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Une assurance-vaccination en Chine / Zi Weilian
Zi, Weilian ( 1990 )
Financial inducement for improving the efficacy of immunization / Zi Weilian
Zi, Weilian ( 1990 )
Iatrogenic illness in the paediatric intensive care unit at Gharian teaching hospital, Libya
Ismail, A.M.; Shedeed, S.A. ( 2012 )

The aim of this prospective follow-up study was to determine the incidence and risk factors of iatrogenic illness and the outcome among cases admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit in a teaching hospital in Libya. The incidence of iatrogenic complications was 22.9% among 423 cases admitted over a 1-year period. Human error [18.4%] followed by machine defects [4.5%] were the most common causes of complications. The overall mortality rate was 7.6% and was significantly higher in iatrogenic cases than others [13.4% versus 5.8%]. Paediatric risk of mortality [PRISM] score was a good predictor of risk of iatrogenic illness. Both mortality and occurrence of iatrogenic illness were significantly associated with: higher PRISM score, use of mechanical ventilation, higher bed occupancy rate in the unit, presence of respiratory and neurological diseases, prolonged duration of stay in the intensive care unit and younger age of the child

Incentivos monetarios para una inmunizaci'on m'as eficaz / Zi Weilian
Zi, Weilian ( 1990 )
Model-based estimates of risks of disease transmission and economic costs of seven injection devices in sub-Saharan Africa / Donatus U. Ekwueme, Bruce G. Weniger and Robert T. Chen
Ekwueme, Donatus U; Weniger, Bruce G; Chen, Robert T ( 2002 )
Responsibility for drug-induced injury : a reference book for lawyers, the health professions and manufacturers / N. M. Graham Dukes and Barbara Swartz
Dukes, Maurice Nelson Graham; Swartz, Barbara; World Health Organization ( 1988 )
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