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EB61_9_spa.pdf.jpg197729a reunión del Comité Regional para las Américas/XXV reunión del Consejo Ejecutivo de la OPS: informe del Director RegionalConsejo Ejecutivo, 61EB61/9
EB17_Min-19_spa.pdf.jpg1956Acta resumida de la décima novena sesiónConsejo Ejecutivo, 17EB17/Min/19 Rev. 1
WHO_Mal_27_fre.pdf.jpg1948L' action antipaludique en Grèce après la guerre et ses résultats evalués sur la base de données epidemiologiques G. A. Livadas, G. BeliosLivadas, G. A; Belios, G; WHO Expert Committee on MalariaWHO/Mal/27
WHO_MAL_66.562.pdf.jpg1966An annotated bibliography of papers relating to the control of mosquitos by the use of fish (Revised and enlarged to 1965) / by John B. Gerberich, Marshall LairdGerberich, John B; Laird, Marshall; World Health OrganizationWHO/Mal/66.562; WHO/EBL/66.71
WHO_MAL_96.1074.pdf.jpg1996Announcements of documents on vector bionomics in the epidemiology and control of malaria : part III, The WHO South-East Asia Region and the WHO Western Pacific Region : vol. 2, Leading literature - general review, 1970-1994 / prepared by A. R. ZaharZahar, A. RWHO/MAL/96.1074
WHO_Mal_31.pdf.jpg1949Availability of insecticides for the control of malariaWHO Expert Committee on Insecticides Session. (2nd : 1949 : Geneva, Switzerland)WHO/Mal./31; WHO/Insecticides/4
1983Basic biology of microbial larvicides of vectors of human diseases : proceedings of a consultation convened by the Scientific Working Groups on Biomedical Sciences and on Biological Control of Vectors of the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, Geneva, 26-27 April 1982, / edited by Frank MichalMichal, Frank; UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases-
1989Bednets that kill mosquitos / by Lee S. Self and R. M. MontanariSelf, Lee S; Montanari, R. M-
WHF_1985_6(4)_p342-344.pdf.jpg1985Bed nets that kill mosquitos / C. E. Schreck & L. S. SelfSchreck, C. E; Self, Lee S-
1998La campagne contre le paludisme : pourquoi pas l' éradication? / M. A. FaridFarid, Mohyeddin Ahmad; Liisberg, Eilif; Litsios, Socrates-
1998La campaña contra el paludismo : por qué no su erradicación? / M. A. FaridFarid, Mohyeddin Ahmad; Liisberg, Eilif; Litsios, Socrates-
WHO_VBC_88.960.pdf.jpg1988Case history on malaria vector control through the application of environmental management in Malaysia / Jit Singh and A. S. ThamSingh, Jit; Tham, A. S; World Health Organization. Division of Vector Biology and ControlWHO/VBC/88.960. Unpublished
bulletin_2004_82(2)_85-91.pdf.jpg2004Child mortality in a West African population protected with insecticide-treated curtains for a period of up to 6 years D. A. Diallo ... [et al.]Diallo, D. A; Cousens, S. N; Cuzin-Ouattara, N; Nebié, I; Ilboudo-Sanogo, E; Esposito, F-
WHO_Mal_359.pdf.jpg1962Choice of methods for the attack phase in malaria eradication programmes / by E. J. PampanaPampana, E. J; World Health OrganizationWHO/Mal/359
WHO_IC_MAL_12_fre.pdf.jpg1947Cinquième session, programme de lutte contre le paludismeWorld Health Organization. Interim Commission; WHO Expert Committee on Malaria Session. (5th : 1948 : Geneva, Switzerland)WHO.IC/Mal./12; WHO.IC/159
WHO_TRS_357_spa.pdf.jpg1967Comité de Expertos de la OMS en Paludismo [se reuni'o en Ginebra del 13 al 19 de septiembre de 1966] : 13 i̜nformeWHO Expert Committee on Malaria; World Health Organization-
WHO_TRS_291_spa.pdf.jpg1964Comité de Expertos de la OMS en Paludismo [se reuni'o en Ginebra del 16 al 22 de junio de 1964] : 11 [̜undécimo] informeWHO Expert Committee on Malaria; World Health Organization-
WHO_Mal_180_fre.pdf.jpg1956Comité d' Experts de l' OMS sur le paludisme, Athènes, 20-28 juin 1956 : sixième rapportWHO Expert Committee on Malaria (1956 ; Athens, Greece)WHO/Mal/180; WHO/Mal/180 Corr.3
WHO_IC_MAL_23_fre.pdf.jpg1948Comité d' experts sur le paludisme : note sur le coût des campagnes antipaludéennes au moyen de la pulvérisation au DDT à effet rémanentWHO Expert Committee on Malaria; World Health Organization. Interim CommissionWHO.IC/Mal./23
WHO_IC_MAL_4_fre.pdf.jpg1947Comité d' experts sur le paludisme, rapport sur la première session, Genève, 22-25 avril 1947World Health Organization. Interim Commission; WHO Experts Committee on Malaria (1947 : Geneva, Switzerland)WHO.IC/Mal./4; WHO.IC/79
Showing results 1 to 20 of 377