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Burden of fall injuries in Pakistan - analysis of the National Injury Survey of Pakistan
Bachani, A.M.; Ghaffar, A.; Hyder, A.A. ( 2011 )

There are no reliable estimates of the burden of fall-related injuries in Pakistan. To assess this burden and develop an epidemiologic profile for these injuries data from the National Injury Survey of Pakistan, a cross-sectional population-based survey on injuries, were analysed to determine incidence and relative risks for fall injury. The annual incidence of fall-related injuries was 8.85 per 1000 population per year [95% Cl: 6.8-11,3]. The mean and median age of individuals injured by falls was 19 years and 10.5 years respectively. Children under the age of 15 years were at a substantially higher risk of fall injuries. Being a student and farmer/labourer/vendor were associated with a higher risk for falls compared with unemployed. Fall-related injuries are a health burden in Pakistan, especially in children under 15 years of age. This represents a significant loss of healthy life and requires policies to curb this burden in the population

La ca'idas : un grave perjuicio para la salud, incluso en los hospitales / Chris Tuffnell
Tuffnell, Chris ( 1990 )
Falling can seriously damage one's health - even in hospital / Chris Tuffnell
Tuffnell, Chris ( 1990 )
Injuries caused by falls from trees in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Zargar, M.; Khaji, A.; Karbakhsh, M. ( 2005 )

Although falls from trees are rare, the consequences can be severe. Over 13 months in 6 hospitals in Tehran 49 [0.57%] of 8500 registered trauma patients had fallen from trees. The mean age was 31 years [range 6 to 74 years] and 21 [42.9%] were aged < 20 years. Home and recreational/sports grounds were the most common sites of trauma. Most falls occurred during leisure time; only 3 [6.1%] were occupation-related. Eleven patients [22.4%] sustained a fracture of the spinal column; 2 of them became permanently paraplegic and 2 others who had severe thoracic vertebral fractures and paraplegia on first observation were transferred to other hospitals for treatment. Due to the severity of this type of injury, especially among the young, effective preventive efforts may be necessary

On peut se faire très mal en tombant - même à l' hopital / Chris Tuffnell
Tuffnell, Chris ( 1990 )
WHO global report on falls prevention in older age
World Health Organization ( 2008 )
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