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9789241595650_eng.pdf.jpg2007Adolescent pregnancy [electronic resource] : unmet needs and undone deeds : a review of the literature and programmesNeelofur-Khan, Dina; World Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and Development-
9789241595711_eng.pdf.jpg2007Adolescents, social support and help-seeking behaviour : an international literature review and programme consultation with recommendations for action / Gary BarkerBarker, Gary-
bulletin_2004_82(5)_381-384.pdf.jpg2004Averting a malaria disaster in Africa : where does the buck stop? / Christopher J. M. Whitty ... [et al.]Whitty, Christopher J. M; Allan, Richard; Wiseman, Virginia; Ochola, Sam; Nakyanzi-Mugisha, Maria Veronicah; Vonhm, Benjamin; Mwita, Mahemba; Miaka, Constantin; Oloo, Aggrey J; Premji, Zul; Burgess, Craig; Mutabingwa, Theonest K-
1996Des médecins pour les ruraux défavorisés / B. S. Garg & S. NayarGarg, B. S; Nayar, S-
bulletin_1998_76(2)_195-201.pdf.jpg1998Déterminants du recours aux soins dans la ville de Cotonou (Bénin) / E. Gomes do Espirito Santo, B. Floury & M. CisséGomes do Espirito Santo, E; Floury, B; Cissé, M-
bulletin_2004_82(9)_652-660.pdf.jpg2004Determinants of personal demand for an AIDS vaccine in Uganda : contingent valuation survey / David Bishai ... [et al.]Bishai, David; Pariyo, George; Ainsworth, Martha; Hill, Kenneth-
WHF_1996_17(3)_p268-270.pdf.jpg1996Doctors for the rural poor / B. S. Garg & S. NayarGarg, B. S; Nayar, S-
WHO_MNH_PSF_93.2G.pdf.jpg1993Improving adherence behaviour with treatment regimens / N. Clay MannClay Mann, N; World Health Organization. Division of Mental HealthWHO/MNH/PSF/93.2G. Unpublished
bu0267.pdf.jpg2000Inequalities in health care use and expenditures : empirical data from eight developing and transition countries / M. Makinen ... [et al.]Makinen, Marty; Waters, Hugh; Rauch, Margie; Almagambetova, Naila; Bitran, Ricardo; Gilson, Lucy; McIntyre, Diane; Pannarunothai, Supasit; Prieto, Ana Lorena; Ram, Sujata-
RA_123-143_fre.pdf.jpg2002Insuffisance du traitement et soins de santé primaires pour les personnes atteintes d' épilepsie dans des zones rurales de Gambie / Rosalind Coleman, Louie Loppy et Gijs WalravenColeman, Rosalind; Loppy, Louie; Walraven, Gijs E. L-
9789241597500_eng.pdf.jpg2009Male circumcision : situation analysis toolkitWorld Health Organization-
1996Médicos al servicio de la población rural pobre / B. S. Garg y S. NayarGarg, B. S; Nayar, S-
1991Por qué los pacientes ambulatorios prefieren los hospitales [carta] / J. S. Bapna ... [et al.]Bapna, J. S; Tekur, Uma; Pradhan, S. C; Shashindran, C. H-
1991Pourquoi les malades préfèrent-ils les hôpitaux de recours? [lettre] / J. S. Bapna ... [et al.]Bapna, J. S; Tekur, Uma; Pradhan, S. C; Shashindran, C. H-
bulletin_2005_83(9)_650-655.pdf.jpg2005Reasons for attending dental-care services in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso / Benoît Varenne ... [et al.]Varenne, Benoît; Msellati, Philippe; Zoungrana, Célestin; Fournet, Florence; Salem, Gérard-
bulletin_2003_81(4)_261-268.pdf.jpg2003Self-treatment of malaria in rural communities, Butajira, southern Ethiopia / Wakgari Deressa, A. Ali and F. EnqusellassieDeressa, Wakgari; Ali, A; Enquselassie, Fikre-
bulletin_2005_83(2)_109-117.pdf.jpg2005Socioeconomic status overrides age and gender in determining health-seeking behaviour in rural Bangladesh / Syed Masud Ahmed .... [et al.]Ahmed, Syed Masud; Tomson, Göran; Petzold, Max; Kabir, Zarina Nahar-
bulletin_1998_76(6)_591-598.pdf.jpg1998Too far, too little, too late : a community-based case-control study of maternal mortality in rural west Maharashtra, India / B. R. Ganatra, K. J. Coyaji, and V. N. RaoGanatra, B. R; Coyaji, K. J; Rao, V. N-
80(5)378-383.pdf.jpg2002The treatment gap and primary health care for people with epilepsy in rural Gambia / Rosalind Coleman, Louie Loppy and Gijs WalravenColeman, Rosalind; Loppy, Louie; Walraven, Gijs E. L-
TDR_SER_RP_94.1.pdf.jpg1994Treatment seeking for malaria : a review and suggestions for future research / S. C. CombieMcCombie, S. C; UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical DiseasesTDR/SER/RP/94.1. Unpublished
Showing results 1 to 20 of 23