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WHO_HSE_PED_CED_2014.05_eng.pdf.jpg2014Ebola and Marburg virus disease epidemics: preparedness, alert, control, and evaluationWorld Health OrganizationWHO/HSE/PED/CED/2014.05
WHO_EVD_Roadmap_14.1_rus.pdf.jpg2014Ebola response roadmapWorld Health OrganizationWHO/EVD/Roadmap/14.1
WHO_EVD_Roadmap_14.1_fre.pdf.jpg2014Feuille de route pour la riposte au virus ebolaOrganisation mondiale de la SantéWHO/EVD/Roadmap/14.1
WHO_HSE_PED_CED_2014.05_fre.pdf.jpg2014Flambées épidémiques de maladie à virus Ebola et Marburg : préparation, alerte, lutte et évaluationOrganisation mondiale de la SantéWHO/HSE/PED/CED/2014.05
WHO_EVD_GUIDANCE_LAB_14.1_eng.pdf.jpg2014Laboratory guidance for the diagnosis of Ebola virus disease : interim recommendations: September 2014World Health OrganizationWHO/EVD/GUIDANCE/LAB/14.1
roadmapsitrep1_rus.pdf.jpg29-Aug-2014WHO: Ebola response roadmap situation report 1World Health Organization-
roadmapsitrep4_eng.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2014WHO: Ebola response roadmap situation report 18 September 2014World Health Organization-
roadmapsitrep2_eng.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2014WHO: Ebola response roadmap situation report 2World Health Organization-
roadmapsitrep3_eng.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2014WHO: Ebola response roadmap situation report 3World Health Organization-
roadmapupdate16sept14_eng.pdf.jpg2014WHO: Ebola response roadmap update: 16 September 2014World Health Organization-
roadmapupdate8sept14_eng.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2014WHO: Ebola response roadmap update: 8 September 2014World Health Organization-
WHO_HSE_EPR_2009.2_eng.pdf.jpg2009WHO experts consultation on Ebola Reston pathogenicity in humansWorld Health OrganizationWHO/HSE/EPR/2009.2
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12