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The Absence of adult mortality data for sub-Saharan Africa : a practical solution / J. S. Kaufman ... [et al.]
Asuzu, M. C; Johnson, O. O; Owoaje, E. E; Rotimi, C. N; Kaufman, J. S; Cooper, R. S ( 1997 )
Acute respiratory infections in children : a case management intervention in Abbottabad District, Pakistan / A. J. Khan ... [et al.]
Khan, A. J; Khan, J. A; Akbar, M; Addiss, D. G ( 1990 )
Age-standardized mortality rates by cause in Basra, Iraq: 1978 and 2007
Sadek, H.N.; Ajeel, N.A.H. ( 2012 )

Mortality data are essential to identify the public health importance of different diseases and allocate resources appropriately. This descriptive study was carried out to assess the pattern of mortality in Basra governorate in southern Iraq using the death records from the civil registry system for 2 years [1978 and 2007]. The overall age-standardized mortality rate was lower in 2007 than 1978 [7.95 versus 8.70 per 1000], so too were the age-specific mortality rates, with the exception of that for young adults, which was 22% higher. The leading cause of death in both years was cardiovascular diseases, while cancer was the third leading cause in 1978 and the second in 2007. Mortality rates were 45.5% lower for infectious diseases in 2007 compared with 1978, 39.5% lower for respiratory diseases, 50.0% lower for digestive system diseases, 66.7% higher for congenital malformations and 4-fold higher for endocrine and nutritional diseases

Algorithms for verbal autopsies : a validation study in Kenyan children / M. A. Quigley, J. R. M. Armstrong Schellenberg, & R. W. Snow
Quigley, M. A; Armstrong Schellenberg, Joanna R. M; Snow, Robert W ( 1996 )
Amplification of medical certification of cause of death : inquiries to certifiers concerning incomplete or vague statements
World Health Organization ( 1953 )
Assessing a new approach to verbal autopsy interpretation in a rural Ethiopian community : the InterVA model / Mesganaw Fantahun ... [et al.]
Fantahun, Mesganaw; Fottrell, Edward; Berhane, Yemane; Wall, Stig; Högberg, Ulf; Byass, Peter ( 2006 )
The assessment of preventable infant and child deaths in developing countries : some applications of a new index / Stan D' Souza
D'Souza, Stan ( 1989 )
Au-delà des nombres : examiner les morts maternelles et les complications pour réduire les risques liés à la grossesse
World Health Organization. Dept. of Reproductive Health and Research ( 2004 )
Audit au niveau du district sur les causes et les circonstances des décès maternels dans le Kalimantan du Sud (Indonésie) / Gunawan Supratikto ... [et al.]
Supratikto, Gunawan; Wirth, Meg E; Achadi, Endang; Cohen, Surekha; Ronsmans, Carine ( 2002 )
Baisse de la mortalité de l' enfant : nouvelle évaluation / Omar B. Ahmad, Alan D. Lopez et Mie Inoue
Ahmad, Omar B; Lopez, Alan D; Inoue, Mie ( 2001 )
Beyond the numbers : reviewing maternal deaths and complications to make pregnancy safer
World Health Organization. Dept. of Reproductive Health and Research ( 2004 )
The burden of disease in Maputo City : registered and autopsied deaths in 1994 / Martinho Dgedge ... [et al.]
Dgedge, Martinho; Novoa, Ana; Macassa, Gloria; Sacarlal, Jahit; Black, James; Michaud, Catherine; Cliff, Julie ( 2001 )
The Burden of tropical diseases among the poorest and richest 20% of the global population : a report / prepared by Davidson R. Gwatkin and Michel Guillot
Gwatkin, Davidson R; Guillot, Michel; UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases ( 1998 )
The Butajira project in Ethiopia : a nested case-referent study of under-five mortality and its public health determinants / D. Shamebo ... [et al.]
Shamebo, D; Sandström, A; Muhe, L; Freij, L; Krantz, I; Lönnberg, G; Wall, Stig ( 1993 )
Causas de mortalidad materna en una zona semiurbana de Nigeria / Jasper Chiwuzie ... [et al.]
Chiwuzie, Jasper; Braimoh, Suleiman; Unuigbe, Jacob; Olumeko, Patience ( 1995 )
Cause of death statistics and vital rates, civil registration by systems and alternative sources of information
( 1994 )
Cause-specific mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa and Bangladesh / Martin Adjuik ... [et al.]
Adjuik, Martin; Smith, Tom; Clark, Sam; Todd, Jim; Garrib, Anu; Kinfu, Yohannes; Kahn, Kathy; Mola, Mitiki; Ashraf, Ali; Masanja, Honorati; Adazu, Ubaje; Sacarlal, Jahit; Alam, Nurul; Marra, Adama; Gbangou, Adjima; Mwageni, Eleuther; Binka, Fred ( 2006 )
Causes of childhood deaths in Bangladesh : results of a nationwide verbal autopsy study / A. H. Baqui ... [et al.]
Baqui, A. H; Black, R. E; Arifeen, S. E; Hill, K; Mitra, S. N; Al Sabir, A ( 1998 )
Causes of death : an assessment of global patterns of mortality around 1985 / Alan D. Lopez
Lopez, Alan D ( 1990 )
Causes of death among Syrian children using verbal autopsy
Abou Rashid, N.; Al Jirf, S.; Bashour, H. ( 1996 )

The causes of death in children under five years were studied using a structured verbal autopsy questionnaire. Possible determinants of death were also investigated. About 44% of deaths were among neonates [below 28 days of age]; the major causes of death in neonates were prematurity [33%] and birth-related factors [30%]. In infants [1-11 months of age], the leading cause of death was congenital malformations [24%]. Accidents were responsible for one-third of deaths in children aged 1-4 years. Factors that might have contributed to death were investigated. The public health importance of causes of death was evaluated and its implications were discussed

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