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Comité régional de l'Afrique, 30 ( 1980 )
8020 better oral health for older people
WHO Centre for Health Development (Kobe, Japan) ( 2006 )
Aggressive strategic planning for oral health in Kuwait: a decade of post-war successes
Morris, R.E.; Gillespie, G.M.; Al Za'abi, F.; Al Rashed, B.; Al Mahmeed, B.E. ( 2008 )

Strategic planning and implementation of oral health care and disease prevention programmes after the 1990/91 Gulf war are discussed. The key concept was to develop access to care and disease prevention for all Kuwaiti children in government kindergarten/primary schools and to eliminate emphasis on extractions and restorations. Resources were restored to pre-war levels and then increased. Prevention programmes for 150 000 children were established. Prevention funds increased from 7% to 20% of the oral health budget. Prevention-based dentists increased from 9.7% to 28.0% of staff. Rising caries trends were stabilized or reduced by up to 36.8%. Percentage of caries-free primary dentition in children increased up to 37.6%, permanent dentition up to 27.0%. A dentistry school was established

Alternative systems of oral care delivery : report of a WHO expert committee [meeting held in Geneva from 28 November to 4 December 1985]
WHO Expert Committee on Alternative Systems of Oral Care Delivery; World Health Organization ( 1987 )

A future-oriented discussion of ways to revise present systems of oral health care so as to make them more relevant and responsive to the needs of society. The book opens with an overview of present systems of oral health care and a discussion of their positive and negative features. A second section, devoted to a discussion of the evolution of oral health care, provides important background information for understanding the main sources of resistance to revisions in present systems. To illustrate the design and operation of an alternative system, the report describes an innovative oral health care programme now being tested in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The programme is based on the principles of primary health care in the setting of the local community with support from centrally organized referral levels. The concluding sections discuss ways in which an analysis of oral health care needs and the work skills required can improve the cost-effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency of oral health services

Ayant examiné le rapport1 du Directeur régional-Document AFR/RC24/4.
Comité régional de l'Afrique, 24 ( 1974 )
Basic methods for assessing renal fluoride excretion in community prevention programmes for oral health
World Health Organization ( 2014 )
La brosse à dents naturelle / Khalid Almas & Taha R. Al-Lafi
Almas, Khalid; Al-Lafi, Taha R ( 1995 )
Buena dentadura sin dentistas / Kerstin M. Björnheden y W. Dandato Sithole
Björnheden, Kerstin M; Sithole, W. Dandato ( 1994 )
Un cepillo de dientes natural / Khalid Almas y Taha R. Al-Lafi
Almas, Khalid; Al-Lafi, Taha R ( 1995 )
Comparing oral health care systems : a second international collaborative study / M. Chen ... [et al.]
International Collaborative Study on Oral Health Care Systems . 2nd; Chen, M; Andersen, R. M; Barmes, David E; Leclerq, M. H; Lyttle, C. S; WHO Oral Health Programme ( 1997 )
Cuarto informe de la Comisión A
Asamblea Mundial de la Salud, 42 ( 1989 )
De bonnes dents sans dentiste / Kerstin M. Björnheden & W. Dandato Sithole
Björnheden, Kerstin M; Sithole, W. Dandato ( 1994 )
Dental health status and risk factors for dental caries in adults in Istanbul, Turkey
Namal, N.; Can, G.; Vehid, S.; Koksal, S.; Kaypmaz, A. ( 2008 )

The aim this study was to record the oral health in adults in Istanbul, Turkey, and to evaluate the risk indicators associated with a high significant caries index [SiC]. A random sample of 2183 individuals in Bayrampasa district aged between 18 and 74 years were invited for a free dental examination and interview. The mean decayed, missing and filled teeth index [DMFT] was 11.44 and the SiC was 14.00, increasing from 6.00 for the age group 18-19 years to 15.32 at 33-44 years and 28.00 at 65-74 years. Logistic regression analysis showed that older age, female sex and rural origin of birth were the significant risk indicators for a high SiC index

Deuxieme Seminaire sur l'Hygiene Dentaire, Adelaide (Australie meridionale), 10 - 20 fevrier 1959 : rapport final
Organisation mondiale de la Santé. Bureau régional du Pacifique occidental ( 1959 )
Dietary patterns and oral health in schoolchildren from Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
Jaghasi, I.; Hatahet, W.; Dashash, M. ( 2012 )

This study investigated the association between dietary patterns and oral health in primary-school children from Damascus. Atotal of 504 children aged 6-12 years were enrolled and food frequency questionnaires were distributed to their guardians to evaluate food consumption. Dental health was evaluated by gingival index and presence of untreated dental caries. Consumption of food groups was lower than recommended frequencies, whereas consumption of sugars was high. High sugar consumption [OR 5.26], low consumption of dairy products [OR 2,45] and poor oral hygiene [OR 2.98] remained risk factors for dental caries in multiple regression analysis. Poor oral hygiene [OR 18.5], high consumption of sugars [OR 1.82] and low frequency of tooth brushing [OR 1.98] also remained as risk factors for gingivitis regardless of all confounders included in the analysis. Comprehensive educational programmes about dietary patterns and their relation to oral health should be provided for children and their guardians

Donner aux étudiants en médecine une formation en santé bucco-dentaire / Robert R. Wylie & G. F. D. Heseltine
Wylie, Robert R; Heseltine, G. F. D ( 1997 )
Educación en salud bucodental para estudiantes de medicina / Robert R. Wylie y G. F. D. Heseltine
Wylie, Robert R; Heseltine, G. F. D ( 1997 )
Efectividad de un programa comunitario de docencia y servicio en salud oral / William Brenes G'omez y Nora Chaves Quir'os
Brenes G'omez, William; Chaves Quir'os, Nora ( 1993 )
Estratégia Regional Africana de Saúde Oral
Comité Regional Africano, 48 ( 1998 )
Evaluation of community based oral health promotion and oral disease prevention : report of a workshop convened at WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, 19-20 June 2003
WHO Oral Health Programme ( 2004 )
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