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WHF_1988_9(4)_p531-535.pdf.jpg1988Acting in good time against the drug menace / A. HaworthHaworth, A-
1988Agir à temps contre la menace de la drogue / A. HaworthHaworth, A-
1994Availability, provision and use of drugs : exemplary research protocol, research results and their implementationJoint WHO/DGIS/RTI Project on Health Systems Research for the Southern African Region; World Health Organization-
1997Bubonic plague--
79_85-92(no9).pdf.jpg2004Cholera, Africa--
79_85-92(no9).pdf.jpg2004Choléra, Afrique--
WHO_CDS_TB_2001.291.pdf.jpg2001"Community TB Care in Africa" : a collaborative project coordinated by WHO : report on a "lessons learned" meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe, 27-29 September 2000WHO Global Tuberculosis ProgrammeWHO/CDS/TB/2001.291
HSS_HSF_DP.07.7_eng.pdf.jpg2007Coping with out-of-pocket health payments: applications of Engel curves and two-part models in six African countriesWorld Health OrganizationHSS/HSF/DP.07.7
1986Des systèmes d' information au service du développement sanitaire / Paul J. Freund & Katele KalumbaFreund, Paul J; Kalumba, Katele-
MNH_POL_88.1.pdf.jpg1988Directory of training courses in mental health in Africa for the countries of the African Mental Health Action GroupWorld Health Organization. Division of Mental Health; African Mental Health Action GroupMNH/POL/88.1. Unpublished
bulletin_1987_65(3)_369-373.pdf.jpg1987A double-blind trial of a fixed combination of mefloquine plus sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine compared with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine alone in symptomatic falciparum malaria / J. M. K. Ekue ... [et al.]Ekue, J. M. K; Phiri, D. E. D; Sheth, U. K; Mukunyandela, M-
1987Dynamiser les soins de santé primaires / A. W. Inambao, E. L. Makubalo et F. K. WurapaInambao, A. W; Makubalo, E. L; Wurapa, F. K-
HRH_90.8_fre.pdf.jpg1990Education sanitaire et radio ; l' expérience de la Zambie / par Rackson ChitandaChitanda, Rackson; World Health Organization. Division of Development of Human Resources for HealthHRH/90.8. Unpublished
bulletin_1989_67(5)_535-542.pdf.jpg1989ELISA method for detecting Plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite antibody / R. A. Wirtz ... [et al.]Wirtz, R. A; Duncan, J. F; Njelesani, E. K; Schneider, I; Brown, A. E; Oster, C. N; Were, J. B. O; Webster, H. K-
1993Energ'ia solar o queroseno para los refrigeradores de la cadena de fr'io? / Robert SoetersSoeters, Robert-
1986Las enfermedades de transmisión sexual : una amenaza para madres y niños / Subhash K. HiraHira, Subhash K-
AFR_RC4_R6_fra.pdf.jpg1954Etats MembresComité régional de l'Afrique, 4AFR/RC4/R6
WHO_MAL_75.845.pdf.jpg1975Evaluation of the efficacy of the regular administration of suppressive doses of chloroquine in schoolchildren in Zambia / by S. Chayabejara ... [et al.]Chayabejara, S; Moore, G. W; Rickman, L. R; Roche, S. M; World Health OrganizationWHO/MAL/75.845
bulletin_2005_83(7)_534-540.pdf.jpg2005An evidence-based approach to benchmarking the fairness of health-sector reform in developing countries / Norman Daniels .... [et al.]Daniels, Norman; Flores, Walter; Pannarunothai, Supasit; Ndumbe, Peter N; Bryant, John H; Ngulube, T. J; Wang, Yuankun-
WHO_PHA_2.pdf.jpg1994Experiences with primary health care in Zambia / edited by Joseph M. Kasonde & John D. MartinKasonde, Joseph M; Martin, John D; World Health Organization-
Showing results 1 to 20 of 83