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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
CD29.R8en.pdf.jpg1983CD29.R8: Annual report of the Director of the PAHOPan American Health OrganizationCD29.R8
CD29.R9sp.pdf.jpg1983CD29.R9: Collection of quota contributionsPan American Health OrganizationCD29.R9
CD2.R10sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R10: Seat of the next meeting of the Directing CouncilPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R10
CD2.R11sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R11: Election of member countries to the Executive CommitteePan American Health OrganizationCD2.R11
CD2.R12sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R12: Homage to the memory of Dr. Eduardo LiceagaPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R12
CD2.R13sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R13 : Homage to Dr. John D. LongPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R13
CD2.R14sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R14: GreetingsPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R14
CD2.R15sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R15: CondolencesPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R15
CD2.R1sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R1: Organization and budgetsPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R1
CD2.R2sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R2: Relations with the World Health OrganizationPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R2
CD2.R3sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R3: Relations with the Non-Self Governing TerritoriesPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R3
CD2.R4sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R4: Caracas Declaration on the Child HealthPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R4
CD2.R5sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R5: Continental standardsPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R5
CD2.R6sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R6: Regional border agreementsPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R6
CD2.R7sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R7: Pan American Conferences of National Directors of HealthPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R7
CD2.R8sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R8: HydatidosisPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R8
CD2.R9sp.pdf.jpg1948CD2.R9: Annual Report of the Directing CouncilPan American Health OrganizationCD2.R9
CD30.R10sp.pdf.jpg1984CD30.R10: Collection of quota contributions and countries in arrears in an amount exceeding the sum of their quotas for two yearsPan American Health OrganizationCD30.R10
CD30.R11sp.pdf.jpg1984CD30.R11: Election of three member governments to the Executive CommitteePan American Health OrganizationCD30.R11
CD30.R12sp.pdf.jpg1984CD30.R12: Annual report of the Chairman of the Executive CommitteePan American Health OrganizationCD30.R12
Showing results 16716 to 16735 of 135927