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25 [Twenty-five] years of ORS : Joint WHO/ICDDR,B Consultative Meeting on ORS Formulation, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 10-12 December 1994
Joint WHO/ICDDR,B Consultative Meeting on ORS Formulation (1994 : Dhaka, Bangladesh); World Health Organization. Division of Diarrhoeal and Acute Respiratory Disease Control ( 1995 )
Accelerating the global effort for HIV vaccine research : report of the third Forum of the African AIDS Vaccine Programme, Yaoundé, Cameroon, 17-19 October 2005
African AIDS Vaccine Programme. Forum (3rd : 2005 : Yaoundé, Cameroon); WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research; UNAIDS ( 2006 )
Acellular pertussis vaccines : more persuasive evidence of efficacy : reports on individual drugs
( 1996 )
Adverse events monitoring as a routine component of vaccine clinical trials : evidence from the WHO Vaccine Trial Registry : feedback / Marti Vall Mayans, Susan E. Robertson, Philippe Duclos
Vall Mayans, Marti; Robertson, Susan E; Duclos, Philippe ( 2000 )
Aftermath of a field trial in self-administered pyrimethamine in a Ghanaian Community : the appearance of P. Falciparum resistance / by L. J. Charles
Charles, L. J; World Health Organization ( 1960 )
Application of the indirect haemagglutination test for malaria / by J. H. E. Th. Meuwissen ... [et al.]
Meuwissen, J. H. E. Th; Leeuwenberg, Anna D. E. M; Voller, A; Matola, Y; World Health Organization ( 1973 )
Application of the indirect haemagglutination test for malaria (preliminary report) / by J. H. E. Th. Meuwissen, Anna D. E. M. Leeuwenberg
Meuwissen, J. H. E. Th; Leeuwenberg, Anna D. E. M; World Health Organization ( 1973 )
Aspectos éticos de los ensayos de medicamentos en los pa'ises en desarrollo / Osvaldo Hubscher
Hubscher, Osvaldo ( 1993 )
Aspects éthiques des essais de médicaments dans le tiers monde / Osvaldo Hubscher
Hubscher, Osvaldo ( 1993 )
Assessment of the toxicity to Anopheles Gambiae of the fumigant insecticide Dichlorvos (DDVP) / by A. Smith, P. O. Park, K. S. Hocking
Smith, A; Park, P. O; Hocking, K. S; World Health Organization ( 1962 )
Atovaquone plus proguanil effective in malaria : reports on individual drugs
( 1998 )
Betacarotene, vitamin A and E may not prevent cancer or cardiovascular diseases : reports on individual drugs
( 1997 )
A bio-assay method for the estimation of insecticides residues, using first instar larvae of Aedes Aegypti / by R. Elliott
Elliott, R; WHO Conference on Malaria in Africa (1955 : Lagos, Nigeria) ( 1956 )
La campagne expérimentale d' éradication du paludisme dans le Nord de la République du Cameroun / par Ph. Cavalié and J. Mouchet
Cavalié, Ph; Mouchet, J; World Health Organization ( 1961 )
Cinquième résumé des cas de résistance aux insecticides et des résultats des épreuves de sensibilité effectuées sur les anopheles
World Health Organization ( 1959 )
Clinical and epidemiological evaluation of a live, cold-adapted influenza vaccine for 3-14-year-olds / L. G. Rudenko ... [et al.]
Rudenko, L. G; Lonskaya, N. I; Klimov, A. I; Vasilieva, R. I; Ramirez, A ( 1996 )
Clinical pharmacological evaluation in drug control : ensuring quality of clinical trials : report from the 19th European Symposium, Bad Neuenahr, Germany 12-13 December 1995
European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacological Evaluation in Drug Control (19th: 1995: Bad Neuenahr, Germany); World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 1996 )

Clinical trials are an essential step in the development of safe and efficacious new drugs. Registration of new drugs in future could depend on mutual recognition of such trials. They must therefore be of high quality and adhere to high ethical standards. This can be assured through the application of good clinical practice procedures incorporating strict requirements for ethical conduct, quality assessment and high scientific standards. The personal rights of volunteers and patients in clinical trials must be protected. Countries with no experience of good clinical practice need to establish regulatory, biomedical and ethical standards as the basis for the necessary legislation

A clinical trial with halofantrine on patients with falciparum malaria in Colombia / M. Restrepo ... [et al.]
Restrepo, M; Botero, D; Marquez, R. E; Boudreau, E. F; Navaratnam, V ( 1996 )
Clinical trials of improved oral rehydration salt formulations : a review / M. K. Bhan ... [et al.]
Bhan, M. K; Mahalanabis, D; Fontaine, O; Pierce, N. F ( 1994 )
Combined immunization of infants with oral and inactivated poliovirus vaccines : results of a randomized trial in the Gambia, Oman, and Thailand / WHO Collaborative Study Group on Oral and Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccines
WHO Collaborative Study Group on Oral and Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccines; World Health Organization. Global Programme for Vaccines and Immunization ( 1996 )
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