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Access to life-saving services in urban areas / prepared under the joint sponsorship of the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Health Organization
World Health Organization. Environmental Health in Rural and Urban Development and Housing Unit; United Nations Environment Programme ( 1989 )
Accidents in childhood and adolescence : the role of research / edited by M. Manciaux & C. J. Romer
Manciaux, Michel; Romer, Claude J; World Health Organization; Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (France) ( 1991 )
Accidents: report on a WHO coordination meeting of experts, Juermala, Latvia 27-30 November 1997
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 1998 )

The Regional Office is developing a series of brief technical brochures aimed at local authorities, to provide them with accurate and practical information on environment and health issues. One of the topics in the series is accidents, an area of environment and health where local authorities constantly face difficult situations. Pamphlets are to be issued covering local policy for accident prevention, child accidents, accidents and older people, fire safety, water safety, road safety, home safety, playground safety and sport and leisure safety. Since close coordination is needed between the authors of the various documents in order to avoid overlaps and to ensure that most of the important topics are tackled, a meeting was convened to allow discussion among the specialists on the basis of the papers prepared by them. The background documentation for these discussions was a detailed table of contents produced by each author prior to the meeting. The participants also proposed illustrations and case studies, finalized the detailed contents of the pamphlets, and drew up a timetable setting the deadlines for the first draft, the final text and the layout

Acta resumida de la novena sesión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 17 ( 1956 )
Acta resumida de la octava sesión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 17 ( 1956 )
Acta resumida provisional de la vigésima segunda sesión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 57 ( 1976 )
Advisory Committee on Health Research: summary of the Committee's report on its twenty-ninth session
Executive Board, 83 ( 1988 )
Beaucoup d' accidents d' enfants peuvent être évités / Ljudmila Pavlovna Grigorovic
Grigorovic, Ljudmila Pavlovna ( 1988 )
Biosafety guidelines for diagnostic and research laboratories working with HIV
World Health Organization ( 1991 )

A concise didactic guide to the personal precautions, facilities, and equipment needed to protect workers in diagnostic and research laboratories from accidental infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Acknowledging that safe work practices provide the only protection against job-related HIV infection, the book sets out the basic safety information that can be used for continuous on-the-job safety training of all laboratory and support staff. Throughout the book, particular attention is given to the needs of laboratories in developing countries, which may not have the resources or the expertise to apply sophisticated containment procedures. The first chapter, devoted to standard biosafety practices, spells out the dos, donts, musts and nevers of personal hygiene and protection, reactions to spills and accidents, and procedures for the safe handling of contaminated material and waste. These standard safety guidelines are then extended in separate sections explaining the additional precautions, equipment and facilities required in serological laboratories, virus isolation laboratories, and research and production laboratories. A section devoted to the safe handling, transfer, and shipment of specimens includes regulations, developed by WHO and several other organizations, for the shipment of specimens by mail, air freight, and other common carriers. Additional practical information is set out in a series of annexes offering advice on the selection and care of gloves, sterilization procedures and disinfectants needed to inactivate HIV, the processing of reusable needles and syringes, and when and how to use biological safety cabinets

Child injury prevention
Executive Board, 128 ( 2011 )
Child injury prevention
World Health Assembly, 64 ( 2011 )
Child injury prevention: draft revised resolution with amendments proposed by member states
Executive Board, 128 ( 2011 )
Child injury prevention: report by the Secretariat
Executive Board, 128 ( 2011 )
Child injury prevention: report by the Secretariat
Executive Board, 127 ( 2010 )
Child injury prevention: report by the Secretariat
World Health Assembly, 64 ( 2011 )
Comité consultatifs de la recherche en santé: résumé du rapport du Comité sur sa vingt-neuvième session
Conseil exécutif, 83 ( 1988 )
Comité Consultivo de Investigaciones Sanitarias: resumen del informe del Comité sobre su 29a reunión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 83 ( 1988 )
Comité Régional de l'Europe: rapport sur la onzième session
Conseil exécutif, 29 ( 1962 )
Comité Régional de l'Europe: rapport sur la septième session
Conseil exécutif, 21 ( 1957 )
Comité régional de l'Europe: rapport sur la sixième session
Conseil exécutif, 19 ( 1956 )
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