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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
WPR_RC050_09_Hepatitis_1999_en.pdf.jpg1999Hepatitis and related diseasesRegional Committee for the Western Pacific, 050WPR/RC50/9
WPR_RC035_11_Hepatitis_1984_en.pdf.jpg1984Hepatitis as a public health problemRegional Committee for the Western Pacific, 035WPR/RC35/11
1991Hepatitis A : United States of America--
WHO_CDS_CSR_LYO_2002.2_HEPATITIS_B.pdf.jpg2002Hepatitis BWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and ResponseWHO/CDS/CSR/LYO/2002.2:Hepatitis B
emhj_1997_3_3_549_555.pdf.jpg1997[Hepatitis B among dental personnel in Damascus. Evaluation of their knowledge, attitudes and behaviour]Shahrour, M. Samer-
12_6_2006_735_741.pdf.jpg2006Hepatitis B and C infection in first- time blood donors in Karachi - a possible subgroup for sentinel surveillanceAbdul Mujeeb, S.; Nanan, D.; Sabir, S.; Altaf, A.; Kadir, M.-
EMHJ_2002_8_1_150_156.pdf.jpg2002Hepatitis B and C seroprevalence in the Lebanese populationBaddoura, R.; Haddad, C.; Germanos, M.-
16_1_2010_0010_0017.pdf.jpg2010Hepatitis B and C viral infection: prevalence, knowledge, attitude and practice among barbers and clients in Gharbia governorate, EgyptShalaby, S.; Kabbash, I.A.; El Saleet, G.; Mansour, N.; Omar, A.; El Nawawy, A.-
15_4_2009_0778_0784.pdf.jpg2009Hepatitis B and C viral infections in chronic liver disease: a populationbased study in QatarRikabi, A.; Bener, A.; Al Marri, A.; Al Thani, S.-
WPR_RC064_07_HepaB_2013_en.pdf.jpg2013Hepatitis B control through vaccination: setting the targetRegional Committee for the Western Pacific, 064WPR/RC64/7
WPR_RC064_Res05_2013_en.pdf.jpg2013Hepatitis B control through vaccination: setting the target (Resolution)Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, 064WPR/RC64.R5
1988Hepatitis B : eradicable? / by Wolfgang Jilg and Friedrich DeinhardtJilg, Wolfgang; Deinhardt, Friedrich-
26_3_2012.pdf.jpg2012Hepatitis B immune globulin: thrombotic events--
WHO_V-B_01.28_chi.pdf.jpg2001Hepatitis B immunization : introducing hepatitis B vaccine into national immunization servicesWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Vaccines and BiologicalsWHO/V&B/01.28
1992Hepatitis B : immunization of newborn infants--
bulletin_1989_67(1)_65-70.pdf.jpg1989The hepatitis B immunization programme in Singapore / K. T. Goh ... [et al.]Goh, Kee Tai; Doraisingham, S; Tan, K. L; Oon, C. J; Ho, M. L; Chen, A. J; Chan, Shih Hung-
WHO_EPI_GEN_88.5.pdf.jpg1988Hepatitis B : immunization strategies / R. Palmer BeasleyBeasley, R. Palmer; WHO Expanded Programme on ImmunizationWHO/EPI/GEN/88.5. Unpublished
WER1998_73_p329_No.43.pdf.jpg1998Hepatitis B immunization : WHO position--
emhj_2004_10_1_2_6_11.pdf.jpg2004Hepatitis B infection among Iraqi children: the impact of sanctionsAli, H.Y.M.-
EMHJ_2013_19_7_585_586.pdf.jpg2013Hepatitis B infection in Eastern Mediterranean Region: challenges and the way forwardQureshi, Huma-
Showing results 37927 to 37946 of 110156