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Active immunization against common communicable diseases of childhood
World Health Assembly, 2 ( 1949 )
Aerosolized measles and measles-rubella vaccines induce better measles antibody booster responses than injected vaccines : randomized trials in Mexican schoolchildren / John V. Bennett ... [et al.]
Bennett, John V; Fernandez de Castro, Jorge; Valdespino-Gomez, Jose Luis; Garcia-Garcia, Ma de Lourdes ?UNAUTHORIZED; Islas-Romero, Rocio; Echaniz-Aviles, Gabriela; Jimenez-Corona, Aida; Sepulveda-Amor, Jaime ( 2002 )
Ayant examiné le rapport du Directeur régional sur le programme de lutte contre les maladies diarrhéiques
Comité régional de l'Afrique, 38 ( 1988 )
Can measles be eradicated globally? / Ciro A. de Quadros
de Quadros, Ciro A ( 2004 )
Clinical safety issues of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines / M. A. Afzal, P. D. Minor, and G. C. Schild
Afzal, M. A; Minor, Phillip D; Schild, G. C ( 2000 )
Collaborative study of a proposed international reference preparation for measles vaccine (live
World Health Organization. Biologicals Unit; WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization (1985 : Geneva, Switzerland) ( 1985 )
Comparison of AIK-C measles vaccine in infants at 6 months with Schwarz vaccine at 9 months : a randomized controlled trial in Ghana / F. K. Nkrumah ... [et al.]
Nkrumah, F. K; Osei-Kwasi, Mubarak; Dunyo, S. K; Koram, K. A; Afari, E. A ( 1998 )
Developing an immunization safety surveillance system in the Philippines : feedback / Kenneth Hartigan-Go ... [et al.]
Hartigan-Go, Kenneth; Roces, Concepcion; Habacon, Camilla A; Mansoor, Osman; Shin, Susan ( 2000 )
Diarrhoeal Diseases Control Programme
Regional Committee for Africa, 38 ( 1988 )
Distributing insecticide-treated bednets during measles vaccination : a low-cost means of achieving high and equitable coverage / Mark Grabowsky .... [et al.]
Grabowsky, Mark; Nobiya, Theresa; Ahun, Mercy; Donna, Rose; Lengor, Miata; Zimmerman, Drake; Ladd, Holly; Hoekstra, Edward; Bello, Aliu; Baffoe-Wilmot, Aba; Amofah, George ( 2005 )
Do childhood vaccines have non-specific effects on mortality ? William O. Cooper ... [et al.]
Cooper, William O; Boyce, Thomas G; Wright, Peter F; Griffin, Marie R ( 2003 )
Do measles vaccines have non-specific effects on mortality ? : Letters / Peter Aaby and Henrik Jensen
Aaby, Peter; Jensen, Henrik ( 2005 )
Duration of immunity following immunization with live measles vaccine : 15 years of observation in Zhejiang Province, China / Dai Bin ... [et al.]
Dai, Bin; Chen, Zhihui; Liu, Qichang; Wu, Ting; Guo, Chengyin; Wang, Xingzi; Fang, Hanhua; Xiang, Yongzhong ( 1991 )
Comité Regional Africano, 61 ( 2011 )
Eliminating measles : no quick fix : editorial / Nigel J. Gay
Gay, Nigel J ( 2000 )
Une enquête d' efficacité vaccinale dans la ville de Bongor (Tchad) et ses conséquences opérationnelles pour le programme de vaccination / J.-C. Luthi, W. Kessler & M. Boelaert
Luthi, Jean-Christophe; Kessler, W; Boelaert, M ( 1997 )
Epidemiología del sarampión e inmunización de respuesta a brotes en una comunidad rural del Perú / D. H. Sniadack ... [et al]
Sniadack, D. H; Moscoso, B; Aguilar, R; Heath, J; Bellini, W; Chuy Chiu, M ( 2000 )
Epidémiologie de la rougeole et vaccination en réponse à une poussée épidémique dans une communauté rurale de Pérou / D. H. Sniadack ... [et al]
Sniadack, D. H; Moscoso, B; Aguilar, R; Heath, J; Bellini, W; Chuy Chiu, M ( 2000 )
European Advisory Group on the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EAG/EPI) : report on the fourteenth meeting, London, United Kingdom 27-29 January 1998
WHO Expanded Programme on Immunization. European Advisory Group . Meeting (14th: 1998: London, United Kingdom); World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 1998 )

The EAG proposed targets and recommendations for the elimination of poliomyelitis, neonatal tetanus, indigenous diphtheria and measles, for reducing the carrier incidence of hepatitis B virus in children under five years, and for controlling mumps, pertussis, congenital rubella and invasive disease caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b. Achieving these targets would require appropriate political will, well defined strategies, the necessary managerial and financial resources, well organized public health systems with laboratory-based infectious diseases surveillance, high immunization coverage, national and international collaboration, and national immunization programmes that were sustainable and self-sufficient from the earliest possible date. The EAG agreed that poliomyelitis eradication remained the first priority for national elimination programmes. It believed, however, that measles elimination strategies needed to be accelerated and that an operational plan should be developed. The EAG agreed that hepatitis B prevention was a high priority. The Group recommended that all countries implement systems to monitor adverse events following immunization and safe immunization practices. The EAG was aware that public and professional concerns about vaccine safety would increase in both developed and developing countries, with the potential to seriously undermine confidence in immunization. The EAG considered that, subject to public health justifications for resource utilization, there could be useful roles for rotavirus and varicella vaccines in routine programmes. The Group recognized the advantages of new combination vaccines, but was also aware of some of their shortcomings. The EAG was appreciative of the progress towards poliomyelitis eradication in the Region, and endorsed the definition for classification of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis

European Advisory Group on the Expanded Programme on Immunization : report on the 12th meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark, 21 November 1996
European Advisory Group on the Expanded Programme on Immunization. Meeting (12th: 1996: Copenhagen, Denmark); World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 1997 )

At its twelfth meeting, the European Advisory Group (EAG) confirmed that the first priority for measles control was the achievement of high coverage with a single dose of vaccine, though this would not serve to eliminate the disease. The interruption of transmission needed to be maintained, and this could be achieved with supplementary vaccination, either through repeated campaigns or by the administration of second doses. Whichever approach was used, it was essential that the reaccumulation of susceptibles was prevented. The EAG endorsed the importance of achieving very high coverage of primary immunization with DTP vaccine. This should be completed before six months of age. The first booster could be given at 16-36 months of age, with another (DT) before school entry and a third (Td) on leaving school. This recommendation applied to all European countries. In a number of countries, especially those presently experiencing or having recently experienced epidemic diphtheria, a further booster should be given during the school years. Where the risk of diphtheria was considered high, periodic booster doses for adults would be necessary to prevent resurgence of the disease as immunity waned. On poliomyelitis, the EAG noted the significant impact of Operation MECACAR and the increasing awareness that remaining outbreaks of poliomyelitis in the Region had often followed importation of the disease. The EAG endorsed the plan of action for 1997 proposed by the Regional Office. In countries where poliomyelitis was still endemic or had become nonendemic within the past three years, the surveillance of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) remained the recommended form of surveillance, especially for certification purposes. However, in countries where polioviruses had not been detected for many years, and AFP surveillance was not appropriate, other means of surveillance would need to be used. The EAG recommended that the Regional Office commission a position paper to review the options for laboratory-based or other surveillance techniques, so that appropriate guidelines could be issued

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