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Dengue in French Polynesia: Major Features, Surveillance, Molecular Epidemiology and Current Situation.
Chungue, Eliane; Deparis, Xavier; Murgue, Bernadette ( 1998-12 )
Dengue in Jaddah. Saudi Arabia, 1994-2002.
Fakeeh, Mazen; Zaki, Ali M ( 2003-12 )
Dengue in Latin America - A Unique Situation
Torres R, Jaime R; Torres V, Carlos G ( 2002-12 )
Dengue in the Americas
( 1995 )
Dengue in the Americas
( 1995 )
Dengue in the Americas : an update
( 1995 )
Dengue in the Americas : an update
( 1994 )
Dengue in the Americas, 1983.
( 1984-12 )
Dengue in the Americas, 1986.
( 1987-12 )
Dengue in the Americas.
E Wilson, Mary; Chen, Lin H ( 2002-12 )
Dengue in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi (India): Epidemiological and entomological profile for the period 2003 to 2008.
Nandi, J; Sharma, RS; Dutta, PK; Dhillon, GPS ( 2008-12 )

Dengue is endemic in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi. During the period 2003 to 2008,9737 confirmed cases of dengue fever (DF)/dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF) and 115 deaths were recorded compared with 1341 cases and 6 deaths that happened during 1997 to 2002, representingan increase of 626%. During this period two outbreak peaks were also recorded. In addition, the satellite town of Gurgaon (Haryana) bordering Delhi also suffered a severe outbreak of DF/DHF during 2008.Aedes aegypti, the responsible vector, is fully entrenched in both urban and rural areas. DF/DHF transmission in years of extended winter rains occurs both during the summer and rainy seasons.Evaporation coolers during summer maintain low temperature and high humidity to ensure dengue transmission in some highly congested localities.

Dengue Net - WHO's Internet-based System for Global Surveillance of Dengue Fever and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (Dengue/DHF).
( 2002-12 )
Dengue Outbreak 2000 in Bangladesh: From Speculation to Reality and Exercises.
Yunus, Emran Bin; Bangali, A Mannan; Mahmood, M Ataul Haq; Rahman, M Mushfiqur; Chowdhury, A R; Talukder, K R ( 2001-12 )
Dengue Outbreak in Ludhiana (Punjab), India,1996.
Bora, D; Gill, Kuldip Singh; Bandyopadhyay, S; Bhardwaj, M; Katyal, Rakesh; Kumar, Kaushal ( 1997-12 )

An outbreak of dengue fever/dengue haemorrhagic fever was reported from Ludhiana city in Punjab state, India, during October 1996. The outbreak started in the last week of September and lasted up to the first week of December. The number of cases reported during the outbreak was 720, with 19 deaths. A community survey revealed a very high attack rate of fever cases (4.10%). Serological tests suggested a recent dengue virus infection as seven serum samples out of nine tested were found to be positive. Aedes survey carried out in some of the affected localities revealed the presence of Aedes aegypti, a vector mosquito. The values of House and Container indices in Ludhiana city during the survey were 32.8% and 29.16% respectively. Breeding of Aedes mosquitoes was detected in various types of containers, mostly desertcoolers. To prevent such outbreaks in the state of Punjab and in the region, there is an urgent need for taking appropriate preventive measures and for disease/vector surveillance.

Dengue outbreak in Malaysia
( 1997 )
Dengue Patients at the Children's Hospital, Bangkok: 1995-1999 Review.
Kalayanarooj, Siripen; Chansiriwongs, Vanya; Nimmannitya, Suchitra ( 2002-12 )
Dengue presenting as Guillain Barre Syndrome.
Shah, Ira ( 2007 )
Dengue presenting as viral myocarditis.
Shah, Ira ( 2007 )

Dengue Bulletin. 2007 Dec; 31: 172-173.

Dengue prevention and control
( 2002 )
Dengue prevention and control
World Health Assembly, 46 ( 1993 )
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