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Le chômage et la santé / Stephen J. Watkins
Watkins, Stephen J ( 1992 )
A chromatographic study of the systematic relationship within anopheles gambiae complex
Micks, D. W; Rehmet, A; Jennings, J; Mason, G; Davidson, G ( 1966 )
A chromatographic study of the systematic relationship within the anopheles gambiae complex / by D. W. Micks ... [et al.]
Micks, D. W; Rehmet, A; Jennings, J; Mason, G; Davidson, G; World Health Organization ( 1966 )
Chromic phosphate P32: acute lymphocytic leukaemia
( 2009 )
Chromium / published under the joint sponsorship of the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation, and the World Health Organization
World Health Organization; International Programme on Chemical Safety; WHO Task Group on Environmental Health Criteria for Chromium ( 1988 )

Evaluates close to 600 published studies in an effort to determine the risks to human health and the environment posed by chromium. The importance of chromium as an essential nutrient is also considered. Separate sections cover environmental sources and cycling, industrial production and uses, and the extent of human exposure arising from environmental levels in air, water, and food. A section devoted to kinetics and metabolism includes a review of what is known about the dynamic aspects of chromium metabolism and the influence of pathological states. The most extensive sections review the large body of research data derived from studies in experimental animals and in in vitro test systems as well as from observations in man. Both clinical and experimental data are used to consider health risks associated with occupational exposures in chromium ore mines and in several industrial applications. The nutritional role of chromium, particularly concerning its importance for the maintenance of normal glucose metabolism, is considered together with data on its toxic effects

Chromosomal aberrations in children with suspected genetic disorders
Mokhtar, M.M. ( 1997 )

Karyotyping was done in 137 children suspected of having chromosomal abnormalities such as genetically uncertain syndromes, multiple congenital anomalies, short stature, dysmorphic features, unclassified mental retardation and Down syndrome. A total of 53 [38.7%] had an abnormal karyotype: trisomy 21 [36; 26.3%], trisomy 18 [3; 2.2%], trisomy 13 [1; 0.7%], partial autosomal aneuploidy [5; 3.6%], pericentric inversion of chromosome 9 [2; 1.5%], marker chromosome [2; 1.5%] and sex chromosome aberrations [4; 2.9%]. All of them showed phenotypic-cytogenetic heterogeneity. These findings suggest that cytogenetic analysis is useful in the investigation of children with genetic disorders of unknown origin to confirm clinical diagnosis and to allow for proper genetic counseling

Chromosomal evidence for natural inter-specific hybridization by mosquitos of the Anopheles gambiae complex in East Africa / by G. B. White
White, G. B; World Health Organization ( 1970 )
Chromosomal inversions in Anopheles stephensi liston by M. Coluzzi, M. Di Deco, G. Cancrini
Coluzzi, Mario; Di Deco, M; Cancrini, G; World Health Organization ( 1973 )
Chronic arsenic toxicity from drinking tubewell water in rural West Bengal / D. N. Guha Mazumder ... [et al.]
Guha Mazumder, D. N; Chakraborty, A. K; Ghose, A; Gupta, J. D; Chakraborty, D. P; Dey, S. B; Chattopadhyay, N ( 1988 )
Chronic back pain [letter] / Marcus M. Reidenberg
Reidenberg, Marcus M ( 1993 )
Chronic cor pulmonale : report of an Expert Committee [meeting held in Geneva from 10 to 15 October 1960]
WHO Expert Committee on Chronic Cor Pulmonale; World Health Organization ( 1961 )
Chronic disease surveys : evaluation of hypertension screening in a Swiss community using the cluster survey methodology of the EPI
( 1990 )
Chronic diseases among older people in Amirkola, northern Islamic Republic of Iran
Hosseini, S.R.; Gumming, R.G.; Sajjadi, P.; Bijani, A. ( 2011 )

This descriptive cross-sectional study was undertaken to describe the prevalence of noncommunicable diseases and their risk factors in elderly people in Amirkola, Islamic Republic of Iran. A total of 1019 people aged 60+ years were assessed using a standard questionnaire and a review of medical records. The most common chronic diseases were cardiovascular disease [29.5%], digestive disorders [28.5%], hypertension [23.6%] and diabetes mellitus [23.5%], while 44.4% of subjects were overweight or obese. Overall, 83.0% of the sample reported at least 1 chronic disease and 64% had 2 or more diseases. In age-adjusted logistic regression analysis, hypertension [OR 3.94, 95% CI: 2.87-5.40] and diabetes mellitus [OR 1.83,95% Cl: 1.32-2.55] were associated with cardiovascular disease, but sex, smoking, overweight and lack of walking were not. The study provides valuable data for planning appropriate health services for elderly people in this area of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Chronic health effects of microbial foodborne diseases / V. Kelly Bunning, James A. Lindsay & Douglas L. Archer
Kelly Bunning, V; Lindsay, James A; Archer, Douglas L ( 1997 )
Chronic HIV care with ARV therapy and prevention : Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illness, Integrated Management of Childhood Illness interim guidelines for health workers at health centre or district hospital outpatient clinic
World Health Organization. Dept. of HIV/AIDS; WHO Integrated Management of Adolescent and Adult Illness Project; WHO Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Project ( 2007 )
Chronic Japanese schistosomiasis and hepatocellular carcinoma : ten years of follow-up in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan / Fumiyoshi Iida ... [et al.]
Iida, Fumiyoshi; Iida, Ryuichi; Kamijo, Hiroshi; Takaso, Kazuhiko; Miyazaki, Yoshiki; Funabashi, Wataru; Tsuchiya, Kazuko; Matsumoto, Yoshiro ( 1999 )
Chronic Kidney Disease in Agricultural Communities in Central America
Pan American Health Organization ( 2013 )
Chronic Kidney Disease in Agricultural Communities in Central America
Pan American Health Organization ( 2013 )
Chronic liver diseases including cancer
World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia ( 1976-08-04 )
Chronic liver diseases including liver cancer
World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia ( 1980 )
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