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Accelerating Access Initiative : widening access to care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS : progress report, June 2002
World Health Organization; UNAIDS ( 2002 )
WHO Medicines Report FINAL2015.pdf.jpg
Access to new medicines in Europe: technical review of policy initiatives and opportunities for collaboration and research
( 2015 )

This report, with a focus on sustainable access to new medicines, reviews policies that affect medicines throughout their lifecycle (from research and development to disinvestment), examining the current evidence base across Europe. While many European countries have not traditionally required active priority-setting for access to medicines, appraising new medicines using pharmacoeconomics is increasingly seen as critical in order to improve efficiency in spending while maintaining an appropriate balance between access and cost–effectiveness. The study features findings from 27 countries and explores different ways that health authorities in European countries are dealing with high spending on new medicines, including methods such as restrictive treatment guidelines, target levels for use of generics, and limitations on the use of particularly expensive drugs. It also outlines possible policy directions and choices that may help governments to reduce high prices when introducing new drugs.

Action in respect of international conventions on narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
Executive Board, 77 ( 1986 )
Action programme on essential drugs
Executive Board, 63 ( 1979 )
Action programme on essential drugs
Executive Board, 63 ( 1978 )
Action programme on essential drugs
World Health Assembly, 32 ( 1979 )
Action programme on essential drugs (draft resolution proposed by the delegations of Cuba, Mozambique, Norway and Yugoslavia)
World Health Assembly, 32 ( 1979 )
Action programme on essential drugs (draft resolution proposed by the rapporteurs)
Executive Board, 63 ( 1979 )
Action programme on essential drugs and vacines: progress report by the Executive Board Ad Hoc Committee on Drug Policies
Executive Board, 73 ( 1984 )
Action programme on essential drugs: report by the Director-General
Executive Board, 69 ( 1981 )
Address to International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations Assembly / Hiroshi Nakajima
Nakajima, Hiroshi ( 1988 )
Address to ninth general assembly of the World Federation of Proprietary Medicines Manufacturers / Hiroshi Nakajima
Nakajima, Hiroshi ( 1989 )
Adverse drug-related events : need for increased efficiency in international transfer of information
( 1994 )
Aide aux gouvernements en vue de la fabrication d'antibiotiques et d'insecticides
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 5 ( 1952 )
Alianzas publicoprivadas en pro de la salud : principales objetivos, diversidad y futuras orientaciones / Roy Widdus
Widdus, Roy ( 2002 )
Allocution prononcée lors de l' Assemblée de la Fédération internationale de l' industrie du médicament / Hiroshi Nakajima
Nakajima, Hiroshi ( 1988 )
La amenaza de los medicamentos de calidad inferior a la norma / Jiben Roy
Roy, Jiben ( 1994 )
Améliorer l’endiguement de la résistance aux antimicrobiens
Assemblée mondiale de la Santé, 58 ( 2005 )
Antimicrobial resistance: a threat to global health security: rational use of medicines by prescribers and patients: report by the Secretariat
World Health Assembly, 58 ( 2005 )
Antiretroviral medicines in low- and middle-income countries: forecasts of global and regional demand for 2012-2015
World Health Organization ( 2013 )
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