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Case studies in the epidemiology of malaria
World Health Organization. Malaria Unit ( 1971 )
Case study : country-enhanced monitoring and evaluation for antiretroviral therapy scale-up : analysis and use of strategic information in Botswana
World Health Organization. Dept. of HIV/AIDS; UNAIDS; National AIDS Coordinating Agency (Botswana); University of California, San Francisco ( 2006 )
Case-control evaluation of a school-age BCG vaccination programme in subtropical Australia / A. Patel ... [et al.]
Patel, A; Schofield, F; Siskind, V; Abrahams, E; Parker, J ( 1991 )
Case-control studies of common childhood diseases : the example of diarrhoea / S. N. Cousens ... [et al.]
Cousens, Simon N; Mertens, Thierry E; Kirkwood, Betty R; Smith, Peter G; Feachem, Richard G. A; World Health Organization ( 1995 )
A case-control study of injuries arising from the earthquake in Armenia, 1988 / H. K. Armenian, E. K. Noji & A. P. Oganesian
Armenian, Haroutune K; Noji, Eric K; Oganesian, A. P ( 1992 )
A Case-control study of the impact of improved sanitation on diarrhoea morbidity in Lesotho / D. L. Daniels ... [et al.]
Daniels, D. L; Cousens, Simon N; Makoae, L. N; Feachem, Richard G. A ( 1990 )
Case-control study on encephalopathy associated with diphtheria-tetanus immunization in Campania, Italy / D. Greco
Greco, D ( 1985 )
Case-control study to evaluate risk factors for acute hepatitis B virus infection in Egypt
Talaat, M.; Radwan, E.; El Sayed, N.; Ismael, T.; Hajjeh, R.; Mahoney, F.J. ( 2010 )

Hepatitis B virus [HBV] infection is a significant health problem in Egypt. To better define risk factors associated with HBV transmission, we conducted a case-control study among patients admitted with acute hepatitis to an infectious disease hospital in Cairo. A total of 60 cases and 120 controls were interviewed about various exposures within 6 months prior to admission. Univariate analysis revealed HBV case-patients were more likely to report providing injections to relatives or friends, injecting drug use, exposure to a household contact with hepatitis, exposure to invasive medical procedures and being in the military. Efforts should be made to implement strict infection control standards in Egypt

Case-control study to identify risk factors for paediatric endemic typhoid fever in Santiago, Chile / Robert E. Black ... [et al.]
Cisneros, Luis; Levine, Myron Max; Banfi, Antonio; Lobos, Hern'an; Rodr'iguez, Héctor; Black, Robert E ( 1985 )
Case-finding tuberculosis patients: diagnostic and treatment delays and their determinants
Maamari, F. ( 2008 )

This study in the Syrian Arab Republic assessed the frequency and determinants of delays in diagnosis and treatment of new smear-positive tuberculosis cases at DOTS treatment centres. Among 800 patients, the mean delay due to patient care-seeking behaviour was 52.7 days [range 15-698] and the health system delay before diagnosis was 24.8 days; thus the mean total delay before diagnosis was 77.6 days. The mean delay from diagnosis to start of treatment was very short at 2.9 days. Significant risk factors for total delay were: living far from the health facility, feeling a high degree of stigma, seeking initial care at a non-health care provider and having more than 1 health care encounter before diagnosis

Case-finding, follow-up and management of leprosy cases with particular reference to the integration of these activities into those of the established health services
Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, 014 ( 1963 )
Casebook on ethical issues in international health research / edited by Richard Cash [... et al]
Cash, Richard; Wikler, Daniel; Saxena, Abha; Capron, Alexander M; World Health Organization ( 2009 )
Casebook on ethical issues in international health research [electronic resource] / edited by Richard Cash [... et al]
Cash, Richard; Wikler, Daniel; Saxena, Abha; Capron, Alexander M; World Health Organization ( 2009 )
Casemix in the Islamic Republic of Iran: current knowledge and attitudes of health care staff
Ghaffari, S.; Doran, C.M.; Wilson, A. ( 2008 )

Casemix is a tool that classifies patients according to their clinical similarity and the homogeneity of resources required. A descriptive study was conducted to assess the level of knowledge and attitude toward the casemix-based funding system among staff working in the Iranian Social Security Organization in Tehran. The survey showed that knowledge of casemix and diagnosis-related groups [DRG] was poor among the study group and any attempt to implement the casemix system-which about three-quarters of high-level staff had never heard of would be likely to fail. This highlights the necessity for creating awareness of the casemix and DRG systems among the hospital staff before any action takes place

Cash for health care : the unending search / I. O. Ogunbekun
Ogunbekun, I. O ( 1991 )
La CASMA : née dans la tourmente / Ope Adekunle
Adekunle, Ope ( 1987 )
Casos notificados de enfermedades de declaracion obligatoria en las Americas 1946-1955
Organización Panamericana de la Salud ( 1958 )
Casos notificados de enfermedades de declaracion obligatoria en las Americas 1959-1960
Organización Panamericana de la Salud ( 1962 )
Casos notificados de enfermedades de declaracion obligatoria en Las Americas, 1964
Organización Panamericana de la Salud ( 1966 )
Casos notificados de enfermedades de declaracion obligatoria en las Americas, 1966
Pan American Health Organization ( 1969 )
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