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AFR_RC23_R5_eng.pdf.jpg1973Having studied the report1 of the Regional Director-Document AFR/RC23/4 and AFR/RC13/4 Rev.1.Regional Committee for Africa, 23AFR/RC23/R5
AFR_RC24_R4_eng.pdf.jpg1974Having studied the report1 of the Regional Director-Document AFR/RC24/4.Regional Committee for Africa, 24AFR/RC24/R4
AFR_RC21_R6_eng.pdf.jpg1971Having studied the report1 on long-term planning for the development of human resources-Document AFR/RC21/8.Regional Committee for Africa, 21AFR/RC21/R6
AFR_RC23_R6_eng.pdf.jpg1973Having studied the report of the first meeting of representatives of sponsoring organizations of the Joint FAO/WHO/OAU Food and Nutrition Commission for AfricaRegional Committee for Africa, 23AFR/RC23/R6
AFR_RC28_R9_eng.pdf.jpg1978Having studied the report of the Regional Director on the Evaluation of Long-Term Planning on Disease ControlRegional Committee for Africa, 28AFR/RC28/R9
AFR_RC32_R5_eng.pdf.jpg1982Having studied the report of the TCDC Standing Committee.Regional Committee for Africa, 32AFR/RC32/R5
AFR_RC30_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1980Having taken cognizance of the Director-General’s statement to the thirtieth session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa on the theme “Use your WHO”.Regional Committee for Africa, 30AFR/RC30/R2
AFR_RC30_R10_eng.pdf.jpg1980Having taken cognizance of the elements assembled for the preparation of the Seventh General Programme of Work (GPW).Regional Committee for Africa, 30AFR/RC30/R10
AFR_RC30_R5_eng.pdf.jpg1980Having taken cognizance of the report of the fourth meeting of the African Advisory Committee on Medical Research (AACMR).Regional Committee for Africa, 30AFR/RC30/R5
1986Hay madres que fomentan la lactancia natural / Sylvia BrunnBrunn, Sylvia-
1992Hay que enseñar a los padres a tomar la temperatura de los niños [carta] / Salih KavukuKavuku, Salih-
1996Hay que hacer más hincapié en la educación sanitaria : debate / Li Huan-YingLi, Huan-Ying-
1993Hay que velar por la inocuidad y eficacia de los medicamentos / A. S. Russell y M. GraceRussell, A. S; Grace, M-
dsa1100.pdf.jpg2008Hazard analysis and critical control point generic models for some traditional foods: a manual for the Eastern Mediterranean RegionWorld Health Organization; Regoinal Center for Environmental Activities-
9241544333_eng.pdf.jpg1992Hazard analysis critical control point evaluations : a guide to identifying hazards and assessing risks associated with food preparation and storage / Frank L. BryanBryan, Frank L; World Health Organization-
9241562374.pdf.jpg2003Hazard characterization for pathogens in food and water : guidelinesJoint FAO/WHO Secretariat on Risk Assessment of Microbiological Hazards in Food; WHO Food Safety Programme-
WHO_PCS_00.1.pdf.jpg2000Hazardous chemicals in human and environmental health : a resource book for school, college and university studentsInternational Programme on Chemical Safety; World Health Organization. Promotion of Chemical Safety Unit; United Nations Environment Programme; International Labour Organization; Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of ChemicalsWHO/PCS/00.1
em_rc35_r4_en.pdf.jpg1988Hazardous wastes: control of health risks and safe disposalWorld Health OrganizationEM/RC35/R.4
WHO_SDE_OEH_99.14.pdf.jpg1999Hazard prevention and control in the work environment: : airborne dustWorld Health Organization. Occupational and Environmental Health TeamWHO/SDE/OEH/99.14
WHO_OCH_95.3.pdf.jpg1995Hazard prevention and control in the work environment: Prevention and Control Exchange (PACE) : a document for decision-makersWorld Health Organization. Office of Occupational HealthWHO/OCH/95.3. Unpublished
Showing results 34116 to 34135 of 103297