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A66_47-ch.pdf.jpg20132015年后发展议程中的卫生问题 : 秘书处的报告世界卫生大会 66A66/47
A66_R11-ch.pdf.jpg20132015年后联合国发展议程中的卫生问题世界卫生大会 66WHA66.11
AFR_RC36_R11_por.pdf.jpg1986Abordagem ”Cuidados Primários de Saúde” para a promoção e a protecção da saúde dos trabalhadores agricolas durante a década do desenvolvimento industrial em ÁfricaComité Regional Africano, 36AFR/RC36/R11
8170367433_eng.pdf.jpg1999Abortion in the developing world / editors: Axel I. Mundigo, Cynthia IndrisoMundigo, Axel I; Indriso, Cynthia; World Health Organization-
1987Acci'on pol'itica en pro de la atenci'on primaria / Kingsley HeendeniyaHeendeniya, Kingsley-
B115_5-en.pdf.jpg2005Achievement of the health-related Millennium Development Goals: status reportExecutive Board 115EB115/5; EB115/5 Corr.1
interim_statement_eng.pdf.jpg2007Achieving health equity : from root causes to fair outcomes : Commission on Social Determinants of Health, interim statementCommission on Social Determinants of Health-
EB49_SR-3_spa.pdf.jpg1972Acta resumida de la tercera sesiónConsejo Ejecutivo, 49EB49/SR/3 Rev. 1
9789241500876_eng.pdf.jpg2010Action on the social determinants of health: learning from previous experiencesWorld Health Organization-
1987Une action politique pour les soins de santé primaires / Kingsley HeendeniyaHeendeniya, Kingsley-
WHO_NMH_NPH_02.8.pdf.jpg2002Active ageing : a policy frameworkWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Health PromotionWHO/NMH/NPH/02.8
FCTC_COP5_10-fr.pdf.jpg2012Activités de remplacement de la culture du tabac économiquement viables (en relation avec les articles 17 et 18 de la Convention-cadre de l’OMS pour la lutte antitabac) : rapport du groupe de travailConvention-cadre de l’OMS pour la lutte antitabac, Conférence des Parties à la Convention-cadre de l’OMS pour la lutte antitabac, cinquième session, Séoul, République de Corée, 12-17 novembre 2012FCTC/COP/5/10
A60_DIV6-en.pdf.jpg2007Address by Mr Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway, at the sixtieth World Health Assembly, Geneva, Tuesday, 15 May 2007World Health Assembly, 60A60/DIV/6
A59_3-en.pdf.jpg2006Address by the Director-General to the fifty-ninth World Health Assembly, Geneva, Monday, 22 May 2006World Health Assembly, 59; Lee, Jong-WookA59/3
WHA25_TD-5_eng.pdf.jpg1972Address by the General Chairman at the opening of the Technical Discussions at the twenty-fifth World Health Assembly: "the contribution of health programmes to socio-economic development" by Dr Esther AmmundsenWorld Health Assembly, 25A25/Technical Discussions/5
WHO_HTM_TB_2005.352.pdf.jpg2005Addressing poverty in TB control : options for national TB control programmesAhn, Dong Il; World Health Organization. Stop TB Dept; Stop TB PartnershipWHO/HTM/TB/2005.352
9789241505314_eng.pdf.jpg2013Addressing social determinants of health through intersectoral actions: five public policy cases from MexicoMartinez Valle, Adolfo; Figueroa-Lara, Alejandro; World Health Organization-
Urban dimension and the role of local government (Rus).pdf.jpg2012Addressing the social determinants of health: the urban dimension and the role of local government--
EB55R37_eng.pdf.jpg1975Ad hoc committee on the antimalaria programmeExecutive Board, 55EB55.R37
WHO_FCH_CAH_02.14.pdf.jpg2003Adolescent friendly health services : an agenda for changeWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Child and Adolescent Health and DevelopmentWHO/FCH/CAH/02.14
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1120