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10 [Ten] health questions about the 10 / written by Albena Arnaudova ; and edited by Yves Charpak
Arnaudova, Albena; Charpak, Yves; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2004 )
Aerosolized measles and measles-rubella vaccines induce better measles antibody booster responses than injected vaccines : randomized trials in Mexican schoolchildren / John V. Bennett ... [et al.]
Bennett, John V; Fernandez de Castro, Jorge; Valdespino-Gomez, Jose Luis; Garcia-Garcia, Ma de Lourdes ?UNAUTHORIZED; Islas-Romero, Rocio; Echaniz-Aviles, Gabriela; Jimenez-Corona, Aida; Sepulveda-Amor, Jaime ( 2002 )
Amodiaquine : a case for reconsideration? : reports on individual drugs
( 1996 )
Analyse comparative de la mortalité violente dans les pays développés et dans quelques pays en développement durant la période 1985-1989 / Robert Bourbeau
Bourbeau, Robert ( 1993 )
Analyse comparative des coûts de différentes politiques de traitement de la tuberculose en Italie / G. B. Migliori ... [et al.]
Migliori, Giovanni Battista; Ambrosetti, M; Besozzi, G; Farris, B; Nutini, S; Saini, L; Casali, L; Nardini, S; Bugiani, M; Neri, M; Raviglione, Mario C ( 1999 )
Analyse coût-efficacité de l' utilisation de l' artésunate et de la quinine + tétracycline pour le traitement du paludisme à falciparum non compliqué à Chanthaburi (Thaïland) / E. R. Honrado ... [et al.]
Honrado, E. R; Fungladda, W; Kamoiratanaku, P; Kitayaporn, D; Karbwang, J; Thimasarn, K; Masngammueng, R ( 1999 )
Antibody response of patients after postexposure rabies vaccination with small intradermal doses of purified chick embryo cell vaccine or purified Vero cell rabies vaccine / D. J. Briggs ... [et al.]
Briggs, D. J; Banzhoff, A; Nicolay, U; Sirikwin, S; Dumavibhat, B; Tongswas, S; Wasi, C ( 2000 )
Application of the indirect haemagglutination test for malaria / by J. H. E. Th. Meuwissen ... [et al.]
Meuwissen, J. H. E. Th; Leeuwenberg, Anna D. E. M; Voller, A; Matola, Y; World Health Organization ( 1973 )
Application of the principles of substantial equivalence to the safety evaluation of foods or food components from plants derived by modern biotechnology : report of a WHO workshop
Workshop on the Application of the Principles of Substantial Equivalence to the Safety Evaluation of Food or Food Components from Plants Derived by Modern Biotechnology (1994: Copenhagen, Denmark); World Health Organization. Food Safety Team ( 1995 )
Benchmarks for health expenditures, services and outcomes in Africa during the 1990s / D. H. Peters ... [et al.]
Peters, D. H; Elmendorf, A. E; Kandola, K; Chellaraj, G ( 2000 )
Biomedical and development paradigms in AIDS prevention / I. Wolffers
Wolffers, I ( 2000 )
The burden of mental disorders : a comparison of methods between the Australian burden of disease studies and the Global Burden of Disease Study / T. Vos and C. D. Mathers
Vos, Theo; Mathers, Colin D ( 2000 )
The Burden of tropical diseases among the poorest and richest 20% of the global population : a report / prepared by Davidson R. Gwatkin and Michel Guillot
Gwatkin, Davidson R; Guillot, Michel; UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases ( 1998 )
Can vector control play a useful supplementary role against bancroftian filariasis / C. A. Maxwell ... [et al.]
Maxwell, C. A; Mohammed, Khalfan; Kisumku, Uledi; Curtis, C. F ( 1999 )
Capacity building in health care : a review of the international experience / by Stefanie Ettelt ... [et al.]
Ettelt, Stefanie; Nolte, Ellen; Mays, Nicholas; Thomson, Sarah; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies; International Healthcare Comparisons Network ( 2008 )
Cataract blindness : the Indian experience : round table discussion / N. Venkatesh Prajna and G. Venkataswamy
Prajna, N. Venkatesh; Venkataswamy, G ( 2001 )
Chagas disease control programme in Brazil : a study of the effectiveness of 13 years of intervention / F. C. Costa ... [et al.]
Costa, F. C; Vitor, R. W. A; Antunes, C. M. F; Carneiro, M ( 1998 )
Chagas disease vector control through different intervention modalities in endemic localities of Paraguay / A. Rojas de Arias ... [et al.]
Rojas de Arias, A; Ferro, E. A; Ferreira, M. E; Simancas, L. C ( 1999 )
Changing trends in barriers to cataract surgery in India / K. Vaidyanathan ... [et al.]
Vaidyanathan, K; Limburg, H; Foster, A; Pandey, R. M ( 1999 )
Common methods and instruments for health interview surveys in Europe : report of the WHO EUROHIS mid-term review, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2-4 November 2000
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2001 )

While countries collect data on health to monitor the effects of health policy, the lack of coordination in the development of survey instruments hinders international comparisons of the results. The WHO Regional Office for Europe, working with 54 organizations in 35 countries in the WHO European Region, is tackling this problem through the project on common health interview surveys in Europe (EUROHIS). Within the current phase of the project, planned to end in December 2001, and co-sponsored by the BIOMED2 programme of the European Commission (EC), the EUROHIS Mid-term Review was held to examine the progress made in developing common instruments for seven indicators and decide on the action to take to complete the project. The participants discussed the draft instruments and agreed on the changes required. They recommended further field-testing for these instruments, along with those of the previous phases of the project, and their implementation, preferably as a group, in countries' health surveys. Finally, they asked WHO to urge all European Member States to use the final package of instruments in their health surveys

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