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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
WHA19.13_eng.pdf.jpg1966Malaria eradication programmeWorld Health Assembly, 19WHA19.13
EB39R27_eng.pdf.jpg1967Malaria eradication programmeExecutive Board, 39EB39.R27
EB43R20_eng.pdf.jpg1969Malaria eradication programmeExecutive Board, 43EB43.R20
EB41R22_eng.pdf.jpg1968Malaria eradication programmeExecutive Board, 41EB41.R22
WHA20.14_eng.pdf.jpg1967Malaria eradication programmeWorld Health Assembly, 20WHA20.14
WHA21.22_eng.pdf.jpg1968Malaria eradication programmeWorld Health Assembly, 21WHA21.22
WHA14.14_eng.pdf.jpg1961Malaria eradication programme: administrative and operational costsWorld Health Assembly, 14WHA14.14
WHA8_PB-24_eng.pdf.jpg1955Malaria eradication: proposal by the Delegations of Belgium, Morocco (French Zone) and TunisiaWorld Health Assembly, 8A8/P&B/24 Rev.1
WHA8_PB-10_eng.pdf.jpg1955Malaria eradication: proposal by the Director-GeneralWorld Health Assembly, 8A8/P&B/10; A8/P&B/10 Add.1
WHA8_PB-27_eng.pdf.jpg1955Malaria eradication: proposed amendment to the draft resolution in document A8/P&B/10 Add.1, submitted by the Delegation of the United States of AmericaWorld Health Assembly, 8A8/P&B/27
WHA8_PB-28_eng.pdf.jpg1955Malaria eradication: proposed revision to the draft resolution in document A8/P&B/10 Add.1, submitted by the Delegation of PakistanWorld Health Assembly, 8A8/P&B/28
WHA10_PB-11_eng.pdf.jpg1957Malaria eradication: report on implementation of resolutions WHA8.30 and WHA9.61World Health Assembly, 10A10/P&B/11
WHO_Mal_376.pdf.jpg1963Malaria eradication : report on the third African Malaria Conference organized jointly by the Regional Office for Africa of the World Health Organization and the Commission for Technical Co-operation in Africa South of the SaharaAfrican Malaria Conference (3rd: 1962: Youndé, Cameroon); Commission for Technical Co-operation in Africa South of the Sahara; World Health Organization. Regional Office for AfricaWHO/Mal/376; AFR/Mal/9/62
EB21R41_eng.pdf.jpg1958Malaria eradication special accountExecutive Board, 21EB21.R41
EB25R19_eng.pdf.jpg1960Malaria eradication special accountExecutive Board, 25EB25.R19
EB22R1_eng.pdf.jpg1958Malaria eradication special accountExecutive Board, 22EB22.R1
EB24R25_eng.pdf.jpg1959Malaria eradication special accountExecutive Board, 24EB24.R25
EB23R63_eng.pdf.jpg1959Malaria eradication special accountExecutive Board, 23EB23.R63
EB27R11_eng.pdf.jpg1961Malaria eradication special accountExecutive Board, 27EB27.R11
EB28R26_eng.pdf.jpg1961Malaria eradication special accountExecutive Board, 28EB28.R26
Showing results 37927 to 37946 of 84144