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1997General information : biological standardization : report of the Expert Committee--
1996General information : bovine spongiform encephalopathy and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease--
1996General information : drugs as risk factors in severe cutaneous diseases--
SE_69.7.pdf.jpg1969General information : Inter-Regional Seminar on Smallpox Eradication, Lagos, Nigeria, 13-20 May 1969World Health Organization; Inter-Regional Seminar on Smallpox Eradication (1969 : Lagos, Nigeria)SE/69.7
1996General information : iodized oil : recommendations to prevent iodine deficiency disorders--
1996General information : ischaemic heart disease : the epidemiological basis for public health policy--
1996General information : modest advances in the management of lung cancer--
WHA31_Div-3_eng.pdf.jpg1978General information on the World Health AssemblyWorld Health Assembly, 31WHA31/DIV/3
1996General information : ovarian cancer : encouraging progress in chemotherapy--
1996General information : pain : under-recognized and undertreated?--
1996General information : peptic ulceration : revolutionary changes in management--
1996General information : raised blood pressure in the elderly--
1996General information : recommendations from the ICDRA reinforce the mission of regulatory authorities--
1997General information : the implications of the TRIPS Agreement for the protection of pharmaceutical inventions--
1996General information : use of vial monitors will reduce wastage of vaccine supplies--
1996General information : WHO issues new guidelines on drug donations--
AFR_RC7_R2_fra.pdf.jpg1957GénéralitésComité régional de l'Afrique, 7AFR/RC7/R2
AFR_RC42_R13_eng.pdf.jpg1992General mobilization for community health in AfricaRegional Committee for Africa, 42AFR/RC42/R13
WHA20.56_eng.pdf.jpg1967General order of magnitude of the budget for 1969World Health Assembly, 20WHA20.56
WHA21_PB-WP-2_eng.pdf.jpg1968General order of magnitude of the budget for 1970World Health Assembly, 21A21/P&B/WP/2
Showing results 37927 to 37946 of 117847