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WHO_Mal_294_fre.pdf.jpg1961Considérations fondamentales sur l' organisation des essais massifs de nouveaux médicaments antipaludiques / par Ian A. McGregorMcGregor, Ian A; World Health OrganizationWHO/Mal/294
WHO_RHR_00.1.pdf.jpg2000Considerations for formulating reproductive health laws / Rebecca J. Cook and Bernard M. DickensCook, Rebecca J; Dickens, Bernard M; World Health Organization. Dept. of Reproductive Health and ResearchWHO/RHR/00.1
AFR_RC3_R11_fra.pdf.jpg1953Considérations généralesComité régional de l'Afrique, 3AFR/RC3/R11
WHO_Mal_435_fre.pdf.jpg1964Considérations génétiques dans le choix des insecticides / par G. DavidsonDavidson, G; World Health OrganizationWHO/Mal/435
WHO_SDE_WSH_00.10.pdf.jpg2000Considerations in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of environmental health interventions / prepared by Guy HuttonHutton, Guy; World Health Organization. Water, Sanitation and Health TeamWHO/SDE/WSH/00.10
WHA6_48_eng.pdf.jpg1953Considerations of reservations to the International Sanitary Regulations (WHO regulations no. 2) made in respect of overseas and outlying territories: report of the Working Party of the Sixth World Health AssemblyWorld Health Assembly, 6A6/48; A6/48 corr.1
WHO_Mal_500.65.pdf.jpg1965Considerations on the relationship between exoerythrocytic forms and relapse in malaria / by G. RaffaeleRaffaele, G; World Health OrganizationWHO/Mal/500.65
WHO_FNU_FOS_93.3_fre.pdf.jpg1993Considérations sur la formation à envisager pour l' application du système d' analyse des risques point critique pour leur maîtrise (système HACCP à la transformation et à la fabrication des produits alimentairesWorld Health Organization. Food Safety TeamWHO/FNU/FOS/93.3
WHO_PHP_28_fre.pdf.jpg1966Considérations sur la santé mentale de la famille en Europe / ont collaboré à ce cahier, D. Buckle ... [et al.]Buckle, Donald; Hoffmeyer, H; Isambert, A; Knobloch, F; Knoblochov'a, J; Krapf, E. E; Lebovici, S; Alcami, J. Pertejo de; Pincus, L; Sandler, J; World Health Organization-
WHO_PHP_47_fre.pdf.jpg1973Considérations sur l' enseignement de la médecine dans les pays en voie de développement : sélection d' articles présentés à la Deuxième Conférence sur l' Enseignement de la Médecine dans la Région de la Méditerranée orientale / auteurs, D. S. Ali ... [et al.]Conférence de l'OMS sur l'enseignement de la médecine dans la région de la Méditerranée orientale (2e: 1970: Teheran, Iran); Ali, D. S; Backett, Edward Maurice; Dowling, M. A. C; El Borolossy, A. W; Fernandes, H. J. X; McKeown, Thomas; Miller, George Edward; Mofidi, C. M. H; Nassif, R. E; Ziai, Mohsen; World Health Organization-
AFR_RC33_R5_eng.pdf.jpg1983Considering Decision 8 of the twenty-seventh session of the Regional Committee relating to the participation of members of the Programme Sub-Committee in meetings of programming interests.Regional Committee for Africa, 33AFR/RC33/R5
AFR_RC25_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1975Considering it desirable that annual reports of the Regional Director be harmonized with those of the Director-General and taking into account the recommendations of the Regional DirectorRegional Committee for Africa, 25AFR/RC25/R2
AFR_RC20_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1970Considering resolution EB45.R9 of the Executive Board at its forty-fifth session on the limitation of smoking and resolution WHA23.32 of the Twenty-third World Health Assembly on the health consequences of smoking.Regional Committee for Africa, 20AFR/RC20/R2
AFR_RC25_R7_eng.pdf.jpg1975Considering resolutions EB55.R25, EB55.R26 and EB55.R66 in which the Executive Board at its fifty-fifth session defined the principles for preparing the Sixth General Programme of Work covering a specific period: 1978-1983Regional Committee for Africa, 25AFR/RC25/R7
AFR_RC11_R22_eng.pdf.jpg1961Considering that health is an essential component of economic and social development.Regional Committee for Africa, 11AFR/RC11/R22
AFR_RC27_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1977Considering that Mozambique has recently acceded to independence after a long and hard armed struggle which cost the Mozambican people sacrifices and heavy destructionRegional Committee for Africa, 27AFR/RC27/R2
AFR_RC12_R17_eng.pdf.jpg1962Considering that the Government of the Republic of South Africa, in spite of its long association with the World Health Organization, accepts and practises the policy of apartheid.Regional Committee for Africa, 12AFR/RC12/R17
AFR_RC2_R6_eng.pdf.jpg1952Considering that the Regional Office for Africa has not yet the financial means corresponding to the importance of the Region.Regional Committee for Africa, 2AFR/RC2/R6
AFR_RC3_SC_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1953Considering that the Regional Office in Africa has encountered difficulties in the recruitment of staff which are essentially related to the amount of the remuneration.Regional Committee for Africa, 3AFR/RC3/Sub.Cttee/R2
AFR_RC31_R2_eng.pdf.jpg1981Considering the address delivered by Dr H. Mahler, Director-General, to the thirty-first session of the Regional Committee for Africa on the subject “Partnership for health for all”.Regional Committee for Africa, 31AFR/RC31/R2
Showing results 18966 to 18985 of 114798