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AFR_RC9_R7_eng.pdf.jpg1959Having held discussions on the review of environmental sanitation activities of the Organization during the past ten years, and on a proposal for a future long-range programme with emphasis on the provision of piped water supplies to all communities.Regional Committee for Africa, 9AFR/RC9/R7
AFR_RC2_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1952Having noted from the Regional Director’s report the difficulty in recruiting staff for the Regional Office for Africa owing to unsatisfactory leave and salary conditions.Regional Committee for Africa, 2AFR/RC2/R2
AFR_RC21_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1971Having noted resolution EB48.R19 adopted by the WHO Executive Board on the donations of land made the People’s Republic of the Congo to the Regional OfficeRegional Committee for Africa, 21AFR/RC21/R2
AFR_RC9_R12_eng.pdf.jpg1959Having noted resolutions WHA12.221 and WHA12.31,2 concerning WHO participation in the Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance.Regional Committee for Africa, 9AFR/RC9/R12
AFR_RC9_R10_eng.pdf.jpg1959Having noted resolution WHA12.26 adopted by the Twelfth World Health AssemblyRegional Committee for Africa, 9AFR/RC9/R10
AFR_RC10_R20_eng.pdf.jpg1960Having noted resolution WHA13.63 adopted by the Thirteenth World Health AssemblyRegional Committee for Africa, 10AFR/RC10/R20
AFR_RC30_R9_eng.pdf.jpg1980Having noted that nearly half the Member States have signed the Charter for the Health Development of the African Region by the year 2000.Regional Committee for Africa, 30AFR/RC30/R9
AFR_RC31_R10_eng.pdf.jpg1981Having noted the amendments proposed by the African Advisory Committee on Health Development (AACHD) at its second meeting in June 1981.Regional Committee for Africa, 31AFR/RC31/R10
AFR_RC3_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1953Having noted the insertions that abnormal difficulties have been experienced during the setting up of a regional headquarters on African soil.Regional Committee for Africa, 3AFR/RC3/R2
AFR_RC3_R5_eng.pdf.jpg1953Having noted the need for the establishment in 1954 of a post of Deputy Regional Director at the Regional headquarters in Africa.Regional Committee for Africa, 3AFR/RC3/R5
AFR_RC3_SC_R4_eng.pdf.jpg1953Having noted the present arrangements of the World Health Organization for leave, including annual leave, sick leave, home leave and special leave.Regional Committee for Africa, 3AFR/RC3/Sub.Cttee/R4
AFR_RC8_R3_eng.pdf.jpg1958Having noted the resolutions WHA11.16 and 42 adopted by the Eleventh World Health Assembly.Regional Committee for Africa, 8AFR/RC8/R3
AFR_RC16_R8_eng.pdf.jpg1966Having noted with satisfaction the progress report submitted by the Regional Director on the construction of the extension of the Regional Office building.Regional Committee for Africa, 16AFR/RC16/R8
AFR_RC16_R5_eng.pdf.jpg1966Having regard to Articles 49 and 52 of the Constitution.Regional Committee for Africa, 16AFR/RC16/R5
AFR_RC15_R5_eng.pdf.jpg1965Having studied resolution WHA18.38 and considered the present status of smallpox in the World, and in the African Region in particular.Regional Committee for Africa, 15AFR/RC15/R5
AFR_RC26_R9_eng.pdf.jpg1976Having studied the Regional Director’s report on Evaluation of Long-Term Plans: Health Manpower DevelopmentRegional Committee for Africa, 26AFR/RC26/R9
AFR_RC23_R8_eng.pdf.jpg1973Having studied the Regional Director’s report on long-term planning for epidemiological surveillance and control of communicable diseasesRegional Committee for Africa, 23AFR/RC23/R8
AFR_RC23_R1_eng.pdf.jpg1973Having studied the report1 of the Regional Director-Document AFR/RC23/10.Regional Committee for Africa, 23AFR/RC23/R1
AFR_RC23_R5_eng.pdf.jpg1973Having studied the report1 of the Regional Director-Document AFR/RC23/4 and AFR/RC13/4 Rev.1.Regional Committee for Africa, 23AFR/RC23/R5
AFR_RC24_R4_eng.pdf.jpg1974Having studied the report1 of the Regional Director-Document AFR/RC24/4.Regional Committee for Africa, 24AFR/RC24/R4
Showing results 34076 to 34095 of 103554