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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
1987Ils mordent ou ils piquent / John Debbie et Takao FujikuraDebbie, J. G; Fujikura, Takao-
WH_1990_mar_p4-5_fre.pdf.jpg1990Ils sont plus d' un milliard ... / Michel JancloesJancloes, Michel-
1996L' imagerie diagnostique a cent ans / Maurice TubianaTubiana, Maurice-
WHO_DIL_01.1_fre.pdf.jpg2005L' imagerie diagnostique : qu'est-ce que c' est ? : quand et comment l' utiliser en situation de ressources limitées / Harald OstensenOstensen, Harald; World Health Organization. Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Technology TeamWHO/DIL/01.1
WHO_TRS_795_fre.pdf.jpg1990L' imagerie en pratique clinique : pour un choix rationnel des techniques de diagnostic, rapport d' un Groupe scientifique de l' OMS [réuni à Genève du 7 au 14 novembre 1988]WHO Scientific Group on Clinical Diagnostic Imaging; World Health Organization-
1985L' imagerie médicale pour les pays en développement / P. E. S. PalmerPalmer, Philip E. S-
EMHJ_2001_7_4-5_846_851.pdf.jpg2001Imaging of tumoural calcinosisKakish, M.; Ghatasheh, M.; Etawi, M.-
CAN_86.6.pdf.jpg1986Imaging technologies in breast cancer control : report of a WHO meeting, Moscow, 2-4 October 1985World Health Organization. Cancer UnitCAN/86.6. Unpublished
WHO_Mal_135.pdf.jpg1955Imagocidal methods : comparative values of modern insecticides in relation to type of substratum / by K. S. HockingHocking, K. S; World Health Organization. Malaria Section; Conference on Malaria in Africa (1955 : Lagos, Nigeria)WHO/Mal/135; Lagos Conf/9
9789241548290_Vol2_eng.pdf.jpg2012IMAI district clinician manual: hospital care adolescents and adults : guidelines for the management of illnessess with limited-resourcesWorld Health Organization-
20_4_2006.pdf.jpg2006Imatinib and cardiac dysfunction--
20_4_2006.pdf.jpg2006Imatinib mesilate : revised indications--
17_2_2003.pdf.jpg2003Imatinib mesylate approved for paediatric leukaemia--
WHO_EIP_OSD_02.3.pdf.jpg2002Imbalances in the health workforce : report of a technical consultation, Ottawa, Canada, 10-12 March 2002World Health Organization. Dept. of Organization of Health Services DeliveryWHO/EIP/OSD/02.3
dsa482.pdf.jpg2002IMCI health facility survey, Egypt, 10 March - 10 April 2002World Health Organization; Ministry of Health and Population, Egypt-
dsa364.pdf.jpg2002IMCI Health Facility Survey: Egypt, 10 March - 10 April 2002 [booklet with graphs]World Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CAH/012/E/G
dsa483.pdf.jpg2003IMCI Health Facility Survey: Sudan, March - April 2003 [booklet with graphs]World Health Organization; Federal Ministry of Health Republic of SudanWHO-EM/CAH/013/E/G
WHO_CHS_CAH_98.1A_eng.pdf.jpg1999IMCI information : information sheets on Integrated Management of Childhood IllnessWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development; UNICEFWHO/CHS/CAH/98.1 A-M Rev.1 1999
WHO_CHS_CAH_99.1_eng.pdf.jpg1999IMCI planning guide : gaining experience with the IMCI strategy in a countryWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development; UNICEFWHO/CHS/CAH/99.1
dsa1097.pdf.jpg2010IMCI pre-service education. a guide to evaluationWorld Health OrganizationWHO-EM/CAH/192/E
Showing results 35127 to 35146 of 100527