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bulletin_1987_65(6)_797-816.pdf.jpg1987The Epidemiology of drug resistance of malaria parasites : memorandum from a WHO meeting--
11_1-2_2005_155_163.pdf.jpg2005Epidemiology of dysmenorrhoea among adolescent students in Mansoura, EgyptEl Gilany, A.H.; Badawi, K.; El Fedawy, S.-
bulletin_1997_75(6)_553-561.pdf.jpg1997Epidemiology of Echinococcus granulosus infection in the Peruvian Andes / P. L. Moro ... [et al.]Moro, P. L; McDonald, J; Gilman, R. H; Silva, B; Verastegui, M; Malqui, V; Lescano, G; Falcon, N; Montes, G; Bazalar, H-
bulletin_1997_75(5)_463-468.pdf.jpg1997Epidemiology of endemic viral hepatitis in an urban area of India : a retrospective community study in Alwar / J. Singh ... [et al.]Singh, J; Prakash, C; Gupta, R. S; Bora, D; Jain, D. C; Datta, K. K-
bulletin_1993_71(2)_247-258.pdf.jpg1993Epidemiology of epilepsy in developing countries / N. Senanayake and G. C. RomáanSenanayake, N; Román, Gustavo C-
1997Epidemiology of foodborne diseases : a worldwide review / Ewen C. D ToddTodd, Ewen C. D-
1997Epidemiology of foodborne diseases : tools and applications / Morris E. Potter & Robert V. TauxePotter, Morris E; Tauxe, Robert V-
11_1-2_2005_14_27.pdf.jpg2005[Epidemiology of Haemophilus influenzae b meningitis in Tunisia]Soltani, M.S.; Bchir, A.; Amri, F.; Gueddiche, N.; Sfar, T.; Sahloul, S.A.; Garbouj, M.-
emhj_1996_2_2_290_298.pdf.jpg1996Epidemiology of hepatitis B in the Islamic Republic of IranZali, M.R.-
emhj_2001_7_6_1034_1045.pdf.jpg2001Epidemiology of hepatitis B virus infection in the Middle EastQirbi, N.; Hall, A.J.-
EMHJ_2013_19_5_465_473.pdf.jpg2013Epidemiology of high risk pregnancy in Sousse, TunisiaBouafia, N.; Mahjoub, M.; Nouira, A.; Ben Aissa, R.; Sa‹di, H.; Guedana, N.; Njah, M.-
13_1_2007_113_118.pdf.jpg2007Epidemiology of hospitalized female burns patients in a burn centre in ShirazHosseini, R.S.; Askarian, M.; Assadian, O.-
bu5787.pdf.jpg1999Epidemiology of human fascioliasis : a review and proposed new classification / M. S. Mas-Coma, J. G. Esteban and M. D. BarguesMas-Coma, M. S; Esteban, J. G; Bargues, M. D-
emhj_1997_3_3_472_479.pdf.jpg1997Epidemiology of hypertension and other cardiovascular disease risk factors in the urban population of Soussa, TunisiaGhannem, H.; Fredj, A. Hadj-
WHF_1996_17(1)_p10-13.pdf.jpg1996Epidemiology of infectious diseases in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania / Thomas Linglöf ... [et al.]Linglöf, Thomas; Bakasénas, Vytautas; Brila, Anita; Jögiste, Ants-
WHO_TRS_582.pdf.jpg1975The epidemiology of infertility : report of a WHO scientific group [meeting held in Geneva from 30 June to 4 July 1975]WHO Scientific Group on the Epidemiology of Infertility; World Health Organization-
WHO_TRS_716.pdf.jpg1985Epidemiology of leprosy in relation to control : report of a WHO study group [meeting held in Geneva from 7 to 11 November 1983]WHO Study Group on Epidemiology of Leprosy in Relation to Control; World Health Organization-
12_3-4_2006_270_279.pdf.jpg2006Epidemiology of malaria and predictions of retransmission in Babylon governorate, IraqAl Ghoury, A.A.; El Hashimi, W.K.; Abul Hab, J.-
9_5-6_2003_1042_1047.pdf.jpg2003Epidemiology of malaria in Al-Tameem Province, Iraq, 1991-2000Kadir, M.A.A.; Ismail, A.K.M.; Tahir, S.S.-
11_3_2005_499_504.pdf.jpg2005Epidemiology of malaria in New Halfa, an irrigated area in eastern SudanHimeidan, Y. El S.; El Bashir, M.I.; El Rayah, El A.; Adam, I.-
Showing results 23519 to 23538 of 99857