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STD_SDI_SC2_TEM_95.26.pdf.jpg1995Industry and the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Diagnostics Initiative : an opportunity for synergism in product development and marketingInformation Meeting on the Research Priorities of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Diagnostics Initiative (1995: Geneva, Switzerland); WHO Global Programme on AIDSSTD/SDI/SC2/TEM/95.26. Unpublished
WHO_EMC_LTS_97.2.pdf.jpg1997Industry and the WHO network on antimicrobial resistance monitoring : opportunities for collaborationWorld Health Organization. Division of Emerging and Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control; Joint WHO/IFPMA Information Meeting on the WHO Network on Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring (1996 : Geneva, Switzerland)EMC/LTS/97.2; WHO/EMC/LTS/97.2
22_4_2008.pdf.jpg2008Industry commitment in the battle against fraud and counterfeiting--
16_9_2010_0932_0936.pdf.jpg2010Ineffectiveness of myrrh-derivative Mirazid against schistosomiasis and fascioliasis in humansOsman, M.M.; El Taweel, H.A.; Shehab, A.Y.; Farag, H.F.-
WHO_MAL_82_fre.pdf.jpg1953L' inefficacité des pulvérisations de DDT à éffet rémanent sur la transmission du paludisme dans la vallée du Jourdain / par M. A. FaridFarid, Mohyeddin Ahmad; WHO Expert Committee on Malaria Session. (5th : 1953 : Istanbul, Turkey)WHO/Mal/82
RA_2000_3_29-40_fre.pdf.jpg2000Inégalités de la mortalité de l' enfant chez des groupes ethniques de l' Afrique subsaharienne / M. Brockerhoff et P. HewettBrockerhoff, M; Hewett, P-
RA_2000_3_3-17_fre.pdf.jpg2000Inégalités de santé et santé des pauvres : que sait-on et que peut-on faire? / D. R. GwatkinGwatkin, D. R-
RA_123-143_fre.pdf.jpg2002Inégalités entre hommes et femmes et utilisation des services de chirurgie de la cataracte dans les pays en développement / Susan Lewallen et Paul CourtrightLewallen, Susan; Courtright, Paul-
RA_2000_3_18-28_fre.pdf.jpg2000Inégalités socio-économiques et mortalité de l' enfant : comparaison dans neuf pays en développement / Adam WagstaffWagstaff, Adam-
1985Inequalities in health and health care : the report of an international seminar held at the Nordic School of Public Health, Göteborg, Sweden, from 7 to 11 January 1985 / edited by Lennart K"ohler and John MartinKäöhler, Lennart; Martin, John; Nordiska hälsovardshögskolan; World Health Organization-
bu0267.pdf.jpg2000Inequalities in health care use and expenditures : empirical data from eight developing and transition countries / M. Makinen ... [et al.]Makinen, Marty; Waters, Hugh; Rauch, Margie; Almagambetova, Naila; Bitran, Ricardo; Gilson, Lucy; McIntyre, Diane; Pannarunothai, Supasit; Prieto, Ana Lorena; Ram, Sujata-
bu07383d.pdf.jpg2000Inequalities in health / Gunnar KvaleKvale, Gunnar-
bu0321.pdf.jpg2000Inequality of child mortality among ethnic groups in sub-Saharan Africa / M. Brockerhoff and P. HewettBrockerhoff, M; Hewett, P-
WHA9_AFL-25_eng.pdf.jpg1956Inequitable geographical representation of staff at headquarters: resolution proposed by the Delegation of NorwayWorld Health Assembly, 9A9/AFL/25
1994Infant and child mortality in Sikasso--
1980Infant and early childhood mortality in relation to fertility patterns : report on an ad-hoc survey in Greater Freetown, the Western area and Makeni in the Northern Province, Sierra Leone, 1973-1975World Health Organization; Sierra Leone. Ministry of Health-
9241562544.pdf.jpg2003Infant and young child feeding : a tool for assessing national practices, policies and programmesWorld Health Organization; LINKAGES-
9789241594745_eng.pdf.jpg2006Infant and young child feeding counselling : an integrated courseWorld Health Organization; UNICEF-
23229.pdf.jpg1981Infant and young child feeding : current issuesWorld Health Organization; UNICEF-
9789241597494_eng.pdf.jpg2009Infant and young child feeding : model chapter for textbooks for medical students and allied health professionalsWorld Health Organization-
Showing results 35087 to 35106 of 98372