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WHA1_Rel-16_fre.pdf.jpg Commission des stupéfiants (Actes off. OMS, 10, page 70) : Commission des relations : Rapport du groupe de travail sur le projet de protocole relatif aux stupéfiants
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 1 ( 1948 )
WHA1_Rel-7_fre.pdf.jpg UNESCO (Actes off. OMS, 10, page 82, voir aussi S 8 (d)) : Commission des relations : Collaboration avec l'UNESCO dans l'expérience-témoin d'Haïti en matière d'éducation de base (Document de travail)
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 1 ( 1948 )
WHA1_Rel-7_eng.pdf.jpg UNESCO (Off.Rec.WHO, 10, page 75; see also S8 (d)): Committee on Relations: co-operation with UNESCO in the fundamental education project in Haiti
World Health Assembly, 1 ( 1948 )
12ª Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, Ginebra, 12-29 de mayo de 1959: resoluciones y decisiones: sesiones plenarias: actas taquigráficas: comisiones: actas resumidas e informes: anexos
Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, 12 ( 1959 )
13th annual meeting of EuroPharm Forum : report on a WHO meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark 7-9 October 2004
EuroPharm Forum. Annual Meeting (13th : 2004 : Copenhagen, Denmark); World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2005 )

This is a Report of the 13th Annual Meeting, which took place at the premises of the World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen, in October 2004. 75 delegates from 27 countries participated in the meeting to assess the work of the past year, plan future activities and decide issues of policy. The meeting consisted of a business general assembly and a professional session with both a policy-oriented and a practice-oriented workshop. During the business part of the meeting, elections were held for new officers and members of the Executive Committee and Ms Eeva Teräsalmi, Finland, handed over the Presidency to Mr Herbert Cabana from Austria. The application for membership from Apoteket AB, Sweden, was approved. The meeting included a separate event, the EuroPharm Forum-PCNE Joint Conference, aimed at stimulating collaborative working and sharing. The Conference was open to the public and brought together 92 politicians, practitioners and researchers under the theme Research meets pharmacy practice: from efficacy to effectiveness in pharmaceutical care. During the events the EuroPharm Best Practice Award 2004 was presented for the first time, and the award went to Mr Balázs Hankó, Hungary

16ª Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, Ginebra, 7-23 de mayo de 1963: parte I: resoluciones y decisiones: anexos
Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, 16 ( 1963 )
Comité régional de l'Afrique, 24 ( 1974 )
1994 قمة باريس لمكافحة الايدز ( 1 كانون الأول / ديسمبر )
المجلس التنفيذي, 95 ( 1995 )
世界卫生大会, 51 ( 1998 )
1er informe de la Comisión A (proyecto)
Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, 37 ( 1984 )
世界卫生大会, 39 ( 1986 )
世界卫生组织烟草控制框架公约缔约方会议,第三届会议,南非德班,2008年11月17日-22日 ( 2008 )
世界卫生组织烟草控制框架公约缔约方会议,第四届会议,乌拉圭埃斯特角,2010年11月15日-20日 ( 2010 )
世界卫生组织烟草控制框架公约缔约方会议,第三届会议,南非德班,2008年11月17日-22日 ( 2008 )
2008-2013 action plan for the global strategy for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases : prevent and control cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes
World Health Organization ( 2009 )
世界卫生大会, 64 ( 2011 )
2010 global progress report on the implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
World Health Organization; World Health Organization ( 2010 )
世界卫生组织烟草控制框架公约缔约方会议,第四届会议,乌拉圭埃斯特角,2010年11月15日-20日 ( 2010 )
世界卫生组织烟草控制框架公约缔约方会议,第五届会议,大韩民国首尔,2012年11月12日-17日 ( 2012 )
2011-2015 年世卫组织艾滋病毒/艾滋病战略草案:秘书处的报告
执行委员会, 128 ( 2011 )
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