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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
79_129-144(no14).pdf.jpg2004Dengue, Indonésie : mise à jour--
dbv22p74.pdf.jpgDec-1998Dengue in French Polynesia: Major Features, Surveillance, Molecular Epidemiology and Current Situation.Chungue, Eliane; Deparis, Xavier; Murgue, Bernadette-
1995Dengue in the Americas--
1995Dengue in the Americas--
dn1984v10p72.pdf.jpgDec-1984Dengue in the Americas, 1983.--
dn1987v13p95.pdf.jpgDec-1987Dengue in the Americas, 1986.--
1995Dengue in the Americas : an update--
1994Dengue in the Americas : an update--
dbv24p24.pdf.jpgDec-2000Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis and West Nile Flaviviral Infections Detected during a Dengue Outbreak in Sonepat District, Haryana State, India.Katyal, Rakesh; Bhardwaj, Mohan; Harit, Anil Kumar; Sharma, Sushil Kumar; Kumar, Kaushal; Gill, Kuldip Singh-
WHO_CDS_CSR_GAR_2003.8.pdf.jpg2003DengueNet implementation in the Americas : report of a WHO/PAHO/CDC meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico 9-11 July 2002World Health Organization. Dept. of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response; Pan American Health OrganizationWHO/CDS/CSR/GAR/2003.8; PAHO/HCP/HCT/V/230/03
79_201-204(no21).pdf.jpg2004DengueNet in India--
wer7736.pdf.jpg2002DengueNet : le système de l' OMS basé sur Internet pour la surveillance mondiale de la dengue et de la dengue hémorragique http://www.who.in/denguenet--
wer7736.pdf.jpg2002DengueNet : WHO' s internet-based system for the Global Surveillance of Dengue Fever and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (Dengue/DHF) http://www.who.in/denguenet--
dbv21p47.pdf.jpgDec-1997Dengue Outbreak in Ludhiana (Punjab), India,1996.Bora, D; Gill, Kuldip Singh; Bandyopadhyay, S; Bhardwaj, M; Katyal, Rakesh; Kumar, Kaushal-
1997Dengue outbreak in Malaysia--
eeb109r4.pdf.jpg2002Dengue prevention and controlExecutive Board, 109EB109.R4
wer7706.pdf.jpg2002Dengue prevention and control--
ea5519.pdf.jpg2002Dengue prevention and control: report by the SecretariatWorld Health Assembly, 55A55/19
eeb10916.pdf.jpg2002Dengue prevention and control: report by the SecretariatExecutive Board, 109EB109/16
1992Dengue : séroprévalence de l' infection par le virus de la dengue, Singapour--
Showing results 26551 to 26570 of 123686