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4th WHO Advisory Group Meeting on Buruli Ulcer : report, 5-7 March 2001, WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland
WHO Advisory Group on Buruli Ulcer. Meeting (4th: 2001: Geneva, Switzerland); World Health Organization. Global Buruli Ulcer Initiative ( 2002 )
A ère nouvelle, acteurs nouveaux
( 1997 )
Action to reduce road casualties / Ian Johnston
Johnston, Ian ( 1992 )
Acute flaccid paralysis surveillance in Australia : letter / Heath Kelly ... [et al.]
Kelly, Heath; Brussen, Kerri Anne; Morris, Anne; Elliot, Elizabeth ( 2001 )
Análise dos recursos humanos da saúde (RHS) nos países africanos de língua oficial portuguesa (PALOP) / edited by G. Dussault ... [et al]
Dussault, Gilles; Fronteira, Inês; World Health Organization ( 2010 )
Animals and human health
( 1998 )
Les Animaux et notre santé
( 1998 )
Are childhood immunization programmes in Australia at risk? Investigation of the cold chain in the Northern Territory / N. C. Miller & M. F. Harris
Miller, N. C; Harris, M. F ( 1994 )
Australia and Canada agree mutual recognition
( 2005 )
The Australian measles control campaign, 1998 / Fiona M. Turnbull ... [et al.]
Turnbull, Fiona M; Burgess, Margaret A; McIntyre, Peter B; Lambert, Stephen B; Gilbert, G. Lyn; Gidding, Heather F; Escott, Ros G; Achat, Helen M; Hull, Brynley P; Wang, Han; Sam, Greg A; Mead, Cathy L ( 2001 )
Bismuth salts in diarrhoea : modest benefit at substantial cost : reports on individual drugs
( 1996 )
Breast-feeding, the better option : getting the message across / Joh Chin Rossiter
Rossiter, Joh Chin ( 1993 )
The Burden of disease and injury in Australia / Colin D. Mathers ... [et al.]
Mathers, Colin D; Vos, Theo; Stevenson, Christopher E; Begg, Stephen J ( 2001 )
The burden of mental disorders : a comparison of methods between the Australian burden of disease studies and the Global Burden of Disease Study / T. Vos and C. D. Mathers
Vos, Theo; Mathers, Colin D ( 2000 )
C'omo ±estirar los presupuestos de salud [carta] / Ray James
James, Ray ( 1991 )
Case-control evaluation of a school-age BCG vaccination programme in subtropical Australia / A. Patel ... [et al.]
Patel, A; Schofield, F; Siskind, V; Abrahams, E; Parker, J ( 1991 )
Cigarette smoking in developed countries outside Europe / by K. Rothwell and R. Masironi
Rothwell, Keith; Masironi, Roberto; World Health Organization. Smoking and Health Programme ( 1986 )
City air quality trends (GEMS/Air Data. Vol. 3., Calcutta, Chicago, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Lisbon, Santiago, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Warsaw
World Health Organization. Prevention of Environmental Pollution Unit; United Nations Environment Programme; Global Environment Monitoring System ( 1995 )
Closing the health inequalities gap : an international perspective : / written by Iain K. Crombie ... [et al.]
Crombie, Iain K; Irvine, Linda; Elliott, Lawrence; Wallace, Hilary; World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe ( 2005 )

This report presents an analysis of official documents on government policies to tackle inequalities in health from 13 developed countries. All countries recognize that health inequalities are caused by adverse socioeconomic and environmental circumstances. However they differ in their definitions of inequalities and in their approaches to tackling the problem. Sweden and Northern Ireland have structured their overall public health policy to tackle the underlying determinants of inequalities in health. England is the only country with a separate comprehensive policy. Most countries also have policies on poverty, social inclusion, and social justice. These are motivated by a concern for human rights and dignity and deal primarily with the underlying causes of health inequalities. While broadly setting the same overarching goal, policies on health inequalities show many different features. Policymakers face two challenges: to ensure that strategies to tackle the macroenvironmental factors feature in policy on inequalities in health, and to ensure that health becomes a prominent issue in social justice policy. Few countries have a coordinated approach to tackling inequalities in health

Comment "étirer" les budgets de la santé [lettre] / Ray James
James, Ray ( 1991 )
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