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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
CD18.R20sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R20: Biennial programPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R20
CD18.R21sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R21: Report on meetings of expert committeesPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R21
CD18.R22sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R22: Report on buildings and installationsPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R22
CD18.R23sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R23: Objectives, functions and financing of the INCAPPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R23
CD18.R24sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R24: Health in the overall development of the River Plate BasinPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R24
CD18.R25sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R25: Evaluation of the fellowship programPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R25
CD18.R26sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R26: Intensification of health programs report on the special meeting of ministers of healthPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R26
CD18.R27sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R27: Selection of topics for the technical discussions during the XIX meeting of the DC, XXI meeting of the Regional Committee of WHO for the AmericasPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R27
CD18.R28sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R28: Program of the support for teaching and research in health sciencesPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R28
CD18.R29sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R29: Technical discussions on the topic "participation of the health sector in population policy"Pan American Health OrganizationCD18.R29
CD18.R2sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R2: Amendment to art. 15-A of the Constitution of PAHOPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R2
CD18.R3sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R3: Annual report of the Director of the PASBPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R3
CD18.R4sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R4: Rules for technical discussionsPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R4
CD18.R5sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R5: Annual report of the Chairman of the Executive CommitteePan American Health OrganizationCD18.R5
CD18.R6sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R6: Financial report of the Director and report of the External Auditor for 1967Pan American Health OrganizationCD18.R6
CD18.R7sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R7: Tax equalization planPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R7
CD18.R8sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R8: Emergency revolving fundPan American Health OrganizationCD18.R8
CD18.R9sp.pdf.jpg1968CD18.R9: Program and budget of the PAHO for 1969Pan American Health OrganizationCD18.R9
CD19.R10sp.pdf.jpg1969CD19.R10: Use of the resources of the World Food Program for health programs: preliminary reportPan American Health OrganizationCD19.R10
CD19.R11sp.pdf.jpg1969CD19.R11: Emergency situation in Honduras and El SalvadorPan American Health OrganizationCD19.R11
Showing results 16756 to 16775 of 141954