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Abordagem ”Cuidados Primários de Saúde” para a promoção e a protecção da saúde dos trabalhadores agricolas durante a década do desenvolvimento industrial em África
Comité Regional Africano, 36 ( 1986 )
Advisory Committee on Health Research: summary of the Committee's report on its twenty-ninth session
Executive Board, 83 ( 1988 )
The Andalusian nutritional survey : comparison of the nutritional status of Andalusian children aged 6-60 months with that of the NCHS/CDC reference population / E. Briones ... [et al.]
Briones, E; Perea, E; Ruiz, M. P; Torro, C; Gili, M ( 1989 )
Anthropometric assessment of the nutritional status of preschool-age children in Cape Verde / A. Wennberg
Wennberg, A ( 1988 )
Anthropométrie maternelle et prévision de l' issue de la grossesse : mémorandum d' une réunion USAID/OMS/OPS/MotherCare
( 1991 )
Appréciation de l' état nutritionnel des populations (principalement par voie d' enquête) dans les pays en développement / Derrick B. Jelliffe ; en consultation avec vingt-cinq experts de divers pays
Jelliffe, Derrick Brian; World Health Organization ( 1969 )
Assessing the iron status of populations: including literature reviews: report of a Joint World Health Organization/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Technical Consultation on the Assessment of Iron Status at the Population Level, Geneva, Switzerland, 6-8 April 2004
Joint World Health Organization/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Technical Consultation on the Assessment of Iron Status at the Population Level (2004 : Geneva, Switzerland) ( 2007 )
Assessment of nutritional status : effects of different methods to determine age on the classification of undernutrition / J. Gorstein
Gorstein, Jonathan ( 1989 )
The assessment of the nutritional status of the community (with special reference to field surveys in developing regions of the world / Derrick B. Jelliffe ; prepared in consultation with twenty-five specialists in various countries
Jelliffe, Derrick Brian; World Health Organization ( 1966 )
Background document for reference and use at the technical discussions on "the importance of national and international food and nutrition policies for health development"
World Health Assembly, 30 ( 1977 )
Better prospects for child survival / C. A. Monteiro ... [et al.]
Monteiro, Carlos A; Pino Z'u~niga, H. P; Benicio, Maria H. d'A; Victoria, C. G ( 1989 )
Breastfeeding and healthy eating in pregnancy and lactation : report on a WHO workshop, Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation 5-8 October 1998
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 1998 )

Poor maternal diet, especially during pregnancy and lactation, poses a potential threat to maternal and child health. The woman's nutritional status during these periods has important implications for both her own health and her ability to give birth and breastfeed a healthy infant. Yet even in the 1990s, babies in many countries are still at risk of undernutrition before birth. The Workshop was designed for primary health care workers interested in how food intake and nutritional status affect the health of women and infants. It was attended by paediatricians, gynaecologists/obstetricians and hygienists working in the Russian state system of sanitary6epidemic control. A two-day course for primary health care providers on "breastfeeding management" was followed by pilot testing of the revised WHO/UNICEF training module on "healthy eating in pregnancy and lactation". The participants gained knowledge of international nutrient recommendations and dietary guidelines, of evaluating the nutritional quality of the diet, and of providing advice to women during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period with a view to promoting WHO guidelines on healthy eating. They also learned about principles of breastfeeding management, which are a priority of the WHO/UNICEF Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. The Workshop stimulated the development of a plan of action for the Arkhangelsk region to implement dietary guidelines for women and their families

Cinquième rapport de la Commission B
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 31 ( 1978 )
Comité consultatifs de la recherche en santé: résumé du rapport du Comité sur sa vingt-neuvième session
Conseil exécutif, 83 ( 1988 )
Comité Consultivo de Investigaciones Sanitarias: resumen del informe del Comité sobre su 29a reunión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 83 ( 1988 )
Comité d' experts sur l' appréciation médicale de l' état de nutrition [réuni à Genève du 21 au 27 août 1962] : rapport
World Health Organization. Expert Committee on Medical Assessment of Nutritional Status; World Health Organization ( 1963 )
Comité de Expertos en Evaluaci'on Médica del Estado de Nutrici'on [se reuni'o en Ginebra del 21 al 27 de agosto de 1962] : informe
World Health Organization. Expert Committee on Medical Assessment of Nutritional Status; World Health Organization ( 1963 )
Conference internationale sur la nutrition: rapport du Directeur général
Conseil exécutif, 91 ( 1993 )
Conferencia internacional sobre nutrición: informe del Director General
Consejo Ejecutivo, 91 ( 1993 )
Conferencia Mundial de la Alimentación
Consejo Ejecutivo, 55 ( 1975 )
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