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Abortion in Viet Nam : an assessment of policy, programme and research issues
Fajans, Peter; Ross, Gabrielle; World Health Organization; UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction ( 1999 )
Aller au-devant des plus démunis
( 1994 )
An Assessment of the need for contraceptive introduction in Viet Nam : report of an assessment undertaken by Ministry of Health ... [et al.]
WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction; Viet Nam. Ministry of Health; National Committee for Population and Family Planning (Viet Nam); Vietnam Women's Union; Institute of Sociology (Viet Nam); International Council on Management of Population Programmes ( 1995 )
Breast-feeding, the better option : getting the message across / Joh Chin Rossiter
Rossiter, Joh Chin ( 1993 )
Chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum from Viet Nam / by Robin D. Powell, George J. Brewer, Alf S. Alving
Powell, Robin D; Brewer, George J; Alving, Alf S; World Health Organization ( 1963 )
Comparative analysis of national drug policies in 12 countries : second workshop, Geneva, 10-13 June 1996
WHO Action Programme on Essential Drugs ( 1997 )
Comparison of the indirect fluorescent antibody and indirect haemagglutination tests for malaria antibody / by Marianna Wilson ... [et al.]
Wilson, Marianna; Wilson, Marianna; Sulzer, A. J; Rogers, W. A; Fried, J. A; Mathews, H. M; Mahfouz, Mohamed S; World Health Organization ( 1969 )
Control of malaria : a successful experience from Viet Nam / L. Q. Hung ... [et al.]
Hung, Le Q; De Vries, Peter J; Giao, Phan T; Nam, Nguyen V; Binh, Tran Q; Chong, M. T; Quoc, N. T. T. A; Thanh, T. N; Hung, L. N; Kager, P. A ( 2002 )
Counterfeit and substandard drugs in Myanmar and Viet Nam : report of a study carried out in cooperation with the Governments of Myanmar and Viet Nam / Eshetu Wondemagegnehu
Wondemagegnehu, Eshetu; World Health Organization. Dept. of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy ( 1999 )
Cross-sectional study of sexual behaviour and knowledge about HIV among urban, rural and minority residents in Viet Nam / Thang D. Bui ...[et al.]
Bui, Thang D; Pham, Chi K; Pham, Thang H; Hoang, Long T; Nguyen, Thich V; Vu, Thang Q; Detels, Roger ( 2001 )
Current issues in sector-wide approaches for health development : Viet Nam case study / Tim Conway
Conway, Tim; World Health Organization. Global Programme on Evidence for Health Policy ( 2000 )
Desigualdades socioeconómicas y mortalidad infantil : comparación de nueve países en desarrollo / Adam Wagstaff
Wagstaff, Adam ( 2000 )
The development of national health insurance in Viet Nam / by Aviva Ron and Guy Carrin
Ron, Aviva; Carrin, Guy; World Health Organization. Division of Intensified Cooperation with Countries ( 1993 )
Education sanitaire et hygiène du milieu à l' école au Viet Nam : rapport d' un Atelier d' identification et de formulation de projet, Hanoi, 8-10 juin 1993 / rédigé par Louis Laugeri
Atelier d'identification et de formulation de projet (1993 : Hanoi, Viet Nam); Laugeri, Louis; World Health Organization. Division of Operational Support in Environmental Health; Western Pacific Regional Environmental Health Centre ( 1994 )
L' emploi des médicaments antipaludiques comme adjuvants du DDT dans la lutte antipaludique au Vietnam / par M. E. Farinaud
Farinaud, M. E; WHO Malaria Conference for Western Pacific and South East Asia Regions (1954 : Taipei, Taiwan); Conférence du paludisme pour les régions du Pacifique Occidental et de l' Asie du Sud-Est (1954 : Taipei, Taiwan) ( 1954 )
Epidemiological fact sheets on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases : South-East Asia region, Western Pacific region
UNAIDS/WHO Working Group on Global HIV/AIDS and STD Surveillance ( 1998 )
Evaluation of an algorithm for the treatment of persistent diarrhoea : a multicentre study / International Working Group on Persistent Diarrhoea
International Working Group on Persistent Diarrhoea ( 1996 )
Family planning in Viet Nam : a vigorous approach / Marie-Thérèse Feuerstein
Feuerstein, Marie-Thérèse ( 1994 )
Final report: WHO meeting on the eight UN reform pilot countries, Kigali, 15-16 April 2008
World Health Organization ( 2008 )
Fonds autorenouvelables pour les médicaments : un premier pas vers la sécurité sanitaire / Takusei Umenai et Indermohan S. Narula
Umenai, Takusei; Narula, Indermohan S ( 1999 )
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