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Brotes de cólera: evaluación de la respuesta a los brotes y mejora de la preparación
WHO Global Task Force on Cholera Control ( 2004 )
Cholera outbreak : assessing the outbreak response and improving preparedness
WHO Global Task Force on Cholera Control ( 2004 )
Comité OMS d' experts de la fièvre jaune [réuni à Entebbe du 9 au 15 mars 1971] : identification precoce des cas suspects
Brès, P.L.J.; Comite d'experts de la fievre jaune; Organisation mondiale de la Santé ( 1971 )
Detección temprana
World Health Organization ( 2007 )
Diagnosis and treatment
World Health Organization ( 2008 )
Diagnóstico y tratamiento
World Health Organization ( 2007 )
Early detection
World Health Organization ( 2007 )
Early detection of cancers common in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean ( 2017 )

The impact of the growing burden of cancer in countries of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region is evident, and necessitates implementation of suitable and effective cancer control policies. Cancer control programmes should primarily target those cancers most responsible for the high burden of disease, that have major public health implications, and for which there is robust evidence that the systematic application of interventions will lead to a reduction in mortality in a cost-effective manner, in the context of the available health care resources. In the Region, national cancer control programmes should focus on five selected cancers - lung, colorectal, prostate and liver cancers in men; and breast, colorectal, liver and cervical cancers in women - that are amenable to control through specific strategies implemented at the population level

Early detection of tuberculosis: an overview of approaches, guidelines and tools
World Health Organization ( 2011 )
Flambées de choléra : évaluation des mesures mises en oeuvre en cas de flambée et amélioration de la préparation
WHO Global Task Force on Cholera Control ( 2004 )
Guide for monitoring and evaluating national HIV testing and counselling (HTC) programmes: field-test version
World Health Organization ( 2011 )
Guide to cancer early diagnosis
World Health Organization ( 2017 )
Guideline on HIV disclosure counselling for children up to 12 years of age
World Health Organization ( 2011 )
Guideline on HIV disclosure counselling for children up to 12 years of age - Appendices
World Health Organization ( 2011 )
Policy requirements for HIV testing and counselling of infants and young children in health facilities
World Health Organization; UNICEF ( 2010 )
The principles and practice of screening for disease
World Health Organization; Wilson, J. M. G.; Jungner, G. ( 1966 )
Rapport sur les réunions de comites d'experts: rapport du Directeur général
Conseil exécutif, 44 ( 1969 )
Report on expert committee meetings: report of the Director-General
Executive Board, 44 ( 1969 )
Service delivery approaches to HIV testing and conselling (HTC): a strategic HTC programme framework
World Health Organization ( 2012 )
SMS printers aid early infant diagnosis of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria: CHAI's SMART
World Health Organization ( 2013 )
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