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Diagnosis of measles by clinical case definition in dengue-endemic areas : implications for measles surveillance and control / V. J. Dietz ... [et al.]
Dietz, Vance J; Nieburg, Phillip; Gubler, Duane J; Gomez, I ( 1992 )
Diagnosis of night blindness and serum vitamin A level : a population-based study / A. Hussain, G. Kvale, & M. Odland
Hussain, A; Kvale, Gunnar; Odland, M ( 1995 )
Diagnosis of onchocerciasis : use and limitations of current parasitological, ophthalmological and immunological methods in field surveys / M. Karam, K. Y. Dadzie and N. Weiss
Karam, Marc; Dadzie, K. Y; Weiss, N; World Health Organization. Parasitic Diseases Programme; WHO Expert Committee on Onchocerciasis (1986 ; Geneva, Switzerland) ( 1986 )
Diagnosis of paediatric HIV infection in a primary health care setting with a clinical algorithm / C. Horwood ... [et al.]
Horwood, C; Liebeschuetz, S; Blaauw, D; Cassol, S; Qazi, S ( 2003 )
Diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum infection by spot hybridization assay : specificity, sensitivity, and field applicability / Martin Holmberg ... [et al.]
Holmberg, Martin; Björkman, Anders; Franzén, Lena; Aslund, Lena; Lebbad, Marianne; Pettersson, Ulf; Wigzell, Hans ( 1986 )
Diagnosis of prion diseases soon possible? : vaccines and biomedicines
( 2001 )
[Diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis: evaluation of the TB IgA EIA assay in Morroco]
Baassi, L.; El Fenniri, L.; Bourkkadi, J.; Benjalloun, C.; Cherkaoui, I.; El Iraki, G.; Benkouka, F.; Benjouad, A.; El Aouad, R. ( 2007 )

We analysed 2 evaluation lots of the TB IgA EIA test in pulmonary tuberculosis patients [TBp]. Sera were obtained from 345 TBp, 18 healthy subjects [HS], 28 subjects in contact with tuberculous patients [CS] and 16 non-tuberculous lung disease patients [N-TB] for the first evaluation lots and 302 TBp, 60 HS, 21 CS and 18 N-TB for the second. IgA titres against p-90 antigen with the second evaluation lot were significantly higher than the first evaluation lot. With the second evaluation lots, the sensitivity was 78.8% whereas with the first evaluation lot, the sensitivity was 75.9%. Specificity for the first and second evaluation lots was 50% and 70.7% respectively. The sensitivity of this test is still not satisfactory to establish pulmonary tuberculosis diagnosis

Diagnosis of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease : new markers for activity assessment
Wahi, P. L; WHO Study Group on Rheumatic Fever/Rheumatic Heart Disease (1987 : Geneva) ( 1987 )
Diagnosis of STD in developing countries / A. Meheus
Meheus, André Z ( 1991 )
Diagnosis of STD in men in industrialized countries / F. N. Judson
Judson, Franklyn N ( 1991 )
Diagnostic and management guidelines for mental disorders in primary care : ICD-10. Chapter 5, Primary care version
World Health Organization ( 1996 )
Diagnostic and treatment delay in tuberculosis
World Health Organization ( 2006 )

Tuberculosis control can be effectively achieved if individuals with the disease receive adequate and timely treatment. The national tuberculosis control programmes in the Eastern Mediterranean Region are able to detect on average one third of smear-positive tuberculosis cases, while the rest continue to transmit infection in the community until treated, whether adequately, or inadequately by other health sectors. Analysis of health-seeking behaviour of patients managed by the national control programmes can shed light on those patients that are not detected by their programmes, and provide detailed information on other health care providers' practice and their contribution in increasing the duration of infectivity in the community. This multicountry study was conducted in order to obtain reliable information about the extent of diagnostic and treatment delay and the factors involved. It is detailed analysis of the health-seeking behaviour of tuberculosis patients from onset of symptoms until reaching the health system, final diagnosis and treatment. The information provided by this study could assist health policy-makers in devising suitable interventions in order to increase case detection and reduce transmission of infection in the community, and hence achieve proper tuberculosis control

Diagnostic au laboratoire des maladies sexuellement transmissibles / E. Van Dyck, A. Z. Meheus, P. Piot
Dyck, Eddy van; Meheus, André Z; Piot, Peter; World Health Organization ( 2000 )
Diagnostic criteria and classification of hyperglycaemia first detected in pregnancy
World Health Organization ( 2013 )
Diagnostic criteria for HIV-related clinical events: adults and adolescents
World Health Organization ( 2013 )
Diagnostic de l' anémie chez la femme enceinte dans les dispensaires ruraux : évaluation du potentiel de la nouvelle échelle colorée / N. R. van den Broek ... [et al.]
Broek, N. R. van den; Ntonya, C; Mhango, E; White, S. A ( 1999 )
Diagnostic de la leptospirose et typage des leptospires : rapport d' un groupe d' études [réuni à Amsterdam du 2 au 4 novembre 1955]
World Health Organization. Study Group on Leptospirosis; World Health Organization ( 1956 )
Diagnostic de la rougeole au laboratoire et surveillance de la vaccination antirougeoleuse : Mémorandum d' une réunion de l' OMS
( 1994 )
Diagnostic de l’ulcère de Buruli au laboratoire : manuel destiné au personnel de santé / edité par Françoise Portaels
Portaels, Françoise; Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 2014 )
Diagnostic des herpétoviridés humains : mémorandum d' une réunion de l' OMS
( 1991 )
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