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Cardiovascular disease mortality in the Americas / Eric S. Nicholls, Armando Peruga & Helena E. Restrepo
Nicholls, Eric S; Peruga, Armando; Restrepo, Helena E ( 1993 )
Cardiovascular disease mortality in the developing countries
( 1993 )
Cardiovascular disease prevention and control : translating evidence into action
World Health Organization ( 2005 )
Cardiovascular disease research output in WHO priority areas between 2002 and 2011
Mendis, Shanthi; Myers, Laura ( 2013-11-21 )

Approximately 17.3 million people died from cardiovascular disease (CVD) in 2008, and approximately 80% came from low- and middle-income countries. However, previous studies document poor research productivity related to CVD prevention and treatment in these countries between 1991 and 1996. The World Health Organization (WHO) developed a prioritized research agenda emphasizing research on policy development, translation of knowledge and implementation. This study assessed whether research output in priority areas increased between 2002 and 2011. It was reported that only 3-4% of papers from each year related to a priority area, and most were conducted by corresponding authors from high-income countries. Low-income countries were highly underrepresented both in terms of productivity and as the study population. However, there was a significant rise in the productivity of middle-income countries and their representation as the study population. While 30% of priority-related papers addressed a cost-effective strategy, this represents 1% of papers overall. More cost-effectiveness research is encouraged to decrease the millions of deaths per year attributed to CVD in the developing world.

Cardiovascular disease risk factors : new areas for research , report of a WHO scientific group
WHO Scientific Group on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors : New Areas for Research (1992 : Geneva, Switzerland); World Health Organization ( 1994 )
Cardiovascular disease risk factors, metabolic syndrome and obesity in an Iranian population
Kelishadi, R.; Gharipour, M.; Sadri, G.H.; Tavasoli, A.A.; Amani, A. ( 2008 )

As part of the Isfahan Healthy Heart Program, we evaluated the prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors in Iranians with generalized and abdominal obesity. We carried out a crosssectional study on 3694 participants aged >/= 19 years. Overall, 36.6% of men and 35.9% of women were overweight; 11.2% of men and 28.1% of women were obese. Mean body mass index [BMI], waist circumference [WC] and waist/hip ratio [WHR] increased with age up to 65 years. Total serum cholesterol, triglycerides and 2-hour post-load plasma glucose increased with BMI, WC and WHR in both sexes. Prevalence of metabolic syndrome was 19.8% in females with normal BMI, 48.1% in overweight females and 63.2% in obese females. In males, corresponding values were 3.7%, 18.0% and 40.1%

The cardiovascular disease situation in Seychelles / Philippe Hungerbuhler, Pascal Bovet & Conrad Shamlaye
Hungerbuhler, Philippe; Bovet, Pascal; Shamlaye, Conrad ( 1993 )
Cardiovascular disease stoppable in developing countries? / Edmond Bertrand
Bertrand, Edmond ( 1997 )
World Health Organization ( 1984 )
Cardiovascular diseases
Executive Board, 43 ( 1969 )
Cardiovascular diseases
World Health Assembly, 29 ( 1976 )
Cardiovascular diseases
World Health Assembly, 25 ( 1972 )
Cardiovascular diseases (draft resolution proposed by Professor E. Aujaleu)
Executive Board, 43 ( 1969 )
CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES : Coronary heart disease attributable to sedentary lifestyle, 1988 = MALADIES CARDIOVASCULAIRES : Cardiopathies coronariennes attribuables à une vie sédentaire, 1988
World Health Organization ( 1990 )
Cardiovascular diseases : Progress in cardiovascular research during the last 2 decades (1971-1992) = Maladies cardio-vasculaires : Progrès de la recherche sur les maladies cardio-vasculaires au cours des 20 dernières années (1971-1992)
World Health Organization ( 1992 )
Cardiovascular diseases : the world's public health enemy no. 1 / Ivan Gyarfas
Gyarfas, Ivan ( 1992 )
Cardiovascular diseases : Trends in ischoemic heart disease mortality, 1980-1988 = Maladies cardio-vasculaires : Evolution de la mortalité par cardiopathie ischémique, 1980-1988
World Health Organization ( 1993 )
CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES : Years of life lost from cardiovascular disease = MALADIES CARDIO-VASCULAIRES : Années de vie perdues du fait des maladies cardio-vasculaires
World Health Organization ( 1987 )
Cardiovascular diseases and hormonal contraceptives : latest results : general information
( 1998 )
Cardiovascular diseases and hypertension
World Health Assembly, 9 ( 1956 )
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