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12.1 Programme (Actes off. OMS, 10, p. 3) : Troisième rapport de la Commission du programme
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 1 ( 1948 )
12.1 Programme (Off.Rec.WHO, 10, page 3): third report of the Committee on Programme
World Health Assembly, 1 ( 1948 )
12.1.12 Editorial services and publications (Off.Rec.WHO, 10, page 24): Committee on Programme: paper submitted by the Polish delegation
World Health Assembly, 1 ( 1948 )
12.1.12 Service d'éditions et de publications (Actes off. OMS, 10, page 29) : Commission du programme : Document soumis par la délégation polonaise
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 1 ( 1948 )
26a reunión del Comité Regional para Europa: informe del Director Regional
Consejo Ejecutivo, 59 ( 1976 )
[A critical view of Arabic curriculum as a requirement for medical schools, Gezira University]
Mohamedani, Ahmed Abdallah; Abdal Rahman, Samira Hamed; Al Abbas, Omar Al Sayed ( 2009 )

We compared the present Arabic syllabus used in Gezira University Medical School with previous ones. We also surveyed students and Arabic professors in medical sciences on their views on the content and teaching/evaluation procedures and how these contributed to students' understanding of the medical science syllabus. The current syllabus was designed to provide students with Arabic language skills with particular reference to scientific language. The students' opinions differed regarding their understanding of clinical medicine and their interaction with patients and also the benefits to them of research procedures and reporting. The professors considered the syllabus was adequate to achieve its aims but emphasized the importance of varying teaching methods and evaluation

Acta resumida de la décima sexta sesión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 49 ( 1972 )
Acta resumida de la sexta sesión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 26 ( 1960 )
Acta resumida de la sexta sesión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 43 ( 1969 )
Acta resumida de la séptima sesión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 26 ( 1960 )
Acta resumida provisional de la vigésima sexta sesión
Consejo Ejecutivo, 57 ( 1976 )
Additional use of the Spanish language
World Health Assembly, 7 ( 1954 )
Adoption of Spanish as a working language
Executive Board, 7 ( 1951 )
Amendement au règlement intérieur du Conseil exécutif (emploi de l'espagnol)
Conseil exécutif, 8 ( 1951 )
Amendements à l'article 74 de la Constitution de l'OMS: texte arabe authentique
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 31 ( 1978 )
Amendment to Article 74 of the WHO Constitution: authentic Arabic Text
World Health Assembly, 31 ( 1978 )
Amendment to rules of procedure of the Executive Board (use of Spanish)
Executive Board, 8 ( 1951 )
Atteindre le plus grand nombre : les langues et la communication à l’OMS : Rapport du Directeur général
Conseil exécutif, 105 ( 2000 )
Ayant examiné le rapport du Directeur régional sur l’utilisation de la langue portugaises au Bureau régional de l’Afrique.
Comité régional de l'Afrique, 28 ( 1978 )
Bulletin de l'Organisation mondiale de la Santé : Edition russe
Conseil exécutif, 33 ( 1964 )
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