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Aftermath of a field trial in self-administered pyrimethamine in a Ghanaian Community : the appearance of P. Falciparum resistance / by L. J. Charles
Charles, L. J; World Health Organization ( 1960 )
Apparition d' une résistance à la pyrimethamine chez P. Falciparum à la suite de l' auto-administration du médicament dans une collectivité rurale du Ghana / par L. J. Charles ... [et al.]
Charles, L. J; World Health Organization ( 1961 )
The Appearance of pyrimethamine resistance in P. Falciparum following self-medication by a rural community in Ghana / by L. J. Charles ... [et al.]
Charles, L. J; World Health Organization ( 1961 )
Assessing risk factors for chronic diseases / Elena Matos, Marta Vilensky, & Dora Loria
Matos, Elena L; Vilensky, Marta; Loria, Doria ( 1997 )
Bases metodológicas para evaluar la viabilidad y el impacto de proyectos de telemedicina
Martínez, Andrés; Pan American Health Organization ( 2001 )
La campagne expérimentale d' éradication du paludisme dans le Nord de la République du Cameroun / par Ph. Cavalié and J. Mouchet
Cavalié, Ph; Mouchet, J; World Health Organization ( 1961 )
Community participation - with provider collaboration / Ehsan Ullah Tarin and Colin Thunhurst
Tarin, Ehsan Ullah; Thunhurst, Colin ( 1998 )
Conséquence d' un essai pratique d' auto-administration de pyrimethamine dans une collectivité ghanéenne : apparition d' une résistance à P. Falciparum / par L. J. Charles
Charles, L. J; World Health Organization ( 1960 )
Consommation de drogues illicites chez des lycéens de la Jamaïque / K. Soyibo et M. G. Lee
Soyibo, K; Lee, M. G ( 1999 )
Consumo de drogas ilícitas entre los estudiantes de secundaria en Jamaica / K. Soyibo y M. G. Lee
Soyibo, K; Lee, M. G ( 1999 )
Coordination of DOTS-plus pilot projects for the management of MDR-TB : proceedings of a meeting, Geneva, 29 January 1999 / edited by Marcos A. Espinal, Mario C. Raviglione
Espinal, Marcos A; Raviglione, Mario C; World Health Organization. Communicable Diseases ( 1999 )
Cost and cost-effectiveness of public-private mix DOTS : evidence from two pilot projects in India
Stop TB Partnership ( 2004 )
Cost-effectiveness analysis of tuberculosis control policies in Ivanovo Oblast, Russian Federation / G. B. Migliori ... [et al.]
Migliori, Giovanni Battista; Khomenko, A. G; Punga, V. V; Ambrosetti, M; Danilova, I; Ribka, L. N; Grzemska, Malgorzata; Sawert, H; Raviglione, Mario C; Ivanovo Tuberculosis Project Study Group ( 1998 )
Coverage of pilot parenteral vaccination campaign against canine rabies in N'Djamena, Chad U. Kayali ... [et al.]
Kayali, U; Mindekem, R; Yémadji, N; Vounatsou, P; Kaninga, Y; Ndoutamia, A. G; Zinsstag, J ( 2003 )
Criteria for clinical audit of the quality of hospital-based obstetric care in developing countries / W. Graham ... [et al.]
Graham, W; Wagaarachchi, P; Penney, G; McCaw-Binns, A; Antwi, K. Yeboah; Hall, M. H ( 2000 )
The design of an experimental malaria eradication project for Kankiya, Northern Nigeria / by Cecil V. Foll, George Macdonald, Caton B. Cuellar
Foll, Cecil V; World Health Organization ( 1967 )
Determinantes biopatológicos de la aterosclerosis en la juventud (Estudio PBDAY), 1986-1996 / N. H. Sternby, J. E. Fernandez-Britto y P. Nordet
Sternby, N. H; Fernandez-Britto, J. E; Nordet, P ( 1999 )
Development of environment and health indicators for European Union countries : results of a pilot study : report on a WHO working group meeting, Bonn, Germany 7-9 July 2004
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2004 )

From October 2002 to September 2004, the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health implemented the project "Development of Environment and Health Indicators for the European Union countries (ECOEHIS)". The meeting in Bonn, 7-9 July 2004 was convened to review the results of the pilot study, testing the feasibility and applicability of proposed indicators in countries participating in the project. Based on national reports as well as the review of international databases and reporting systems, the meeting recommended a list of "core" indicators ready for inclusion in the European Commission Health Indicators core set. The meeting also identified issues that require further developmental work in order to allow for a more comprehensive monitoring and assessment of environmental health policies

Déterminants physiopathologiques de l' athérosclérose chez les jeunes (Etude PBDAY), 1986-1996 / N. H. Sternby, J. E. Fernandez-Britto et P. Nordet
Sternby, N. H; Fernandez-Britto, J. E; Nordet, P ( 1999 )
DOTS-Plus and the Green Light Committee
World Health Organization. Communicable Diseases Cluster ( 2000 )
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