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CD27.R26sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R26: Status on the evaluation of the Pan American Centers: Caribbean Food and Nutrition InstitutePan American Health OrganizationCD27.R26
CD27.R27sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R27: Status of the evaluation of the Pan american Centers: INCAPPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R27
CD27.R28sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R28: Program of technical cooperation with NicaraguaPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R28
CD27.R29sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R29: Status of the evaluation of the Pan american Centers : Caribbean Epidemiology CentrePan American Health OrganizationCD27.R29
CD27.R2sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R2: Annual report of the Chairman of the Executive CommitteePan American Health OrganizationCD27.R2
CD27.R30sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R30: Resolutions of the 33rd World Health Assembly of interest to the Regional CommitteePan American Health OrganizationCD27.R30
CD27.R31sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R31: Provisional agenda of the 67th session of the Executive Board of WHO : items of interest to the Regional CommitteePan American Health OrganizationCD27.R31
CD27.R32sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R32: Amendments to the financial regulations of the PAHOPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R32
CD27.R33sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R33: Tentative budgetary projections for the program budget of the WHO for the region of the Americas, for the biennium 1982-83Pan American Health OrganizationCD27.R33
CD27.R34sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R34: Technical discussions: community health education : evaluation of present programs, new approaches, and strategiesPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R34
CD27.R35sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R35: Collection of quota contributionsPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R35
CD27.R36sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R36: Quota assessment : Saint LuciaPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R36
CD27.R37sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R37: Reimbursement of travel costs of representatives of WHO regional committeesPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R37
CD27.R38sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R38: Procedures for the establishment of relations with inter-governmental organizationsPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R38
CD27.R39sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R39: Selection of a member from the region of the Americas for the Health 2000 resources groupPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R39
CD27.R3sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R3: Annual report of the DirectorPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R3
CD27.R40sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R40: Emergency preparedness programPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R40
CD27.R41sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R41: Abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substancesPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R41
CD27.R4sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R4: Request of the government of Spain for observer status in the PAHOPan American Health OrganizationCD27.R4
CD27.R5sp.pdf.jpg1980CD27.R5: Report on the PAHO award for administration, 1980Pan American Health OrganizationCD27.R5
Showing results 16756 to 16775 of 136352