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12_S2_2006_168_177.pdf.jpg2006[Anthropometrical parameters in infants in Monastir region, Tunisia]Ben Salem, K.; Mandhouj, O.; Letaief, M.; Mtar, A.; Soltani, M.-
2011Anthropometric characteristics and obesity among adolescents in the United Arab EmiratesBin Zaal, A.A.; Brebner, J.; Musaiger, A.O.; D'Souza, R.-
15_6_2009_1412_1419.pdf.jpg2009Anthropometric measurements of term neonates from a state hospital in TurkeyTelatar, B.; Comert, S.; Vitrinel, A.; Erginoz, E.-
bulletin_1991_69(6)_677-687.pdf.jpg1991Anthropométrie maternelle et prévision de l' issue de la grossesse : mémorandum d' une réunion USAID/OMS/OPS/MotherCare--
WHO_NUT_92.2.pdf.jpg1992ANTHRO : software for calculating pediatric anthropometry / developed by Kevin M. Sullivan and Jonathan GorsteinSullivan, Kevin M; Gorstein, Jonathan; World Health Organization. Nutrition Unit; Centers for Disease Control (U.S.)WHO/NUT/92.2. Unpublished
bulletin_1989_67(2)_143-150.pdf.jpg1989Assessment of nutritional status : effects of different methods to determine age on the classification of undernutrition / J. GorsteinGorstein, Jonathan-
bulletin_1991_69(6)_761-766.pdf.jpg1991Counting the stunted children in a population : a criticism of old and new approaches and a conciliatory proposal / C. A. MonteiroMonteiro, Carlos A-
9789242595079_A_fre.pdf.jpg2008Cours de formation sur l'évaluation de la croissance de l'enfant : normes OMS de croissance de l'enfantWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Nutrition for Health and Development-
bulletin_1992_70(5)_637-643.pdf.jpg1992Determinants of child nutrition and mortality in north-west Uganda / V. Vella ... [et al.]Vella, V; Tomkins, A; Borghesi, A; Migliori, Giovanni Battista; Adriko, B. C; Crevatin, E-
bulletin_1997_75(4)_333-341.pdf.jpg1997The Development of a MUAC-for-height reference, including a comparison to other nutritional status screening indicators / Z. Mei, L. M. Grummer-Strawn, M. de Onis, & R. YipMei, Z; Grummer-Strawn, L. M; De Onis, Mercedes; Yip, R-
bulletin_1997_75(1)_11-18.pdf.jpg1997The development of MUAC-for-age reference data recommended by a WHO expert committee / M. de Onis, R. Yip, & Z. MeiDe Onis, Mercedes; Yip, R; Mei, Z-
WHO_TRS_854_spa.pdf.jpg1995El estado físico : uso e interpretación de la antropometría : informe de un comité de expertos de la OMSWHO Expert Committee on Physical Status : the Use and Interpretation of Anthropometry (1993 : Geneva, Switzerland); World Health Organization-
WHO_NUT_94.8.pdf.jpg1994An evaluation of infant growth : a summary of analyses performed in preparation for the WHO Expert Committee on Physical Status, the Use and Interpretation of Anthropometry / WHO Working Group on Infant GrowthWHO Working Group on Infant Growth; World Health Organization. Nutrition UnitWHO/NUT/94.8. Unpublished
bulletin_1995_73(2)_165-174.pdf.jpg1995An evaluation of infant growth : the use and interpretation of anthropometry in infants / WHO Working Group on Infant Growth--
WHO_NUT_91.1.pdf.jpg1991Growth and nutritional status of Brazilian children : findings from the 1989 national health and nutrition survey / Carlos A. Monteiro, Maria H. D'A. Benicio, Nelson C. GouveaMonteiro, Carlos A; Benicio, Maria H. d'A; Gouvea, Nelson C; World Health Organization. Nutrition UnitWHO/NUT/91.1. Unpublished
bulletin_2005_83(10)_777-784.pdf.jpg2005Investing in children's health : what are the economic benefits ? Paolo C. Belli, Flavia Bustreo and Alexander PrekerBelli, Paolo C; Bustreo, Flavia; Preker, Alexander S-
bulletin_1994_72(2)_273-283.pdf.jpg1994Issues in the assessment of nutritional status using anthropometry / J. Gorstein ... [et al.]Gorstein, Jonathan; Sullivan, K; Yip, R; De Onis, Mercedes; Trowbridge, Frederick L; Fajans, Peter; Clugston, Graeme A-
bulletin_1995_Vol73_supp_(part1).pdf.jpg1995Maternal anthropometry and pregnancy outcomes : a WHO collaborative study--
bulletin_1991_69(5)_523-532.pdf.jpg1991Maternal anthropometry for prediction of pregnancy outcomes : memorandum from a USAID/WHO/PAHO MotherCare meeting--
classics.pdf.jpg2000Measuring nutritional status in relation to mortality / Mercedes de OnisDe Onis, Mercedes-
Showing results 1 to 20 of 40