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Interregional workshop on strengthening teaching of health education/communication sciences at professional level, Wad Medani, Sudan, 6-11 December 1986
World Health Organization ( 1987 )
Interregional Workshop on the Control of Vivax Malaria in East Asia, Shanghai, China, 17-20 November 2003 : report
World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific ( 2003 )
Interregional Workshop on the Development of Health Teams in Rural Work, Tacloban City, Philippines, 22-27 October 1979 : final report
World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific ( 1979 )
Interrelations entre les maladies tropicales et les infections à VIH : rapport d' une consultation informelle de l' OMS, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI, Nairobi, Kenya, ler au 4 décembre 1987 / parrainée par le Programme spécial PNUD/Banque mondiale/OMS de recherche et de formation concernant les maladies tropicales (TDR) et le Programme mondial OMS de lutte contre le SIDA (GPA)
UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases; WHO Global Programme on AIDS ( 1987 )
Interrelations of tropical diseases and HIV infection : report of an informal consultation held at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEM, Nairobi, Kenya, 1-4 December 1987 / co-sponsored by the UNDP/WORLD BANK/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) and the WHO Global Programme on AIDS (GPA)
UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases; WHO Global Programme on AIDS ( 1987 )
Interrelationships between health programmes and socio-economic development
World Health Organization ( 1973 )
Interrelationships between the central technical services of who and programme of direct assistance to member states
Regional Committee for Africa, 24 ( 1974 )
Interrelationships between the WHO Central Technical Services and Programmes of Director Assistance to Member States
Regional Committee for Africa, 25 ( 1975 )
Interrogantes sobre la transmisión de los poliovirus derivados de vacunas : debate / Paul E. M. Fine
Fine, Paul E. M ( 2000 )
Interrupted BCG vaccination is a major threat to global child health
Hesseling, Anneke C; Curtis, Nigel; Seddon, James A; van der Werf, Marieke J; Detjen, Anne K; Graham, Stephen M; Marais, Ben J; Grzemska, Malgorzata ( 2016-03-16 )
Interrupting the transmission of wild polioviruses with vaccines : immunological considerations / Y. Ghendon & S. E. Robertson
Ghendon, Yuri; Robertson, Susan E ( 1994 )
Interruption des pulvérisations d' insecticides à action rémanente après plusieurs années de lutte fructueuse contre le paludisme aux Etats-Unis / par Justin M. Andrews et Jean S. Grant
Andrews, Justin M; Grant, Jean S; WHO Expert Committee on Malaria ( 1953 )
Interruption of malaria transmission by chloroquinized salt in British Guiana with observations in a chloroquine resistant strain of plasmodium falciparum / by George Giglioli, Frans J. Rutten, S. Ramjattan
Giglioli, George; Rutten, Frans J; Ramjattan, S; World Health Organization ( 1966 )
Interruption of measles transmission in schoolchildren, 1995 = Interruption de la transmission de la rougeole chez les écoliers, 1995
World Health Organization ( 1995 )
Interruption of residual spraying after several years of achieved malaria control in the United States / by Justin M. Andrews and Jean S. Grant
Andrews, Justin M; Grant, Jean S; WHO Expert Committee on Malaria ( 1953 )
Intersect oral action for health promotion and disease prevention: round bable
Regional Committee for Africa, 56 ( 2011-06-22 )

1. The world health report 2002 sets forth several physical, social, economic, behavioural and organizational factors that influence people’s health. These factors are usually known as the broad determinants of health. Inadequate income exposes people to unhealthy practices that contribute significantly to morbidity and mortality. Certain physical environments facilitate the transmission of diseases such as malaria, gastroenteritis and tuberculosis. Lifestyle-related behaviours such as unhealthy diet, inadequate physical activity, tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, substance abuse, and unsafe sex in the Region contribute to cardiovascular and lung diseases, mental disorders, cancer, diabetes, injuries and HIV/AIDS. 2. The broad determinants of health are complex and closely interrelated. In the Region, the most prevalent determinants are poverty, low literacy levels, unplanned urbanization, rapid economic changes, globalization and peer pressure. The nature of these factors necessitates comprehensive responses directed at the underlying causes. Unfortunately, health systems in the Region are designed primarily for the management of disease, rather than the promotion of health. 3. Health promotion provides opportunities for fostering health and preventing disease. It is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health.2 It is a means of increasing individual and collective participation in health action.3 Its implementation involves combining approaches like health education; communication for behaviour change; social mobilization; and information, education and communication.

Intersectoral action for health
World Health Assembly, 39 ( 1986 )
Intersectoral action for health : a cornerstone for health for all in the 21st century / W. Kreisel and Y. von Schirnding
Kreisel, W; Schirnding, Y. von ( 1998 )
Intersectoral action for health : addressing health and environment concerns in sustainable development
World Health Organization. Office of Global and Integrated Environmental Health ( 1997 )
Intersectoral action for health : health objectives in public policy [text derived from the deliberations and background documents of a consultation in July 1987 / jointly organized by the World Health Organization, the Harvard Institute for International Development and the Harvard School of Public Health]
World Health Organization; Harvard School of Public Health; Harvard Institute for International Development ( 1987 )
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