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CD17.R26sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R26: Collection of quota contributionsPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R26
CD17.R27sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R27: Scale of quota assessments for Barbados and GuyanaPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R27
CD17.R28sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R28: Scale of quota assessmentsPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R28
CD17.R29sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R29: Application of art. 6-N of the PAHO ConstitutionPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R29
CD17.R2sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R2: Admission of Barbados to membership of the PAHOPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R2
CD17.R30sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R30: Report on buildings and installationsPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R30
CD17.R31sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R31: Chagas' diseasePan American Health OrganizationCD17.R31
CD17.R32sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R32: Technical discussionsPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R32
CD17.R33sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R33: Selection of topics of the technical discussions during the XVIII meeting of the DC, XX meeting of the Regional Committee of the WHO for the region of the AmericasPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R33
CD17.R34sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R34: Amendments to the staff rules of the PASBPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R34
CD17.R35sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R35: Amendments to the financial rules of the PAHOPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R35
CD17.R36sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R36: Appointment of the External Auditor of the PAHOPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R36
CD17.R37sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R37: Intensification of health programs: decisions taken at the Meeting of the American Heads of StatePan American Health OrganizationCD17.R37
CD17.R38sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R38: Proposed amendment to art. 15-A of the ConstitutionPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R38
CD17.R3sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R3: Annual report of the Chairman of the Executive CommitteePan American Health OrganizationCD17.R3
CD17.R4sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R4: Annual report of the Director of the PASB for 1966Pan American Health OrganizationCD17.R4
CD17.R5sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R5: Financial report of the Director and report of the External Auditor for 1966Pan American Health OrganizationCD17.R5
CD17.R6sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R6: Proposed appropriation resolution for the PAHOPan American Health OrganizationCD17.R6
CD17.R7sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R7: Proposed program and budget estimates of the WHO for the region of the Americas, 1969Pan American Health OrganizationCD17.R7
CD17.R8sp.pdf.jpg1967CD17.R8: Provisional draft of the proposed program and budget estimates of the PAHO for 1969Pan American Health OrganizationCD17.R8
Showing results 16756 to 16775 of 144815