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bulletin_1993_71(2)_197-205.pdf.jpg1993A 13 [Thirteen]-year follow-up of treatment and snail control in an area endemic for Schistosoma mansoni in Brazil : incidence of infection and reinfection / M. F. F. de Lima e Costa ... [et al.]De Lima e Costa, M. F; Rocha, R. S; Coura Filho, P; Katz, N-
wer7721.pdf.jpg2002Accelerated control of rubella and prevention of congenital rubella syndrome, Brazil--
WHO_EHE_RUD_89.2.pdf.jpg1989Access to life-saving services in urban areas / prepared under the joint sponsorship of the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Health OrganizationWorld Health Organization. Environmental Health in Rural and Urban Development and Housing Unit; United Nations Environment ProgrammeWHO/EHE/RUD/89.2. Unpublished
1997Actif à tout âge--
1997Active ageing--
wer7629.pdf.jpg2001Adverse events following yellow fever vaccination--
1997A ère nouvelle, acteurs nouveaux--
WHO_HSC_SAB_99.9.pdf.jpg1999Alcohol and public health in 8 developing countries / editors: Leanne Riley and Mac MarshallRiley, Leanne; Marshall, Mac; World Health Organization. Dept. of Substance AbuseWHO/HSC/SAB/99.9
bu0273.pdf.jpg2000American cutaneous leishmaniasis : use of a skin test as a predictor of relapse after treatment / Valéria M. A. Passos ... [et al.]Passos, Valéria M. A; Barreto, Sandhi M; Romanha, Alvaro J; Krettli, Antoniana U; Volpini, Angela C; Costa, Maria Fernanda F. Lima e-
1992Among the street children / Ana FilgueirasFilgueiras, Ana-
2000Análisis antropotecnológico de los accidentes industriales en el Brasil / M. C. P. Binder, I. M. de Almeida y M. MonteauBinder, M. C. P; Almeida, I. M. de; Monteau, M-
bu0036.pdf.jpg1999Anthropotechnological analysis of industrial accidents in Brazil / M. C. P. Binder, I. M. de Almeida, and M. MonteauBinder, M. C. P; Almeida, I. M. de; Monteau, M-
WHO_HRP_ITT_94.2.pdf.jpg1994An Assessment of the need for contraceptive introduction in Brazil / report of an assessment undertaken by Ministry of Health, Coordenadoria Materno-Infantil ... [et al.]WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction; WHO Task Force on Research on the Introduction of Technologies for Fertility Regulation; Brazil. Ministério da Saúde; Centro de Pesquisas e Controle das Doenas Materno-Infantis; Coletivo Feminista Sexualidade e Sa'ude; União Brasileira de MulheresWHO/HRP/ITT/94.2
1992Avec les enfants des rues / Ana FilgueirasFilgueiras, Ana-
bulletin_1998_76(2)_173-181.pdf.jpg1998Bacterial contamination of the lacteal contents of feeding bottles in metropolitan São Paulo, Brazil / T. B. Morais, M. B. Morais, & D. M. SigulemMorais, T. B; Morais, M. B; Sigulem, D. M-
WHF_1989_10(2)_p222-227.pdf.jpg1989Better prospects for child survival / C. A. Monteiro ... [et al.]Monteiro, Carlos A; Pino Z'u~niga, H. P; Benicio, Maria H. d'A; Victoria, C. G-
1989Brasil : curr'iculo e pr'atica médica / Antonio Egidio NardiNardi, Antonio Egidio-
bulletin_1989_67(2)_151-161.pdf.jpg1989Breast-feeding among the urban poor in southern Brazil : reasons for termination in the first 6 months of life / J. C. Martines, A. Ashworth, & B. KirkwoodMartinés, José Carlos; Ashworth, Ann; Kirkwood, Betty R-
bulletin_1992_70(4)_467-475.pdf.jpg1992Breast-feeding, nutritional status, and other prognostic factors for dehydration among young children with diarrhoea in Brazil / C. G. Victora ... [et al.]Victora, Cesar G; Fuchs, S. C; Kirkwood, Betty R; Lombardi, Clovis; Barros, Fernando C-
bulletin_1995_73(4)_461-468.pdf.jpg1995Breast-feeding training for health professionals and resultant institutional changes / M. F. Westphal ... [et al.]Westphal, M'arcia Faria; Taddei, J. A. C; Venancio, S. I; B'ogus, Cl'audia Maria-
Showing results 1 to 20 of 307