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WHO_HGN_WFH_WG_98.3.pdf.jpg1998Control of haemophilia : haemophilia care in developing countries : report of a Joint WHO/World Federation of Haemophilia Meeting, Geneva, 16-17 June 1997Joint WHO/World Federation of Haemophilia Meeting (1997: Geneva Switzerland); WHO Human Genetics Programme; World Federation of HaemophiliaWHO/HGN/WFH/WG/98.3
WHO_TRS_865.pdf.jpg1996Control of hereditary diseases : report of a WHO scientific groupWHO Scientific Group on the Control of Hereditary Diseases (1993 : Geneva, Switzerland); World Health Organization-
PMC3847681.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2015Control of household air pollution for child survival: estimates for intervention impacts.Bruce, NG; Dherani, MK; Das, JK; Balakrishnan, K; Adair-Rohani, H; Bhutta, ZA; Pope, D-
A57_R2-en.pdf.jpg2004Control of human African trypanosomiasisWorld Health Assembly, 57WHA57.2
AFR RC55-11.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2011Control of human african trypanosomiasis: a strategy for the African Region: report of the Regional DirectorRegional Committee for Africa, 55AFR/RC55/11
80(9)738-745.pdf.jpg2002Control of human African trypanosomiasis in the Quiçama focus, Angola / J. A. Ruiz, P. P. Simarro and T. JesenandoRuiz, J. A; Simarro, Pere P; Josenando, Teofilo-
A57_6-en.pdf.jpg2004Control of human African trypanosomiasis: report by the SecretariatWorld Health Assembly, 57A57/6
AFR RC55 R3.pdf.jpg2005Control of Human African Trypanosomiasis:Strategy for the African Region (document AFR/RC55/11)Regional Committee for Africa, 55AFR/RC55/R3
1996Control of hypertension in Sierra Leone [letter] / Durodami Radcliffe LiskLisk, Durodami Radcliffe-
WPR_RC034_Res20_1983_en.pdf.jpg1983Control of insect and rodent vectors in international air and sea travel (Resolution)Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, 034WPR/RC34.R20
WPR_RC034_13_Insect_Vectors_1983_en.pdf.jpg1983Control of insect vectors in international air and sea travelRegional Committee for the Western Pacific, 034WPR/RC34/13
bulletin_1996_74(6)_577-586.pdf.jpg1996Control of intestinal parasitic infections in Seychelles : a comprehensive and sustainable approach / M. Albonico ... [et al.]Albonico, M; Shamlaye, N; Shamlaye, Conrad; Savioli, L-
WHA39_Inf.Doc-1_eng.pdf.jpg1986Control of iodine deficiency disordersWorld Health Assembly, 39A39/Inf.Doc./1
WHA39_17_eng.pdf.jpg1986Control of iodine-deficiency disorders: report by the Director-GeneralWorld Health Assembly, 39A39/17
B118_R3-en.pdf.jpg2006Control of leishmaniasisExecutive Board, 118EB118.R3
A60_R13-en.pdf.jpg2007Control of leishmaniasisWorld Health Assembly, 60WHA60.13
B118_4-en.pdf.jpg2006Control of leishmaniasis: report by the SecretariatExecutive Board, 118EB118/4
A60_10-en.pdf.jpg2007Control of leishmaniasis: report by the SecretariatWorld Health Assembly, 60A60/10
WPR_RC014_TD7_1963_en.pdf.jpg1963The control of leprosy in Fiji within the public health programmeRegional Committee for the Western Pacific, 014WP/RC14/TD7
9241542179.pdf.jpg1987Control of lymphatic filariasis : a manual for health personnelWorld Health Organization-
Showing results 28767 to 28786 of 144838