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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Document no.
A67_R14-ch.pdf.jpg20142015年后发展议程中的卫生问题世界卫生大会, 67WHA67.14
A67_20-ch.pdf.jpg20142015年后发展议程中的卫生问题世界卫生大会, 67A67/20
A66_47-ch.pdf.jpg20132015年后发展议程中的卫生问题 : 秘书处的报告世界卫生大会 66A66/47
A66_R11-ch.pdf.jpg20132015年后联合国发展议程中的卫生问题世界卫生大会 66WHA66.11
B134_R19-fr.pdf.jpg2014Accès aux produits biothérapeutiques et garanties concernant la qualité, l’innocuité et l’efficacitéConseil exécutif, 134EB134.R19
A67_R21-fr.pdf.jpg2014Accès aux produits biothérapeutiques, y compris aux produits biothérapeutiques similaires,1 et garanties concernant leur qualité, leur innocuité et leur efficacitéAssemblée mondiale de la Santé, 67WHA67.21
1989Accès aux soins de santé--
A67_R21-sp.pdf.jpg2014Acceso a los productos bioterapéuticos incluidos los productos bioterapéuticos similares y garantía de su calidad, seguridad y eficaciaAsamblea Mundial de la Salud, 67WHA67.21
B134_R19-sp.pdf.jpg2014Acceso a los productos bioterapéuticos y garantía de su calidad, seguridad y eficaciaConsejo Ejecutivo, 134EB134.R19
B134_R19-en.pdf.jpg2014Access to biotherapeutic products and ensuring quality, safety and efficacyExecutive Board, 134EB134.R19
A67_R21-en.pdf.jpg2014Access to biotherapeutic products including similar biotherapeutic products and ensuring their quality, safety and efficacyWorld Health Assembly, 67WHA67.21
WHO_V&B_02.27_fre.pdf.jpg2002Accoître la couverture vaccinale au niveau du centre de santéWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Vaccines and Biologicals; UNICEFWHO/V&B/02.27
A58_5-en.pdf.jpg2005Achievement of health-related Millennium Development Goals: report by the SecretariatWorld Health Assembly, 58A58/5
B115_5-en.pdf.jpg2005Achievement of the health-related Millennium Development Goals: status reportExecutive Board 115EB115/5; EB115/5 Corr.1
interim_statement_eng.pdf.jpg2007Achieving health equity : from root causes to fair outcomes : Commission on Social Determinants of Health, interim statementCommission on Social Determinants of Health-
WHF_1998_19(4)_p362-364.pdf.jpg1998Action on low immunization uptake / Marcel C. Azubuike and John E. EhiriAzubuike, Marcel C; Ehiri, John E-
9789241500876_eng.pdf.jpg2010Action on the social determinants of health: learning from previous experiencesWorld Health Organization-
ea553.pdf.jpg2002Address by Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland Director-General to the fifty-fifth World Health Assembly, Geneva, Monday, 13 May 2002World Health Assembly, 55; Brundtland, Gro HarlemA55/3
ea563.pdf.jpg2003Address by Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland Director-General to the fifty-sixth World Health Assembly, Geneva, Monday, 19 May 2003World Health Assembly, 56; Brundtland, Gro HarlemA56/3
A67_3-en.pdf.jpg2014Address by Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General, to the Sixty-seventh World Health AssemblyWorld Health Assembly, 67A67/3
Showing results 1 to 20 of 785