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16_4_2010_0381_0385.pdf.jpg2010Frequency of haemoglobinopathies at premarital health screening in Dohuk, Iraq: implications for a regional prevention programmeAl Allawi, N.A.; Al Dousky, A.A.-
WHA6_29_eng.pdf.jpg1953Frequency of health assembliesWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/29
WHA6.57_eng.pdf.jpg1953Frequency of Health Assembly sessionsWorld Health Assembly, 6WHA6.57
WHA5_5_eng.pdf.jpg1952Frequency of Health Assembly sessionsWorld Health Assembly, 5A5/5
EMHJ_2013_19_2_175_180.pdf.jpg2013Frequency of impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes mellitus in subjects with fasting blood glucose below 6.1 mmol/L [110 mg/dL]Khan, S.H.; Ijaz, A.; Bokhari, S.A. Raza; Hanif, M.S.; Azam, N.-
15_5_2009_1098_1104.pdf.jpg2009Frequency of intestinal parasites among food-handlers in Khartoum, SudanBabiker, M.A.; Ali, M.S.M.; Ahmed, E.S.-
12_1-2_2006_105_111.pdf.jpg2006Frequency of peptic ulcer disease during and after Ramadan in a United Arab Emirates hospitalBener, A.; Derbala, M.F.; Al Kaabi, S.; Taryam, L.O.; Al Ameri, M.M.; Al Muraikhi, N.M.; Al Mansoor, T.M.-
WHA5.22_eng.pdf.jpg1952Frequency of sessions of the Health AssemblyWorld Health Assembly, 5WHA5.22
EB11R69_eng.pdf.jpg1953Frequency of sessions of the Health AssemblyExecutive Board, 11EB11.R69
EB10R17_eng.pdf.jpg1952Frequency of sessions of the Health Assembly: proposed amendments to the ConstitutionExecutive Board, 10EB10.R17
10_4-5_2004_671_675.pdf.jpg2004Frequency of the CCR5-delta 32 chemokine receptor gene mutation in the Lebanese populationKaram, W.; Jurjus, R.; Khoury, N.; Khansa, H.; Assad, C.; Zalloua, P.; Jurjus, A.-
emhj_2001_7_3_531_535.pdf.jpg2001Frequency of unemployment among epileptic patients in Tikrit, IraqAl Saad, S.K.; Al Khayat, J.Q.; Al Nooman, N.N.-
11_4_2005_732_744.pdf.jpg2005Frequency of visits for health care by low-birth-weight and preterm Saudi infants in the first year of lifeAl Qahtani, D.A.; Imtiaz, M.L.; Al Dusari, S.N.; Mustafa, A.P.; Rafael, R.-
WHA12_AFL-3_eng.pdf.jpg1959Frequency of World Health AssembliesWorld Health Assembly, 12A12/AFL/3
EB23R65_eng.pdf.jpg1959Frequency of World Health AssembliesExecutive Board, 23EB23.R65
WHA11.25_eng.pdf.jpg1958Frequency of World Health AssembliesWorld Health Assembly, 11WHA11.25
WHA12.38_eng.pdf.jpg1959Frequency of World Health AssembliesWorld Health Assembly, 12WHA12.38
WHA12_AFL-25_eng.pdf.jpg1959Frequency of World Health Assemblies: draft resolution presented by the Delegations of Canada, The Federation of Malaya, New Zealand, and TurkeyWorld Health Assembly, 12A12/AFL/25; A12/AFL/25 Add.1
WHA11_AFL-29_eng.pdf.jpg1958Frequency of World Health Assemblies: proposal submitted by the Government of CanadaWorld Health Assembly, 11A11/AFL/29
emhj_2004_10_1_2_152_158.pdf.jpg2004Frequency of Yersinia species infection in paediatric acute diarrhoea in TehranSoltan Dallal, M.M.; Moezardalan, K.-
Showing results 28767 to 28786 of 96447