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1989La acci'on sanitaria en Suiza / Letizia Toscani, A. Rougemont y O. JeanneretToscani, Letizia; Rougemont, André; Jeanneret, Olivier-
1998Aider les femmes réfugiées / Catherine Brun MiserezMiserez, Catherine Brun-
1990Airport malaria--
1996Airport malaria : a fatal case--
1993Alveolar echinococcosis : prevalence of Echinococcus multilocularis in foxes--
E57926.pdf.jpg1997Assessing the health consequences of major chemical incidents : epidemiological approachesWorld Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; Working Group on Epidemiological Approaches to Assessment of Health Consequences of Accidents and Disasters (1995 : Bilthoven, Netherlands)-
1998Ayuda para refugiadas / Catherine Brun MiserezMiserez, Catherine Brun-
1990Chronic disease surveys : evaluation of hypertension screening in a Swiss community using the cluster survey methodology of the EPI--
1988C'omo mejorar la acción contra el SIDA / F. Dubois-Arber, P. Lehmann & D. HausserDubois-Arber, Françoise; Lehmann, P; Hausser, Dominique-
1993Consultations médicales pour cause de crise d' asthme : 1988-1991--
1992Contaminaci'on atmosférica causada pour veh'iculos autom''oviles : consecuencias sanitarias y medidas para combatirla / editado por David Mage y Olivier ZaliMage, David T; Zali, Olivier; World Health Organization. Division of Environmental HealthWHO/PEP/92.4. Unpublished
1996Creutzfeld-Jakob disease : results of a retrospective survey--
1992Democratic psychiatry / Margot Wicki-SchwarzschildWicki-Schwarzschild, Margot-
WHF_1989_10(1)_p41-47.pdf.jpg1989Development of health activities in Switzerland / Letizia Toscani, A. Rougemont & O. JeanneretToscani, Letizia; Rougemont, André; Jeanneret, Olivier-
1993Echinococcose alvéolaire : prévalence d' Echinococcus multilocularis chez le renard--
WHO_GPA_IDS_93.1.pdf.jpg1993Effective approaches to AIDS prevention : report of a meeting, Geneva, 26-29 May 1992Meeting on Effective Approaches to AIDS Prevention (1992 : Geneva, Switzerland); WHO Global Programme on AIDSWHO/GPA/IDS/93.1. Unpublished
1990Enquêtes sur les maladies chroniques : évaluation du dépistage de l' hypertension dans une communauté suisse par la méthode de sondage en grappes du PEV--
1998Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) : recrudescence of measles--
1993Expanded Programme on Immunization : immunization coverage survey by telephone--
1991La Fièvre Q en 1988-1989--
Showing results 1 to 20 of 113