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Health education of the public
World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean ( 1956 )
Health education of the public
World Health Assembly, 3 ( 1950 )
Health education of the public: report of the technical discussions at the twelfth World Health Assembly
( 1959 )
Health education of the school-age youth - formal and non-formal : the experience of the Project Health Participatory and Assertive Consumer Training / by Judith B. Igoe
Igoe, Judith B; World Health Organization. Health Education Service; UNICEF; Joint WHO/UNICEF International Consultation on Health Education for School-Age Children (1985 : Geneva, Switzerland) ( 1985 )
Health education through religion / by Abdulmoneim Aly
Aly, Abdulmoneim ( 1989 )
Health education: theoretical concepts, effective strategies and core competencies: a foundation document to guide capacity development of health educators
World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean ( 2012 )

Health education: theoretical concepts, effective strategies and core competencies seeks to provide a common understanding of health education disciplines and related concepts. It also offers a framework that clarifies the relationship between health literacy, health promotion, determinants of health and healthy public policy and health outcomes. It is targeted at health promotion and education professionals and professionals in related disciplines

Health effects and impacts of water supply and sanitation / Branko Cvjetanovic
Cvjetanovic, Branko ( 1986 )
Health effects from landfills : impact of the latest research : report on a WHO meeting, Bilthoven, Netherlands 22 October 1998
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 1998 )

The meeting was convened to present the available scientific evidence on the health effects of waste disposal in landfills and to determine the implications for public health policy and for landfill operators. Representatives of national and local governments, of the waste-processing industry and of scientists involved in evaluating the effects in Europe and the United States participated in the discussion. The meeting concluded that present data do add to a suspicion that population exposure to emissions from hazardous wastes may pose a risk to population health. However, these data are insufficient for clear risk assessment. WHO has offered its assistance in catalysing new research and improving monitoring to assist governments and the waste-processing industry in further reducing risks to health and in improving risk communication

The Health effects of aromatic amines : a review / by L. K. Shuker ... [et al.]
Shuker, L. K; International Council of Scientific Unions. Monitoring and Assessment Research Centre; International Programme on Chemical Safety ( 1986 )
Health effects of combined exposures in the work environment : report of a WHO expert committee [meeting held in Geneva from 9 to 15 December 1980]
WHO Expert Committee on Health Effects of Combined Exposures in the Work Environment; World Health Organization ( 1981 )
Health effects of depleted uranium: report by the Secretariat
World Health Assembly, 54 ( 2001 )
Health effects of environmental conditions
World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean ( 2002 )
Health effects of exposure to e-waste
Lewis, Nancy; King, Malcolm; van den Berg, Martin; Carpenter, David O; Arnold, Robert G; Noel-Brune, Marie; Sly, Peter D; Neira, Maria; Goldizen, Fiona C; Suk, William A ( 2013-06-28 )
The health effects of indoor air pollution exposure in developing countries / by Nigel Bruce, Rogelio Perez-Padilla, and Rachel Albalak
Bruce, Nigel; Perez-Padilla, Rogelio; Albalak, Rachel; World Health Organization. Dept. of Protection of the Human Environment ( 2002 )
Health effects of interactions between tobacco use and exposure to other agents
Rothwell, K; World Health Organization; International Programme on Chemical Safety ( 1999 )
Health effects of pollen exposure / by William R. Solomon
Solomon, William R; World Health Organization. Office of Occupational Health ( 1986 )
Health effects of static and time varying electric and magnetic fields : Research Coordination Committee minutes of meeting, 4-5 December 1997, Geneva
International Electromagnetic Fields Project. Research Coordination Committee. Meeting (1997: Geneva, Switzerland); World Health Organization. Office of Global and Integrated Environmental Health ( 1997 )
Health effects of the Chernobyl accident and special health care programmes
World Health Organization ( 2006 )
Health effects of urbanization
( 1991 )
Health environment : managing the linkages for sustainable development : a toolkit for decision-makers : synthesis report
WHO-UNEP Health and Environment Linkages Initiative ( 2008 )
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