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Lactancia materna en el hospital : preludio de una vida sana / A. S. de Boer e I. Darnton-Hill
Boer, A. S. de; Darnton-Hill, Ian ( 1994 )
La lactancia natural en los hospitales suecos / Yngve Hofvander y Charlotte Hillervik
Hofvander, Yngve; Hillervik, Charlotte ( 1995 )
La lactancia natural es la mejor soluci'on / Joh Chin Rossiter
Rossiter, Joh Chin ( 1993 )
Lactose malabsorption in relation to health promotion : report on a WHO working group, Moscow, 10-11 June 1985
World Health Organization. Hereditary Diseases Programme ( 1985 )
Laissez la musique apaiser votre coeur : Heikki Sarmanto interviewé par Santé du monde
Sarmanto, Heikki ( 1992 )
Lamivudine : encouraging experience in chronic hepatitis B infection : reports on individual drugs
( 1996 )
Lamivudine : impressive benefits in combination with zidovudine : reports on individual drugs
( 1996 )
Lamotrigine : hormonal contraceptives decrease serum levels
( 2004 )
Lamotrigine : increased risk of non-syndromic oral clefts
( 2006 )
Lamotrigine: aseptic meningitis
( 2010 )
Lancement mondial : décennie d'action pour la sécurite routière 2011-2020
Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 2012 )
Land of opportunities : fostering health, local economy and peace through food and nutrition policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other south European countries / by Haris Hajrulahovic, Nezahat Ruzdic and Aileen Robertson
Hajrulahovic, Haris; Ruzdic, Nezahat; Robertson, Aileen; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2001 )
Land/sea boundary flux of contaminants : contributions from rivers / IMCO/FAO/UNESCO/WMO/WHO/IAEA/UN/UNEP Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Pollution
IMCO/FAO/UNESCO/WMO/WHO/IAEA/UN/UNEP Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Pollution; World Health Organization ( 1987 )
Landlocked developing countries: health and WHO: country presence profile
World Health Organization ( 2017 )
Landmark meeting in medical research
World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia ( 1976-01-05 )
Landscape analysis of barriers to developing or adapting technologies for global health purposes
World Health Organization ( 2010 )
Landscape analysis on countries’ readiness to accelerate action in nutrition: country assessment tools
World Health Organization ( 2012 )
Landscape analysis: control of Taenia solium
World Health Organization; Thomas, Lian Francesca ( 2015 )
Landscape analysis: management of neurocysticercosis with an emphasis on low- and middle-income countries
World Health Organization ( 2015 )
A landscape in rapid transition : round table discussion / Tim Evans
Evans, Timothy ( 2001 )
Showing results 80218 to 80237 of 204610 < previous   next >