcome of the evaluation, therefore, might be conservative rather than progressive

Economic Impact of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Suroso, Thomas ( 1987-12 )
The Economic impacts of tuberculosis
Ahlburg, Dennis A; Stop TB Initiative; Ministerial Conference on Tuberculosis and Sustainable Development (2000 : Amsterdam, Netherlands) ( 2000 )
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