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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
1990De nouveaux médicaments / David E. DavidsonDavidson, David E-
1991Densité de population en Chine / Chen Changhui et Solvig EkbladChen, Changhui; Ekblad, Solvig-
bulletin_1995_73(3)_347-357.pdf.jpg1995Density estimates of the domestic vector of Chagas disease, Rhodnius prolixus Stal (Hemiptera: Reduviidae, in rural houses in Venezuela / J. E. Rabinovich ... [et al.]Rabinovich, Jorge E; Gürtler, Ricardo E; Leal, J. A; Feliciangeli, D-
WHO_ORH_AMAL_97.2.pdf.jpg1997Dental amalgam and alternative direct restorative materials / editors I. A. Mjör and G. N. PakhomovWHO Consultation on Dental Amalgam and its Alternatives (1997 : Geneva, Switzerland); Mj̈or, I. A; Pakhomov, G. N; WHO Oral Health ProgrammeWHO/ORH/AMAL/97.2
WHF_1991_Vol12_4_p443-444_eng.pdf.jpg1991Dental care : the role of traditional healers / Eyitope OgunbodedeOgunbodede, Eyitope-
bulletin_1997_75(3)_197-203.pdf.jpg1997Dental caries among Australian aboriginal, non-aboriginal Australian-born, and overseas-born children / M. J. Davies ... [et al.]Davies, M. J; Spencer, A. J; Westwater, A; Simmons, B-
emhj_2000_6_2_3_396_401.pdf.jpg2000Dental caries among schoolchildren: report of a health education campaign in Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaGandeh, M.B.S.; Milaat, W.A.-
WHO_ORH_12YRBOOK_1994.pdf.jpg1994Dental caries levels at 12 yearsWHO Oral Health ProgrammeWHO/ORH/12YRBOOK/1994. Unpublished
WHO_TRS_244.pdf.jpg1962Dental education : report of an Expert Committee on Dental Education [meeting held in Geneva from 31 July to 6 August 1962]WHO Expert Committee on Dental Education; World Health Organization-
WHO_TRS_449.pdf.jpg1970Dental health education : report of a WHO Expert Committee [meeting held in Geneva from 2 to 8 December 1969]WHO Expert Committee on Dental Health Education; World Health Organization-
EB13_71_eng.pdf.jpg1954Dental health programme: suggestions by the Fédération dentaire internationaleExecutive Board, 13EB13/71
14_1_2008_110_118.pdf.jpg2008Dental health status and risk factors for dental caries in adults in Istanbul, TurkeyNamal, N.; Can, G.; Vehid, S.; Koksal, S.; Kaypmaz, A.-
WHA4_37_eng.pdf.jpg1951Dental hygieneWorld Health Assembly, 4A4/37
WHA3.33_eng.pdf.jpg1950Dental hygieneWorld Health Assembly, 3WHA3.33
WHA4.5_eng.pdf.jpg1951Dental hygieneWorld Health Assembly, 4WHA4.5
EB8R10_eng.pdf.jpg1951Dental hygieneExecutive Board, 8EB8.R10
EB11R59_eng.pdf.jpg1953Dental hygiene and preventive dentistryExecutive Board, 11EB11.R59
16_7_2010_0801_0806.pdf.jpg2010Dental visit patterns and periodontal treatment needs among Saudi studentsFarsi, J.M.A.-
18_5_2012_0508_0514.pdf.jpg2012Dentistry students' reasons for choosing dentistry as a career in Damascus UniversityMashlah, A.M.-
12_1-2_2006_153_160.pdf.jpg2006Dentists' perceptions of occupational hazards and preventive measures in East JerusalemAl Khatib, I.A.; Ishtayeh, M.; Barghouty, H.; Akkawi, B.-
Showing results 18966 to 18985 of 100805