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An outbreak of salmonellosis among Filipinos in a private camp, Saudi Arabia
Al Awaidy, Salah Th.; Fontaine, R.E. ( 1996 )

In October 1994, 19 Filipino professional staff of a large company in Damman city were hospitalized with acute febrile gastroenteritis. All ate three daily meals at the company cafeteria. A case-control investigation was begun to determine the cause of the outbreak. We searched the compound for any resident with a diarrhoeal illness. Both cases and controls were asked where and when foods were eaten during the three days before onset. Stool cultures were done for all patients and all 25 kitchen employees. Food cooking, handling and storage procedures were reviewed

Les anthropozoonoses d' origine alimentaire continuent à sévir / L. Crawford
Crawford, L ( 1986 )
Antibiotic-resistant Salmonella spp. from human and non-human sources in Oman
Al Bahry, S.N.; El Shafie, A.E.; Al Busaidy, S.; Al Hinai, J.; Al Shidi, I. ( 2007 )

We investigated the antibiotic resistance of various strains of Salmonella isolated from different sources in Oman, namely sewage water, chicken and food handlers. Of 1242 isolates from food handlers, 15 [1.2%] were resistant to one or more antibiotic. Of these, 41% were resistant to ampicillin, 42% to co-trimoxazole and 22% to chloramphenicol. None of the isolates was resistant to ciprofloxacin. Of 515 isolates from chicken and 432 from sewage water, 23.7% and 14.1% respectively were resistant to one or more antibiotic. Susceptibility to the different antibiotics varied but none of the isolates from chicken was resistant to amikacin

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Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 3 ( 1950 )
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Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 3 ( 1950 )
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Committee on Programme: World Salmonella Centre
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Control of foodborne diseases in humans and animals : strategies and approaches at the animal production level : the Swedish Salmonella Control Programme
World Health Organization. Veterinary Public Health Unit ( 1994 )
Control of salmonella infections in animals and prevention of human foodborne salmonella infections / WHO Consultation
( 1994 )
Cuarto informe de la Comisión A
Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, 42 ( 1989 )
Disinfection in cases of salmonellosis / by V. S. Yarnych and M. P. Butko
Yarnych, V. S; Butko, M. P; World Health Organization. Veterinary Public Health Unit ( 1984 )
Flambée d' infections à Salmonella typhimurium DT104 multirésistantes et notamment aux quinolones, Danemark
( 1998 )
Food-borne salmonella outbreak at a bank cafeteria: an investigation in an Arab country in transition
Hanna, N.M.; Adib, S.M.; Daoud, Z. ( 2009 )
Foodborne salmonellosis / Thomas M. Gomez ... [et al.]
Gomez, Thomas M; Motarjemi, Yasmine; Miyagawa, Shoji; Kaferstein, Fritz K; Stöhr, Klaus ( 1997 )
Foodborne zoonoses still take their toll / L. Crawford
Crawford, L ( 1986 )
Fourth report of Committee A
World Health Assembly, 42 ( 1989 )
Global Salm-Surv External Quality Assurance System
( 2001 )
Global Salm-Surv on Internet
( 2000 )
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