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bulletin_1989_67(3)_273-280.pdf.jpg1989Costs of treating diarrhoea in a children's hospital in Mexico City / M. Phillips, J. Kumate-Rodr'iguez & F. Mota-Hern'andezPhillips, Margaret; Kumate-Rodr'iguez, J; Mota-Hern'andez, F-
WHA4.60_eng.pdf.jpg1951Costs to be borne by recipient governments in connection with field projectsWorld Health Assembly, 4WHA4.60
bulletin_2004_82(4)_290-298.pdf.jpg2004Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis for infants exposed to HIV infection : commentary / Stephen M. GrahamGraham, Stephen M-
bulletin_2004_82(5)_354-363.pdf.jpg2004Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis reduces mortality in human immunodeficiency virus-positive tuberculosis patients in Karonga District, Malawi / Frank B. D. Mwaungulu ... [et al.]Mwaungulu, Frank B. D; Floyd, Sian; Crampin, Amelia C; Kasimba, Simplex; Malema, Simon; Kanyongoloka, Huxley; Harries, Anthony D; Glynn, Judith R; Fine, Paul E. M-
WHO_FCH_CAH_01.02.pdf.jpg2001Cough and cold remedies for the treatment of acute respiratory infections in young childrenWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and DevelopmentWHO/FCH/CAH/01.02
emhj_2000_6_2_3_526_531.pdf.jpg2000Could a routine skin test to penicillin lead to fatal anaphylaxis?Koshak, E.A.-
16_6_2010_0663_0670.pdf.jpg2010Could the employment-based targeting approach serve Egypt in moving towards a social health insurance model?Shawky, S.-
15_1_2009_0085_0093.pdf.jpg2009Could the MMR vaccine replace the measles vaccine at one year of age in Egypt?Abbassy, A.A.; Barakat, S.S.; Abdel Fattah, M.M.; Said, Z.N.; El Metwally, H.A.-
1993Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences issues international ethical guidelines for biomedical research involving human subjects--
EB9_84_eng.pdf.jpg1952Council for the Co-ordination of Congresses of Medical Sciences: expansion of activities and co-operation with WHOExecutive Board, 9EB9/84
EB9R14_eng.pdf.jpg1952Council for the Co-ordination of International Congresses of Medical SciencesExecutive Board, 9EB9.R14
1988Counselling / Elizabeth NgugiNgugi, Elizabeth N-
WHO_GPA_TCO_HCS_95.15.pdf.jpg1995Counselling for HIV/AIDS : a key to caring, for policy-makers, planners and implementors of counselling activitiesWHO Global Programme on AIDSWHO/GPA/TCO/HCS/95.15. Unpublished
9789241547628_eng.pdf.jpg2013Counselling for maternal and newborn health care : a handbook for building skillsWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Making Pregnancy Safer-
WHO_SPA_INF_88.2.pdf.jpg1988Counselling in HIV infection and diseaseWHO Special Programme on AIDSWHO/SPA/INF/88.2. Unpublished
bu0007.pdf.jpg1999Counselling on breastfeeding : assessing knowledge and skills / M. F. Rea ... [et al.]Rea, M. F; Venancio, S. I; Martines, J. C; Savag, F-
WHO_ADH_93.3_chi.pdf.jpg1993Counselling skills training in adolescent sexuality and reproductive health : a facilitator's guideWorld Health Organization. Adolescent Health ProgrammeWHO/ADH/93.3
9789241599573_eng.pdf.jpg2010Countdown to 2015 decade report (2000-2010) with country profiles: taking stock of maternal, newborn and child survivalWorld Health Organization; UNICEF-
WHO_HTM_TB_2013.13_rus.pdf.jpg2013Countdown to 2015: global tuberculosis report 2013: supplementWorld Health OrganizationWHO/HTM/TB/2013.13
22_4_2008.pdf.jpg2008Counterfeit and illegitimate medicines : a view from the Americas--
Showing results 16716 to 16735 of 100504